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  1. what year is your 911? Iva
  2. so there must have been on the 1st no start a little or bigger pap like mini bang...
  3. ok back to the basics...do you have spark ? let's say to the spark plug connector ......
  4. if you bridge the fuse 6 and other under power the pump should run....with the ignition key off. Ivan
  5. fast finger 911SC missing ..one thanx Ivan
  6. nope this is 91SC from behind, you silly;-) Carrera does not have ..for example an airboot;-) and air decelerator and auxiliary air regulator...........should keep going;-DD
  7. Matt .that is a Q. for me??
  8. ok 1st basics...did you try to see if the pump work by it self? Jump fuse number 6(from the windshield ) with no.3-4 where there is always power.If you can hear the pump --pump is not your problem. 2nd.once you eliminate this--saying pump is working..go to the engine and behind the air both is a safety roll over Bosh plug -on the pic .Disconnect it and put the key on --you should be able to hear the pump If yes this plug is kaput.You can drive like this ,just do not leave the key on(light on dash only) so the pump is not running . try it and let me know Ivan
  9. i can just suggest this one I have been using it for many years.I do not know if you can get it in the Big island of your?It is nufihish...it is an excellent water repellent and it stays smooth for a long time
  10. I would start with cylinder head temperature sensor;-) here is some test you can do .After i would check your reference sensors...and if needed the idle pos.sensor test Ivan
  11. SP..yes keep this open..i`m just sorry for your trouble which you have nothing to do with......every 911 mechanic is different ..i`m just a little purist when it comes to perfection... Ivan
  12. well? If i do work on the engine, absolutely no question asked, I will replace this sensor. Anytime , and even the reference sensors both...it is a little cost then having an headache like you do ,so many times after i do not even know how many tries, of rebuilds??Ask Riviera Bob.I did his engine. He did by now 13K and not a single problem and he is using only 1/3 of Liter of oil per 1000 miles.... Sp.. if i do engine i make sure the client is not coming back at least for a year..... Ivan
  13. sp what is next with your 911?? I am very surprised that when doing you engine several times the mechanics did not change it,,really strange?? Ivan
  14. welcome... nice 911 ...i guess Midnight Blue;-) Ivan
  15. i don`t think is the fuse if the car runs after the 2nd restart.Check your fuel pump relay and yes inspect the fuse too....the rest is going with the trouble shooting index...if looks like fuel delivery for sure.. Ivan
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