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  1. Nick93

    SC/ Carrera Parts

    Yes the mirrors are still available, I'll send you a pm.
  2. Nick93

    SC/ Carrera Parts

    Sorry, HV controls have gone. Items remaining are mirrors, 8 way fuse holder and oil temp sender.
  3. Nick93

    SC/ Carrera Parts

    Lindsay, you have pm. Nick
  4. Nick93

    SC/ Carrera Parts

    Apologies for a very late response, I was away in September and must have missed your post. A bit late in the day but yes the rear light lenses are still available.
  5. When I did this on my 1980 SC I found the wiring had already been installed by the factory and was bundled up under the n/s rear wing.
  6. Nick93

    SC/ Carrera Parts

    Yes, they're still available. If you send me a pm we can sort things out. Thanks Nick.
  7. I had my cookies refurbished at http://www.lepsons.com/ and am very happy with the result. I also have a set of Fuchs but decided to go with the cookies because of the cost of refurbing the Fuchs. The plan backfired slightly as the expense of tyres for the cookies used up most of the saving on refurb cost!
  8. Nick93

    SC/ Carrera Parts

    Yes, I'll send you a pm.
  9. Nick93

    SC/ Carrera Parts

    Sorry, should have stated they are RHD.
  10. I am having a clear-out of various parts that either came with my car or I subsequently bought and are now not needed. All prices include postage to UK mainland. Pair of flag mirrors, black. Date stamped 1987 - later type where glass is retained by a circular plastic disc. £70 3 way fuse block. £15 8 way fuse block. £25 Heating and ventilation controls with cables. £80 Oil temperature sender unused. £35 Pair of US style rear light lenses. Genuine Bosch - no cracks. £60
  11. If its any help I have a single one in black leather - the later type with the little red button release catch.
  12. May be wide of the mark but it might be worth checking the 'box has been correctly refilled with oil.
  13. Nick93

    Zinc plating

    A long way from you but it might be worth giving these guys a ring https://www.ybplatingltd.co.uk/ I have used them but only for small parts, nuts bolts etc. Nick
  14. Is this the obstruction in question? If so mine has it on both sides.
  15. That 's good to know, I think these things must have changed year on year as mine was different again. I'll get in touch with Carbone. Many thanks, Nick
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