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    Best drive was from Los Angeles to new York for New Years party in 1992 in my first 911S 1977

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  1. look at the other topic you have write..i have an answer there for you Ivan
  2. sorry dude it is mine;-) Ivan Yes good question anybody is coming to Czech republic ..beer on me if you can bring me the tail;-)...
  3. hi DAx ..ivan here..i took a picture of mine and i see some difference on your light switch...i post pics in a minute your solid red then next is red with a white stripe after should be white with black stripe...you do have it like that ,just for the starters... Ivan
  4. actually this grey wire should go through the windshield frame exiting in the footwell...not under the seal... Ivan
  5. hi David a little to much i pass ..thanx Ivan
  6. well 964.... your 911 is pretty low.. the shocks have no way to work for you ..no travel for them ....if you lower your 911 this much, i would imagine you have to roll your fenders but again it is way toooo low..i have on my 911 8th on front and 9th offset in the rear an i did not have to do any rolling on fenders ..haw about them apples;-) ivan
  7. well? you do not give much info what type of 911 it is on...??this is your cable for temperature sensor (between your sunvisors).. for your automatic heating between your seats... Ivan
  8. same here i have 9th offset.. did not roll anything still clear....
  9. so, David what would be the price for the oil and fuel level gauge? the one on the right
  10. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz my cat..sorry. i`ll be interested in fuel and oil level or what ever is left;-) Ivan
  11. ok as Leice..said...maybe you forgot to mention??????.... you tried to backup or something else like that.You are stuck in 2 gears....rethink what you did at that moment. The only suggestion i have is look at pelican post ..there was exactly the same problem last week..read up about it...Possibly you have to remove the bottom inspection plate..-drain the trany 1st--- and see inside..also there is a trick with reverse pin ..but we need to know what you did.... Ivan
  12. why is the topic 2018?? am i missing something? maybe too many beers.;-) here my take in 2019
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