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  1. thanx boys..got it in Arizona PMO nothing but the best;-) when i work on 911`s Ivan
  2. thanx Nige but that is only the dial gauge
  3. well..i thought about that too.It is for 1970 911 T and the fuel pump is near the rear suspension .I think way to much routing new fuel lines would have to be done or? Ivan
  4. Hi boys ,can somebody point me to the right direction? I`m looking for fuel pressure regulator with a dial for 911 1971 .something like this.. thanx Ivan
  5. proporsche

    Throttle stop

    the lip on pedal is from i believe 1975 and up earlier models have rubber covered pedal without the lip Ivan
  6. the upper shoes cannot be up..the star adjuster is upside down as Phil said
  7. first adjust the hand brake inside the drums with loose cables once the shoes are touching the drum reverse 3 clicks.Then start tightening the 17 mm nut until you feel rubbing on the drum..then one turn back or 2 until the shoes are not rubbing.The hand brake inside the car should have only 3-4 clicks...
  8. yup this should not be there this space and ..did you loosen the 17mm nut on cables.
  9. plus your upper shoes is also up not down
  10. u r welcome..make sure you plug the distributor hole;-) for the time being or put it back for now..things happen.... Ivan
  11. yes if no a/c distributor has to come out.Make sure you have it on tdc....and the spark plugs cables on right 456 have to be disconnected and lifted away so you can actually lift the housing far away .It is possible you will have to remove oil press sending unit if you have a hard time..the straps goes from left to right on bottom ivan
  12. The fan housing has to be disconnected from the black cover also whatever you have connected to it..the best advice i can do if would know for what model is it for and does it have a A/c? Ivan
  13. proporsche

    Throttle stop

    Mark can you explain what is VOT with this stop you are after....again you have to cut the lip from your pedal unless you have something else on your 911? IvaN
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