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    Best drive was from Los Angeles to new York for New Years party in 1992 in my first 911S 1977

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  1. if it ain`t broken why fix it Bob?;-))) Ivan
  2. fuel mix-running rich is very common problem....
  3. let see the picture of your spring plates left and right.After i can-we can tell you what it takes and how difficult it will be.It could be very easy job about 1 hour or the whole week;-) it all depend on you adjustment what you have now-have to see it 1`st Ivan
  4. ok boys here is a fuel tank with the new E10 in it after several month...crazy ,all rusted....!!
  5. it is used as a thinner but most often for cars and racing..never mind it is very hard to get ..it is also for making pervitin drugs.Here in Czech you have to sign for it with your biss licence.. Ivan
  6. i very much doubt that Tetrosyl is the same as Toluene..;-) It not about the ecu adjusting(btw you can adjust the ecu for fuel quality on it if you want) It is about combustion inside the cylinder quality... A lot of racing peeps use toluene .... Ivan
  7. i think your answer is right above your post what World Citizen suggested for you boys in Britain..That Toluene is really magic stuff. I used to use it already in Los Angeles back in the 1990`s since i have euro model and it requires 98 plus octane..... Ivan
  8. i have seen the damage by using the ethanol add in gasoline.Not only to the fuel lines but to the fuel tank...... For me i only use Shell 100 octane gas..plus i got myself ready if they start using (for the 100oct) the additives. Get yourself lacquer-thinner Toluene..which is de facto being used as a racing fuel..100 oct-plus-half a tank and about 1-2 liters of the magic stuff I do not worry about the price-life's too short and our 911 love the best fuels...
  9. or you can just get one of mine anti-theft devices ..It is called 911-Lockshield®...more info here about it.. http://proporsche911.weebly.com/index.html Ivan
  10. i would say you are lucky..this studs was placed into the trans.by somebody.It did not get there any other way.Have seen it before by as...le mechanic who got pissed on the client...all this could have been before your time..with your 911. back in LA i did found in the trans. part of the valve spring from the engine--- Ivan
  11. i only use graphite gaskets on all engines i do ,from Wrightwood racing i many suppliers in USA....Do not like the green with silicone or even the whole silicone (orange) gaskets... these https://sierramadrecollection.com/products/valve-cover-gasket-set-911-930-68-89-p18202
  12. How about Pirelli Rosso my tirs are also 2017 but still in an excellent shape ,so debating if i should replace them .I got these Pirelli on a great deal front and rear.. 205/55/16 and 245/45/16 Ivan
  13. i use for many years only Zep 45.packed them when i left California..
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