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  1. Sounds nice but remember there were 3x 911 stolen a month ago in Italy mille Miglia gathering in the broad daylight...... Thanx...that is how i do them all;-) Ivan
  2. for me ,i`m buzzy..doing 3 engine 1970 911S..1972 911E and 1979 911Sc in the same time;-)
  3. If your engine has no numbers ..it was bought at Porsche like that....i have done several engines without numbers.....the only way to trace it is the origin paperwork if you have some? Ivan
  4. well, you can believe what i have written;-)))) Ivan
  5. that is insane for that price,take a trip to Czech Republic to see me and still have 7000 pounds left;-)..you must pay for your hotel and you are welcome to bring your own clutch parts;-) Ivan
  6. i hear you about the FB ..i gave in and i do sell stuff there;-) Ivan
  7. i`m done with greedy ebay for a long time paypal is ok but still they charge idiotic fees ...used to ebay for 10 years.....once they complained i was making to much money and where was i getting my porsche part questions idiots!!
  8. Lucky you i had to smuggler it to Europe from your big Island;-)))))
  9. yes, that it was, Synstryp worked the magic...except one rim......it was an original factory paint ..
  10. I did my another set with the help your your peeps.T liquid i forgot now the name took care of 3 of them only the 4th i had to do manualy https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=21/22/674j.jpg
  11. Les,I used to use the feeler but i got burned once back in the 1980`s doing exactly this turbo on this video.I finish the job and the valves were noise like a tractor. So i had to take everything apart the same day .So i spent weekend doing like 20 adjustments in a row just by feel.Back then i did check with a feeler But from that week on, i always did them only by feel...
  12. here is a little video i made no feeler gauge necessary or other tools..i have doing it like this since the early 1980`s and never ever i had any problems;-) Ivan
  13. i figured the color is near the Gulf look so i did it;-) since my second,3rd ride is Porsche 911...hey of course the 1st;-) what am i thinking Ivan https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=21/21/1q6p.jpg
  14. Hi No issue ....the purpose of the 911 Lockshield is, you cannot get to the tumbler out as thief would do....to remove it it is doable but i would only tell you in private...you can always contact me at proporsche@yahoo.com
  15. i have updated my Vespa https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=21/21/t0by.jpg
  16. ok i will try from last year... [url=https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=21/21/rsn5.jpg][img]https://zupimages.net/up/21/21/rsn5.jpg[/img][/url] <a href="https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=21/21/rsn5.jpg"><img src="https://zupimages.net/up/21/21/rsn5.jpg" alt="" /></a>
  17. Hi,as you can read above no kill switch necessary if you get one of my 911Lockshield here is some reading http://proporsche911.weebly.com/index.html Ivan
  18. Boys, on every 911 with a sump plate should be aluminium washers and nuts with silicon...2 gaskets and strainer ...it will never leak Ivan
  19. super thanx a lot once i have the cams i will contact them,,,cool;-) Ivan
  20. Hello boys..would anybody direct me to a place where i can have 964 cams redone.Or if somebody has 2 cams for sale? my contact proporsche@yahoo.com thanx ivan
  21. let see it..the thermostat ..picture
  22. here is the piece you save your thermostat with.I have used it on couple of clients`s thermostat back in the days and it worked;-) https://www.fvd.net/us-en/FVD20730001/oil-thermostat-saver.html
  23. for the damaged thread i have a piece which you can used to fix the problematic place..i will take a picture of it for you and you might find it online ... Ivan
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