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    hockey,tennis,ski,911`s,my dogs and cats

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    retired Porsche 911 mechanic
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    beer-Pilsner Urquell,Staropramen and Budvar...
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    Best drive was from Los Angeles to new York for New Years party in 1992 in my first 911S 1977

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  1. why do you guys write everything twice, i am not def..;-)
  2. that is not ok at all;-) and you stop drinking you have a hiccup;-)
  3. watching is allowed but with a Pilsner in your hand only;-)...........
  4. about the no 2 ..from saturday ..yes it is normal and from today next time drive it to me get a hotel and spa treatment next day you will be on your way;-)
  5. maybe silly question but why did you take the heat exch.off? Ivan
  6. if you like to keep your old turn signal switch..do this drill a little hole into it and insert tiny screw(oval head)so the cancelation ring tip will reach it and problem solved.. Ivan
  7. the question why do you need to replace it??? Ivan
  8. well? I did it again ..it was a nice day sunny day so i took my beast out to the mountains nearby....to a town Bozi Dar in English Good`s Gift. on the way there you have to go trough town of Jachymov..where the name for US dollar came actually from... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tolar Just a little History lesson;-) Ivan
  9. so you took 5 hours-plus.. watching Hello Kitty?;-))))))))))) and were bored watching my 7 min video...?;-)))) you could have printed something for your 911.. Ivan
  10. as Jevy said do not drill into the body another hole....I would use small drill bit like 3 mm and then use sheet metal screw with a washer,or tap it and use 3 mm bolt and washer ..simple job ..just don`t drill...
  11. are you saying you want to drill a new hole on the floor?
  12. super ,glad you made it;-) u r welcome Ivan
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