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  1. Are these still available, do you know if they fit a 3.2?
  2. If you after some cheap car fun, what about a mid engined 2 seater thats London ULEV zone compliant... for £1500? Bought mine for a bit of fun while i was sorting the 911 and ive now been using it every day for 1 year, it lives outside, doesnt matter if it gets bumped, ive done 2 trackdays and it hasnt missed a beat!
  3. Looks great!! I took the spoiler off mine but your car your rules! If you do refit the spoiler it looks like the Carrera badge is still in the lower (spoiler fitted position) so you might find that the holes are still there just filled over.
  4. Before and after! 10am to 3pm.... This side is better than the last one but even more annoying!! Again they used all new genuine porsche panels but put them over the old inner sill... if they had done the inner sill as well it could have been a decent job! So inner and outer sill, kidney bowl, targa support, torsion repair and new rear wing needed 😳
  5. First side just about finished other than painting but i will be doing the whole car in one! The underside is epoxied and looks spot on👍 Still need to seam seal.. any ideas how to seam seal the bits you cant reach???? and stone chip. So started looking at the other side... endoscope pics tell the same story so it will all be coming off! (Last 2 pics the new side as a comparison). Reckon i know(ish) what i am doing this time though so shouldnt take so long! Very crusty🙁 oh dear so much wrong in this pic!! Filler, mig wire? Looks like some creative metalwork in here! Looking towards the front of the sill Other side as it should be, still to inject the dynax S50
  6. Ignore me, just seen the post below🤪
  7. Supposedly there was one 3.2 Targa Club Sport built at the factory but i have never been able to find a picture of it.... anyone ever seen it???
  8. Looks great👍 Cant be much left to do!!
  9. Flipping heck, this is looking fantastic, another level👍 I feel like i need to try harder🤣🤣
  10. Mine could easily have had new wings at some point so it wouldnt surprise me! It looks like they aren't needed though both of my wings are the same🤷‍♂️
  11. Robos911

    Lid Stays

    Good job👍 I think i am going to pinch this idea! Mine had 2 sprung struts which was great when i had the rear spoiler but threw the lid up when i despoilered! I took one off to save losing my teeth but having a single one seems to twist the lid as its always pushing from one side. Where did you get the bits?
  12. Cheers, amazing how time consuming it is and also how much adjustment is needed, getting there slowly though👍
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