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  1. Robos911

    Scottish restoration (1985 Carrera)

    Must be nice to see light at the end of the tunnel!! 👍
  2. Robos911

    3.2 Carrera - now a project!

    Ok great, I can see in your pic now, that bit of the top of my outer wing must have rusted away so I will have to make something if I don’t replace the full outer!! Thanks again for all the help you’ve been so far!! Much appreciated!
  3. Robos911

    3.2 Carrera - now a project!

    Great, thanks 👍 Another question is the top of the wing seem welded across the repair panel then?
  4. Robos911

    3.2 Carrera - now a project!

    The new Targa repair panel has arrived and I’ve trial fitted it over the existing one. As you can see from the pic the lip is higher than the lip of the rear wing (marked up 2 red lines). Looking back at my pics there was no noticeable lip originally. Looking at other pics this looks right so does the outer wing sit below this lip and get welded to this panel or do I trim the lip back? Anyone got a pic of this area with the wing fitted over this panel? Cheers
  5. Robos911

    3.2 Carrera - now a project!

    While im waiting for some panels ive gone back to the front of the car and had a look at the bottom of the A pillar. I couldnt find a repair patch so had a go at one of my own. Had to stick the old panel together with some gaffa tape, then cover in masking tape to make a pattern, i then transferred this to cardboard to make sure it looked about right before repeating in metal. Little bit of welding, drain hole in the bottom and good to go! I think it looks fairly good and once the outer sill is fitted it wont be visible anyway. With the outer sill trial fitted theres another couple of small filler panels needed in the area, i will have to try and figure these out?
  6. Robos911

    3.2 Carrera - now a project!

    Nice to have some new metal in but there's loads more rust still lurking..... i'm not sure there will be much of the original car left by the time ive finished! With the 911 now obviously off the road long term i spotted a nice fun runabout on NW TIPEC so thought i would treat myself, one owner from new, 80k and full history, hopefully it wont turn into another project and i might even get on a trackday some time soon!! back to the Porsche, now there's a bit of strength back in the sill i thought i would have a look at the top of the rear inner wings so i tackled a job i've been putting off.... rear window removal! A new seal is £120 ish but i doubt you could get the window out without damaging it so i got the Stanley knife out and it was really easy but a bit twitchy, remove the trim piece and then slip the knife in and cut round! Once the window was out the rust at the top of the rear wings was fairly bad so being Billy big bollx i got the grinder back out and cut another big chunk of rear wing of..... probably looking at new rear wing now but hey ho... With the wing out of the way there's a bit of rust all over but the Targa support bracket is totally shot... time to order some more bits!
  7. Robos911

    3.2 Carrera - now a project!

    No updates for a while, between a bout of being ill and xmas do's ive not had much free time. On a +ve i got a new welding helmet and tool chest for xmas and did make some progress. This has been a bit of a nightmare, the area under the torsion tube is 4 layers and then the tube itself which were all in a bad way. I’ve had to repair the suspension reinforcement plate, the the new pattern panel I bought was a completely stuff fit so I had to cut it in half and do it in 2 sections then the new corrugated tube needed to be persuaded into place . All welded up now and inner sill fully fitted. Trial fit of outer sill and kidney bowl and it’s looking good! I'm approx 100 hrs into it now!
  8. Robos911

    strengthening a 89 3.2 for a turbo engine

    elephant racing do some strengthening plates for various bits, could try them?
  9. Robos911

    Backdate Time

    Oh wow!! 😳 serious work going on there, looks great👍
  10. Robos911

    Boxster 981 3.4S or GTS

    busybee I might be on the market for a Boxster early next year, PM me if you decide to sell! cheers Ste
  11. Robos911

    3.2 Carrera - now a project!

    Got you👍 Ive already noticed that the panel isn’t a great fit, with it pushed over the existing lugs it’s a good few mm out on the edge! Pic below, it seems like the lug holes are out i.e. if it was rotated ACW it would be a much better fit. I’ve not tried it with the reinforcement and new pipe underneath yet.
  12. Robos911

    Introducing Bamboo Beige

    😂 that’s the problem with coming on here! The more threads I look at the more I think should I do a colour change or backdate while I’m at it!!
  13. Robos911

    3.2 Carrera - now a project!

    I got new lugs with the repair panel but Ive kept the bottom half of the strengthening panel (with the old ones still attached) so I was either welding this back on with the old lugs or making a new bottom half and fitting the new lugs using the cover as a template. Ive not really decided yet, but I was going to trim the panel around the torsion tube back a bit more to tidy it up and make it a neater repair. I kept the top lugs attached to use as a datum. Thoughts?
  14. Robos911

    Introducing Bamboo Beige

    Another one I took of it!
  15. Robos911

    Introducing Bamboo Beige

    Ta 👍 I didnt realise I had posted the pic at the museum in the previous post, I was looking at it because I wasn’t sure if it was the same colour, I think that one is more yellow but yours looks very similar in some pics!