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  1. Other pics : forum image hosting free image host
  2. Yes It's a nice part, It fits good, need some little adjustment of course,also, I will modify myself to fit my big intercooler (option is a bit expensive) http://www.f-s-h.com/contents/en-uk/d28_934.html
  3. Mainly to find good job, and also as my gf is studiing in cranfield university. Well Milton keynes is a great place to live Some pics of the rear wing I ve just received
  4. bodykit ajusted : (all in light glass fiber even the doors) Untitled by j, on Flickr Untitled by jg, on Flickr Untitled by j, on Flickr Untitled by j, on Flickr
  5. it sounds good to approach a weight/power ratio close to 1
  6. Hey i have found some pics of the engine Engine by jboxberg, on Flickr Engine by jboxberg, on Flickr Engine by jboxberg, on Flickr
  7. Historic race, and any race where the rules can admit me. As a prototype I don't know which kind of competitor I will have
  8. Lol I don't know, the future will telling it to us
  9. I work with mcg propulsion Currently I am in UK in milton keynes
  10. yes the tunes was in Germany but I can't remerber the exact name of the tuner non I m affraid I ve not other pictures. the intercoller is a genuise 993 gt2evo, a SECAN one. Yeah the restrictor are big but it's FIA crasy rules to not have amazing power against N/A engine I think. The think is if I remove it I need to remap the ECU so for the moment I will just discover how it works, but with more than 800 lbs.ft and 950kg I think it would be sufficient for the moment mes amis pensent pareil lol
  11. Engine, gearbox and loom remove from this car : http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=gt2+993+evo+620+ch&FORM=HDRSC3#view=detail&mid=31B5CBB3C71C2E3086AB31B5CBB3C71C2E3086AB 3,8 twin turbo double ignition system titanium internal
  12. :DCorrect ! But not a standard one In fact it is a true 993 gt2 EVO 2 engine and gearbox (reinforced). It power is reduce by 2 big restrictors according to FIA rules. So with these restrictor it mades 620 hp. And it is still catalysted ! So I can expect a minimum of 150 hp in addition. looking forward to see how it work in my "light" shell
  13. :Dcheers, It's long and some time painful, also to find rare parts Anyway, nobody have found where the engine come from ?
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