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  1. well boys..i have found a company in Czech they have these belts9,5x710 made in Czech Republic and the cost is 2,5 euros;-) Just ordered some ,will let you know Ivan
  2. the 10x710 is a pita to use, look always for 9,5x710..... Ivan
  3. nice work done on your place..for me, i took it easy..325 tons of soil ,after concrete foundation plus 610x610 x 20cm concrete plate on top of it. Had to do it since i had to move all my stuff from the garage of the house my late father left me_sold now. So i had bricks, i had the wood for roof but...nobody in nowadays to do the work.So i have decided to but buy complete garage from Poland. Made from sheet metal....it wa up in 4 hours.After i had it insulated with hard foume..Then i paint the floor with a blue special paint. Finally i can transfer all my tool and 2 engines and 3 transmissions from the other house and work on it here at home;-) made myself a clock with an eagle i have found in our house made in 1800.. the clock ha a light on too
  4. make a recording ..
  5. while adjusting the clutch cable..basic is (on the 15mm nut) that if you have longer legs you leave the cable a little loose.In your case when you do the adjustment watch the Omega spring move once it does turn the 15mm nut 1-2 more turns(after secure the cable with the opposite 15mm nut) so the spring move a little more.go drive it and see..providing you do the little finger adjustment prior this for about 1-1,5 mm... Ivan
  6. you can just use clear yellow foil i did that on one of my sets..
  7. you can always drive it to me in Czech and i`l do it for much less...cc 12K euros which includes valve job and all the parts.. Ivan
  8. well? in your case - i do not know the history ,could be that your camshaft housing to heads is leaking.. here is how it is supposed to be sealed..sorry for the long video Ivan
  9. hi ,just send me some info to proporsche@yahoo.com Ivan
  10. looks very clean ,the engine.. Your fuel pump dude is 6th direction from the windshield in the front trunk.The cover should also have an index of your fuses.Inspect the fuse by removing it .. Ivan
  11. i did a little modification to my Vespa..just do not know how to put picture here any longer? i try this
  12. 1st no need to step on your gas pedal..2nd check your fuel pump fuse..... 3rd check in the engine bay those 3 connector on the left of your engine ,right under the heater blower motor ..then report Ivan
  13. well? if you are saying there is nada wrong with the idle?? is it possible you do not know how it is suppose to be?? for me it is not good at all As i have mentioned no back press will do this....you have problem with the fuel mix for sure..and we do not see any oil on the video to help you.....? Ivan
  14. to be honest..due to the unstable idle how can you hear any noise?? fix the idle 1st....who build the engine should give some heads up. Also what muffler do you have on it? Looks like Bursch muffler... We do not even have any info about your engine build? It is very possible you have(if you have it)..it is your idle control valve Ivan
  15. Hi,make a video or sound clip so we can see or hear the trouble..use youtube for the video Ivan
  16. any chance that the cold start valve is plug with an emergency plug which goes on the sensor plate? Also the fuel pump relay should really be red..
  17. have to think about it why you can push start and not with the key? are you in you alarm bypassing the big yellow wire from the ignition switch? if you know of course...
  18. strange...do you have some kind of alarm..because it seams like when you turn the key to start position it is losing the power possibly for spark? you can try while cranking see if there is a spark? Ivan
  19. nice pictures and area...so,if you say you had to push start it..it would not start with the starter? Ivan
  20. from memory top is red with black stripe which is also going to the left bottom of the switch.Middle wire is blue and blue with black stripe.those 2 will determinate up and down motion of the window..bottom right is brown Ivan
  21. yup as Peter said...but you do not have the 3mm tool with you right? could have had a little backfire and the sensor moved out of the adjustment
  22. it is written on the disc edge.. ivan
  23. yes you have to have it ..but check your thermoT..switch..also possibility could be pin a little stuck inside your fuel distributor...possibly dirt.How old is your fuel filter? Now it does not happen any longer ,right? ok when you get home to check the switch- i realized you are on the road now;-)
  24. it is powered between the yellow wire on the starter and thermo time switch. here some video
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