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  1. Who thought lighting could be so interesting?? I like the Idea of mounting them in the corners. If I fit a 2 post lift, keeping the ceiling clear of potential obstructions is also something I am trying to keep in mind (aside from the whopping great lump of steel!!). Did you just mount them to some MDF with some kind of brackets ? At the moment the walls are simple brickwork - would painting them make much of a difference with light reflection? I am leaning towards 5 battens. 2 x 2 and one at a right angle facing inwards from the roller door. That should be plenty as the garage is 3.5 metres wide and 7ish metres long.
  2. I am making good progress with a decent size extension at home. Unfortunately I have lost a metre and a half off the garage, but its still about 7 metres long so adequate space for a car and tools. Nice thing is that the overall height will raise to just under 3m so I am also considering a parking lift - perhaps a stretch but would be nice to keep the Mini and the Corvette in the garage. On the consideration of good working light, I am having a skylight fitted at the front end of the garage to get some daylight but really have no idea of what I should be looking at for lighting wise. I would like to guess that 4 long strip lights would be appropriate with them mounted perpendicular to the garage door in 2 rows of 2 with independent switching for near and far. What lights have people fitted? Traditional fluorescent tubes? LED? where have you sources from? Screwfix? Amazon? feedback welcome. This will be my man cave - need to get it right.
  3. Very early 1990’s through until early 2000’s come and grab em before they go to the tip. Beer money welcome but I’d really just like to find a home for them. Some pretty useful how to’s and I love going through the old classifieds. Heres a particular favourite. (No47, 1997) The original 959 Paris Dakar factory team car, listed in the classifieds... £160,000 - a lot of money I know, but I bet your house hasn’t appreciated as fast as that one... or (March 2001) if you had the change, a 1973 RS touring, mint condition for £33,000. If the budget wouldn’t quite stretch, how about a 1986 930 with 59,000 - £18,000 ONO oh how we dream...
  4. Good feedback Alex... I’ll get some pics of the tyres (Yoko’s) and offsets. Weight is difficult, somewhere between “not that heavy” “feels about right” ! Cheers
  5. Period split rims, dated 1997 and Japanese made. Sizes are 9x17 and 10x17. Approx 5 / 5.5inch back spacing running 225 and 255 profile tyres Extra set and no longer needed. Some light marks from use but a nice set overall with created centre caps. collected St Albans or can perhaps meet somewhere so long as it’s not a million miles away! £750ono thanks
  6. It’s black 1958 corvette racecar, number 8 mean looking thing and likely to be Unsilenced 😃
  7. Hi robin, provisionally sold to Sam, but I have seen these in cars from around 1986 - 1996. I don’t know definitively as there were cross over periods early on where some cars had Bayr (Orange) compressor or Weber (white). Depends where the car was originally sourced and or dealer. I don’t know if anyone has a definitive rule...
  8. I should add that I’m probably going to Brooklands in the Corvette tomorrow to make some noise so can possibly meet folks there if anyone is out in their 911.
  9. Thanks Matt, fortunately I never had the need to use it!
  10. Sure, I actually have two so one remains up for grabs. I’ll PM you details for PayPal.
  11. Having sold my IB I have a collection of odd tools that I’m left with - I spent years trading up my old knackered tools to better examples and bought a bunch of tool kits in the process. 1. IB tow hook - £20 2. 996 tow hook (fits IB) - £15 3. yellow screwdriver handle - £25 4. original Pudenz fuses unopened! these took forever to find and are rare as hens teeth - £30 5. Klein wheel socket 17/19mm - £25 6. Emergency sunroof / seat crank tool - £25 7. Porsche locking wheel nut key. Just the key - can’t say whether it will fit but worth a chance £6 8. Porsche black plastic inter compressor tyre compressor. Works and in very nice condition with all accessories and original attachments. The only thing is that one tab has a glue mark so I presume has been repaired. Not very noticeable. - £150 9. stormforce 4 layer outdoor car cover. I used this for a couple of weeks only as my car mostly lived in the garage. It fitted my Supersport with a little persuasion as it’s a later model 911 cover. Would suit a narrow body. It had the straps that go underneath to stop it blowing away. - £100 10. Ctek msx 3.8 trickle charger. Bought new from Halfords when I lost my other one which I then found. Unused and unopened but the box is tatty. I paid £65 and would like £40. 11. Porsche 928 tool kit. Contains selected special steel spanner’s Haepwe pliers, tow hook, screwdriver handle and assorted blades. Klein spark plug socket and the board itself... - £160 12. 1968 Porsche 911 Avon after shave bottle in original box. Scent long since evaporated but a nice desk ornament- £35 all prices plus post. Usual forum rules apply. Cheers Adam
  12. @Supersport Mike I had the same dilemma earlier this year and ended up selling my Supersport. It depends on the condition and miles of your car. It is an appreciable asset and splits the investor / enthusiast bridge a little bit. I loved my car but got to the point where I was thoughtful about putting on loads of miles and I started to think twice about taking it to Tesco for the weekly shop. It also helps that you probably will make a few quid when you sell which also softens the blow of losing a car you cherish. I looked at 997. Refined and composed but didn’t fancy taking a bath on resale so ended up going for a 996 Turbo Cabriolet. Took the car to spa earlier in the year (something I wouldn’t have done in the SSE) and love it. Much more usable and I’ll likely get my money back at worst or make a few quid in a couple of years.
  13. I didn’t think to dampen the veneer and clamp it first. Will head to the boot sale on the weekend and get a bunch of record clamps... just ordered a few sheets of veneer off of fleabay. Luckily I’m only interested in doing a couple of small pieces so should avoid having joins which seem tricky. A lot of the articles talk about urethane and all these american type substrates so i’ll Just need to figure out what the stuff is called over here. I think I’ll give some gorilla wood glue a try on some test pieces first. I can imagine with contact adhesive I’d struggle to get it smooth and spray glue seems to deteriorate. Sounds like a fun project though. Looking forward to it
  14. I have a couple of classic Mini’s with burr walnut dash’s. For one car I have a centre console and centre arm rest made of MDF and I would like to take the vinyl off and veneer it... 1. Any tips for first time rookie - seems people either use contact adhesive or pva type. Sandwich the wood and leave to bond. Easy right? 2. Finishing is the question.... do I have to stain the veneer and do you get different colour stains or simply continue to apply multiple coats until I reach the dark brown colour I need? Then I lacquer it? Also if I have 1” thick mdf I will need to butt up the veneer to cover the front, top and bottom faces. Any tips here? Cheers
  15. Hi Chris, yes im in Borehamwood. You kindly gave me some tyres if you remember and so karma rewards you... you can have the pliers for nothing. PM me for my address and I can maybe leave them in a safe place for you to collect. Cheers adam
  16. Seen pictured above. haepwe... mine are a bit crusty but still available as Matt found elsewhere
  17. Hi Ivan, any chance I can send this somewhere in the UK? Postage to France is a fortune. Let me know. Thanks Noted. Thanks all.
  18. 👍 Cheers Matt. Separately. Do you stock a 996 Turbo headlight washer jet chrome cover? Was on the contenting hooning down the motorway when I accidentally hit the headlight washer and it blew off. Just RH side. Thanks
  19. @Von Twinzig can I get some advice on process... Andrew did express and interest in the spark plug and Pm’d me... I had yet to post a pic or price but once updated the thread, Chris was first to commit. How does that work out? thanks...
  20. Hi Andrew and Matt. Sorry for the delay. Had to dig them out. In terms of rusty bits I have a used spark socket and Allen key, and pliers. The plan was to give the spark plug socket a quick sandblast with my DIY machine should come up clean although not shiny. Pliers £10 spark socket with Allen £35 tow eye £20 all prices plus a few pounds postage. Thanks
  21. Hi Andrew, I want to sell the kit as complete as possible, but would consider removing a few items to reduce the price if that’s what your after. My preference is not to sell pieces from the kit (to leave myself with an incomplete one) The above is a little unclear so perhaps if you want to state the precise bits you don’t want, along with your offer and we can work it out. Separate to this kit I have a rusty spark plug socket and Allen key, some pliers and tow hook. These are not shown above. Thanks
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