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  1. here is how the receiver drier plug looks like fit 911 oil lines.. Ivan http://img.pccreation.net/photos/202010201828298602.JPG
  2. not possible on G50 trans so 1987 and up it has to come out as one unit ,after the 993 is the other way tras.out for a clutch jobs;-) Ivan
  3. there is one little trick or use of it..when you are guys disconnecting the oil line 36mm , the oil line from oil pump is easy stop with an air conditioner-receiver drier-glass window, yellow screw on plug .Totally same thread and it will not leak on your floor.The other end if you have ever purchased the new oil line ,in there is a male plastic plug that goes on the oil line to the oil thermostat..i will show you pic when i get to my garage..
  4. yup,no need to remove the crossbar at all it actually helps you to hold the engine .Once you lower the engine bellow the rear valance you can pul on it.I do no tknow again,your set up.If at home and no lift remove your rear bumper...only eight nuts and disconnect the licence plate lights. If on the lift of course, no need to remove the bumper. Just make sure the jack plate is exactly in the middle of the strainer plate--it will stay on and it will be sitting nicely..
  5. it will just slide outside when you pull with your hand on the engine...been doing this for many many years;-)let`s say 39??you wiggle a little up and down and a little left and right..trust me it is easy job..... Ivan
  6. It will be nice to see you hot rod engine but here it goes... ok.. 1.drain the oil from tank and engine.2.disconnect (right hand side -next to the oil tank) the oil line from engine oil pump to tank-36-32mm open wrench.Remove the S hose, tank to oil cooler -2 clamps use oil pan it will leak some oil out. I do not know if you have ssi system -and if you have crossover oil line.if yes disconnect it next to the oil cooler. 4.use circlip pliers to remove the little finger on the bottom of clutch arm.remove the finger with the spring and the big arm.5 remove the triangle bracket(for
  7. Ian..it is a piece of cake...i never remove the engine and transs -let`s say i do clutch job.It is really simple thing to do..If you like i can write you a line up how to go about it. And yes i use single floor jak not even a lift...;-) Ivan In my better days i did a clutch job in 45 minutes;-)
  8. not bad looking ..i do like mine;-) stainless steel plus perfect logo in it;-) Ivan http://img.pccreation.net/photos/202010162224304369.JPG
  9. ok your free travel could be that your master cylinder-shaft bushing at the pedal cluster, is worn out ..i think there was some repair kit for the place where the pin of the pedal goes. Remove the floor board and inspect it... Ivan here where the pin number 2 goes the end of the shaft from master cylinder
  10. fix it and drive it for a while no issues in speed..you cannot in England;-))))))) other than this Conti pro make the 245/45/16 .Plus it is winter coming up so i would worry about tires in spring Ivan i do have conti sport and i love them....how they feel on the road
  11. Hi Matt ..i suppose you do not these any longer? Ivan
  12. that is absolute mickey mouse repair job.Well you have some options.People will tell you you can get Mitch Leland steering wheel bushing which by all means is nice product.Or you can do it like i do past 38 years;-) Get your self new steering wheel bearing.It comes with new teflon bushing.Remove the teflon and shave off the lip on the edge..To install it you need to remove the moon circlip and the sunshine clip ,then clean up the rest of the mess.Do not really worry if some goes inside the steering shaft,it will do no harm. Once you have it slide it onto the shaft...i always use a p
  13. there are no joints up fron .Like i said open the front hood..open the smuggler`s box and listen there...
  14. ok..the 1st thug sound could be your steering joint by the smugglers box...the best to locate it is, open the lid and have somebody do the steering motion... the 2nd sounds like on very top..but strangely i do not see any movement on the steering by your hands..?It sjus comes on or what? Ivan listening to it again and again really open the trunk and the smuggler box..if not there it sounds like down below ..it would be the best to lift the front and what is loose Ivan
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