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  1. Mark, In the US we actually could order the CS in any color. Of the CS's brought to the US the following is the color breakdown: Grand Prix White (14), Dark Blue (4), Black (4), Silver Metallic (2), Guards Red (1), Yellow (1) Gulf Blue (1) and Diamond Blue Metallic (1). I actually prefer the white/red CS's in Britian better. So much so that I took me track SC (with a '84 3.2 sawp) and made clone. Wish I never sold that car.....no S/R, roll up windows etc. Attached is a pic of her
  2. Yep, I did see the one at Hexagon, seems a bit steep but time will tell. Turning down a £175, wow......not sure I'd be able to do that. We never got the 964RS over here
  3. Newbie here from the US and I wanted to introduce myself. I posted here http://www.impactbumpers.com/forum/index.php?/topic/27142-cs-intro/ a few minutes ago then realized I might be better off over here. If you hear of an Club Sport sales, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks, Craig
  4. Thought I'd reach out and introduce myself. I joined ImpactBumbers with the hope of staying on top of the pricing of the Club Sport. I am the US Club Sport Register contact person in the US and since there were only 28 CSs imported to the US, it is difficult to stay on top of CS valuation. Of the 28, only 25 are left in the US, 3 went back to Europe. If you are aware of any recent sales, please post so the the US owners can use to support insurance valuation. Attached is a couple of pics of the 88 CS, my 04 GT3 and the 77 RD that I grew up with Thanks, Craig
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