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  1. northy ..you did not see the link i have posted for you regarding the element?? here https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/consumers_safety/safety_products/rapex/alerts/?event=viewProduct&reference=0632/06&lng=en
  2. yup Nige i thought about for a second and that is correct;-) Regarding those fire sticks -Fire element-from the USA i just saw this .....https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/consumers_safety/safety_products/rapex/alerts/?event=viewProduct&reference=0632/06&lng=en. Northy:they are actually from Italy .did you know???
  3. thanx Fraser..interesting about the starter ..all the way on the other side where the main yellow wire is....,hmmm?
  4. Fraser..when you say you had to disconnect the battery ,do you think the fuel pump was still running and feeding the engine with gasoline?? Ivan
  5. thanx Johnny at least i am not alone...honestly why go so high on regular street 911.....?? Ivan
  6. here in case of interest..i no affiliation with this company other that i am Czech https://www.hasicitechnika.com/en/p-automaticky-hasici-system-car-viper
  7. sorry to see that happen to you Fraser.... Ivan
  8. sorry to see that happen to you Fraser.... Ivan i do not plan any of this for my 911 ...i did installed this Viper couple of years ago form the Frenchies to show them and i have never removed it
  9. to be honest i have never seen the rev limiter on the car and never ran across it...the 911`s used to have it in the distributor rotor other than this ,Johny where is the location on 911SC or Carrera? Ivan
  10. good to know Johny since i work mainly in US model before...make sense;-) Ivan
  11. yup that is Grand Hotell Pupp....6 stars;-) spent my young days in there on discotheques;-) before i escaped to US of A.;-)
  12. ok let me know with the relay..do you have this tool to adjust fuel mix...i would make it probably a little richer..3mm allen the bottom is an original plug in that place where you insert the tool
  13. well, another reason to drive to Czech..i have the fuel pressure gauges in my garage;-)
  14. yup too long for the fuel filter..ok let me know
  15. red fuel pump has a diode inside black does not ..to explain .....some kind of delay of power,black brown gray do not have it...
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