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  1. Still after a badge........so if anyone has more than one.....share.! Can we get these redone..?
  2. Not an SC but a well sorted RHD rust free car...
  3. Northy, I had it rebuilt at Redtek, Nick got it done, I think he sent it off but boy what a difference when refitted.
  4. Metering head, I had a similar issue, had the metering head rebuilt and it's as sweet as a nut. i also had the cold start rebuilt too. Ron
  5. Mark there is a guy on thesamba.com......go to Porsche parts, he deals and builds the sporto, sure he may be able to help, even with a second hand one, key in sportmatic and he may pop up... By the way, if you need one, I have new in the bag, the gear lever contact switch thing.... Ron
  6. Clever stuff this, got them all but the last one with the legend that says A....Battery at the top is still fuzzy, I've tried to enlarge which it will, but won't print bigger, my intention is to get it enlarged somewhere so the printing has to be good or it will look stuff when I've had it done. Ron
  7. Mark, just printed it off and the focus is so bad you can't read it, if you can read yours, would you post me a set.......please? Ron
  8. Mike if you have a good wiring diagram fir a 76 RHD and it's in colour, I'd love a copy if you'd be so kind...... Ron
  9. Thanks Rockstar, I'd say it's the same size as mine then.......dam!!
  10. Rockstar, what I was asking , is it called comfort because it's leather bound, it looks to be a smaller size than mind or is it the same size. Is it something you would have asked for back when in place of a stock wheel or is it a USA thing.. As I'm over 6ft I could really do with a smaller wheel but a stock looking wheel rather than a Momo... Ron
  11. Comfort steering wheel......please explain.
  12. Genuine ATS....will they fit a 911.........
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