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  1. The only classic I could conceive of converting to EV would be a DeLorean. As for IBs it's not how fast they go but how they go fast, so no I wouldn't.
  2. Yes please, this would look great on the wall of my shed/bar. Happy to collect once freedom of movement has been restored.
  3. Good to see all the love on here for the CX. I had an old Familiale in the early 90's to pull my race car around but because of all the room inside it would also get pressed into service for French shopping trips. That pneumatic suspension made for an amazing tow car - you could hitch up a trailer and fill the back with stuff and it would stay perfectly level. If by magic someone could make you a brand new version of any car you liked for a daily driver, one of these would do me.
  4. A sad day indeed and thanks for posting this video which I have just watched. Funny how he adopts the same driving style in that pre-War Austin 7 as he does in the SLR. I was not fortunate enough to see Stirling Moss in a Grand Prix but I did see him race an Audi 80 at the Mallory Park round of the 1981 Tricentrol British Saloon Car Championship. At the age of 51 and not being used to front wheel drive and slicks he tended to be shaded by his team mate Martin Brundle, however he did show what he could do at the Brands Hatch round which took place in heavy rain. Sadly I was not there bu
  5. These people should be able to help out, https://www.impactdecals.co.uk/collections/body-decals/products/copy-of-porsche-911-sc-homologation-decals If your originals have gone you may need to do a bit of research as to the info that should be on there as there were changes across the years.
  6. I spent some time wrestling with this dilemma after a rebuild of my SC's 915 'box with factory lsd. There are synthetic transmission oils which will work in a lsd transaxle but apparently 915 type synchros do not work well with synthetic oils. There are GL5 spec mineral oils but I did not find one which would meet the requirements of both the lsd diff and a synchromesh gearbox. In fact the spec sheets of quite a number of lsd compatible oils stipulate that they are not suitable for use in synchromesh gearboxes. This website neatly sums up the issues; https://blueskymotorsports.com/index
  7. Yes the mirrors are still available, I'll send you a pm.
  8. Sorry, HV controls have gone. Items remaining are mirrors, 8 way fuse holder and oil temp sender.
  9. Lindsay, you have pm. Nick
  10. Apologies for a very late response, I was away in September and must have missed your post. A bit late in the day but yes the rear light lenses are still available.
  11. When I did this on my 1980 SC I found the wiring had already been installed by the factory and was bundled up under the n/s rear wing.
  12. Yes, they're still available. If you send me a pm we can sort things out. Thanks Nick.
  13. I had my cookies refurbished at http://www.lepsons.com/ and am very happy with the result. I also have a set of Fuchs but decided to go with the cookies because of the cost of refurbing the Fuchs. The plan backfired slightly as the expense of tyres for the cookies used up most of the saving on refurb cost!
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