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  1. Can’t say it’s sign of the times but it’s notoriously difficult for these kind of firms to maintain decent cash flow, particularly in a downward market. do we know anyone who is local to the area on this forum? I’m miles away and trying my best to help and family friend locate the whereabouts of his car. Other forums indicate that this particular dealers premises are empty and without physically looking at any paperwork stapled to the door, it’s difficult to see who is responsible for handling what... cheers
  2. Hi all, Am seeing through social media that a particular 'Specialist' Porsche dealer up north has ceased trading. I myself do not have any cars there, (my dad having successfully bought and sold through them) but I do know a friend who had a car on consignment. The dealer's website is down and contact is clearly difficult. Just checking if others on here are more informed or could share some guidance that I can pass onto my family friend. He had his white 3.2 there.... Thanks *I have avoided specifically referencing the dealer in question as I don't want to pass judgement or comment other than the simple fact I share above.
  3. Who thought lighting could be so interesting?? I like the Idea of mounting them in the corners. If I fit a 2 post lift, keeping the ceiling clear of potential obstructions is also something I am trying to keep in mind (aside from the whopping great lump of steel!!). Did you just mount them to some MDF with some kind of brackets ? At the moment the walls are simple brickwork - would painting them make much of a difference with light reflection? I am leaning towards 5 battens. 2 x 2 and one at a right angle facing inwards from the roller door. That should be plenty as the garage is 3.5 metres wide and 7ish metres long.
  4. I am making good progress with a decent size extension at home. Unfortunately I have lost a metre and a half off the garage, but its still about 7 metres long so adequate space for a car and tools. Nice thing is that the overall height will raise to just under 3m so I am also considering a parking lift - perhaps a stretch but would be nice to keep the Mini and the Corvette in the garage. On the consideration of good working light, I am having a skylight fitted at the front end of the garage to get some daylight but really have no idea of what I should be looking at for lighting wise. I would like to guess that 4 long strip lights would be appropriate with them mounted perpendicular to the garage door in 2 rows of 2 with independent switching for near and far. What lights have people fitted? Traditional fluorescent tubes? LED? where have you sources from? Screwfix? Amazon? feedback welcome. This will be my man cave - need to get it right.
  5. Thanks matt. Have now seen them on your site. Do you have in stock ?
  6. Thanks kenny, am told that very early cars up to 72(?) had different units and lenses which is why everyone keeps telling me that they are no longer available. Hopeful of a solution but none seems to be materialising so far
  7. Hi, my friend has an early 1965 race car that is undergoing FIA inspection. It has failed as it doesn’t have the correct rear lights. Im looking for a set that would fit and that I could buy but most likely borrow (with appropriate deposit and beer tokens) to get us out of this pickle. Understand these lights are NLA. Fingers crossed. Thanks!
  8. chodosh

    RHD Pedal Box

    Need one from a G50 car if anyone has one... thanks Adam
  9. Very early 1990’s through until early 2000’s come and grab em before they go to the tip. Beer money welcome but I’d really just like to find a home for them. Some pretty useful how to’s and I love going through the old classifieds. Heres a particular favourite. (No47, 1997) The original 959 Paris Dakar factory team car, listed in the classifieds... £160,000 - a lot of money I know, but I bet your house hasn’t appreciated as fast as that one... or (March 2001) if you had the change, a 1973 RS touring, mint condition for £33,000. If the budget wouldn’t quite stretch, how about a 1986 930 with 59,000 - £18,000 ONO oh how we dream...
  10. Good feedback Alex... I’ll get some pics of the tyres (Yoko’s) and offsets. Weight is difficult, somewhere between “not that heavy” “feels about right” ! Cheers
  11. Period split rims, dated 1997 and Japanese made. Sizes are 9x17 and 10x17. Approx 5 / 5.5inch back spacing running 225 and 255 profile tyres Extra set and no longer needed. Some light marks from use but a nice set overall with created centre caps. collected St Albans or can perhaps meet somewhere so long as it’s not a million miles away! £750ono thanks
  12. It’s black 1958 corvette racecar, number 8 mean looking thing and likely to be Unsilenced 😃
  13. Hi robin, provisionally sold to Sam, but I have seen these in cars from around 1986 - 1996. I don’t know definitively as there were cross over periods early on where some cars had Bayr (Orange) compressor or Weber (white). Depends where the car was originally sourced and or dealer. I don’t know if anyone has a definitive rule...
  14. I should add that I’m probably going to Brooklands in the Corvette tomorrow to make some noise so can possibly meet folks there if anyone is out in their 911.
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