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  1. Bought a set S02's. the 225 and 245 actually have the same track width. Send them back and got a set R888's
  2. I have these and they look great. Quite a bit brighter compared to the normal bulbs but I like em that way.
  3. Ducks

    '85 Garnet red

    Small update. Replaced the reflector with a body coloured part and installed an early turbo/carrera 3.0 style whale tail.
  4. Ducks

    '85 Garnet red

    Some quick snaps of the interior which is not finished yet. The original interior was beige with brown. Converted most of it to black except the roof liner and pillars which are still brown. Installed a new black carper set and covered or painted the rest of the parts. Got some carbon recaro spyder style seats. These are reproductions. Plans for the future are: - RS style door cards - Paint the dash to body color. (removed the leather and underneath the paint was faded) - Replace some worn and faded platic parts with new.
  5. Ducks

    '85 Garnet red

    Not finished with the interior just yet. Will make some quick snaps. BBS gold. Comes that way from the factory.
  6. Ducks

    '85 Garnet red

    Installed the new wheels with some fresh sticky rubber.
  7. I use it combined with a cat bypass. Not too loud and it doesn't drone.
  8. This time of year on my 45min highway commute to my work it never gets hot enough for the thermostate to be activated. Would not worry to much.
  9. Ducks

    '85 Garnet red

    A buddy of mine bought a '85 in garnet red from Belgium. The car was imported from cali but never registered in Belgium. This was the day we picked it up. The white '77 in the back is my project car. After a while my friend realised that to get the car to where he wanted, it was going to be too expensive for him so he sold it to me. It was a nice base car. No rust, ran fine, paint could do with a refresh and the interior was just plain nasty. So first order of business was to get it repainted. Shaved the front and rear bumper, added a whail tail and found a genuine Ruf valence. The only real issue left was the oil consumption. About 1l every 500miles. The suspect were the values guides as the engine did 180k without any work to it. Did a leak test to see if anything else might be an issues. The nr 6 cilinder had a leak at the exhaust value. Tore the engine down and the problem was pretty evident. The following got done: - piston rings - intake and exhaust values - values guides - values seats - Catcam sport cams - General cleanup - powerdercoated tin - new vac lines - lots of misc stuff Put her on the dyne and the result are not bad. Exhaust is still stock with a cat replacement. Also installed the gearbox that I had made for the '77. 7/31 ring and pinion. Longer first. 3,4 and 5 shorter. And an LSD. The car is a hoot to drive now. I'll probably get the 915 from the '85 rebuild with just the 7/31 ring and pinion and an LSD. Next up is finishing the interior and new wheels.
  10. You can get new ones as well. BBS motorsport started producing them again. I know RS velgen in the Netherlands sell and build them as they have build 2 sets for me.
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm the owner of a '85 and a '77 911. The '85 is the daily and I'm rebuilding the 77 into a 74 IROC inspired car. A pictures of the daily as proof: The car has been fully resprayed in it's original color just a coupe of months back. While I was at it I installed the RUF front valence and shaved the front and rear bumper. Also redid the complete interior in black as it was very nasty beige. Next up are some BBS e50's, early turbo style tail and a topend rebuild with some modifications while I'm in there.

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