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  1. i got something to commemorate this..;-)..it is a sticker i`ve had it for many years;-)
  2. this adjustment is for you engine fuel mixture...do some search...all the way in and back it up 3-4 turns...i do this by litening to the engine ..most of the time i`m prety close to perfect set up;-) Ivan
  3. that is what i was saying ..adjust the mix;-))))))))))))))))) Ivan
  4. well Matt..i have been doing it in California ..for many years..mobil mechanic..no problem;-))) Ivan
  5. Hi ..i have been working on these beast for over 38 year ..i have to tell you, i`ve never needed any of these gizmos..i`m sure there are cool but for me not necessary to adjust 911 Carrera engine;-) but it is what it is nowadays;-)))) Ivan
  6. you are running the lambda? for a reason- emission? These engines run much better without the system in circuit..i do have mine but i do also have a bypass when i have to go for test every 2 years...Back in LA i have passed the test even without the cat and lambda..mind you California emission standards are the toughest in the world.. Now i do it in France and always pass with flying colors... Ivan
  7. very simple test can be done..if you have A/C put it on and step on the throttle then let go if it dies it is too rich.....these cars are not complicated;-) Ivan
  8. idle mix can be set by listening to it by good Porsche 911 mechanic...at least i can.....;-) Ivan
  9. to fix the problem could as simple as lean the fuel mix..if the engine dies it is too rich..when was the last time you have seen or did fuel mix adjsutment??also how old is your fuel filter?? Ivan
  10. as i have told you in pelican forum..make another video..so we can see the whole back of the car...again what i hear is your banana muffler noise -inside- Ivan ok i just listen to it again..are you sure it is running on all 6 cylinders..???
  11. to be honest i do not use them at all..i did it couple of times only if there is a big problem -like bad camshaft housing-scratched........also if you want to use them make sure you have the original seals i have seen some crap products which do not fit or break on installation...not really impressed with them if you do the alignment right they will not leak
  12. i do not know about any rules but sparepart with a part number i would assume;-))))))))))

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