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  1. So ive got this far.... 1 off the actuators is trying to turn but the other seems stuck, ive put 12v directly onto the motor supply. Any info on how this lot goes together would be appreciated?
  2. I think the battery tray was a blessing in disguise as its made me tidy up the frunk area which now looks much better👍 Also being a bit sad i actually enjoyed getting back to a bit of CAD engineering and welding... So while the welder was out i cracked on and welded up the spoiler holes in the Engine lid cover. I also found that where the spoiler had sat there was quite a big dent across the full width. I bit more work required but getting there... So that must be all the welding finished... although im sure ive said that before... Al
  3. Just powered my seats up to make sure all the motors work before getting them covered and i found a few of the actuators were stuck. The front and rear up/down actuators i freed off with a dash of WD and cleaning the switches up but one of the backrests is also stuck, i can feel the motor trying to move it but its just sticking.... From the pic above, it looks like the actuators are at the bottom and the motor at the top, anyone got a pic of it disassembled or know how i get at them?? thanks👍
  4. Car looks great! I suppose the sunshine and non-salty roads helps👍
  5. Mike as far as i know mine is all standard, pic attached showing ride height. Not sure on torsion bar size but its an 85 3.2 I should add the measurement was from the top if the sill/door aperture👍
  6. Robos911

    Rust removal

    As others have said its the mud sitting on the bumper mounting bracket pics below of mine...
  7. Interesting, as measured on my 3.2 when i took it apart 👍 The bolted dim was to the stop
  8. Bit of a shitter today, finishing off the last few bits before starting the refit, one of the bolts for the battery box was seized so i thought i would cut out and fit a new captive nut.... cut the first layer off.... rust... cut the second layer off... rust ended up cutting some of the floor out to replace so a couple of steps back!! Serves me right for not sorting this last bit Of metalwork earlier but again I'm amazed how well these cars hide the rust! Ive not done any welding for ages and the flippin bottle was empty 🤦‍♂️ the suspect bolt! first layer off
  9. If i could get that kit for the 3.2 i would go for it....🤔
  10. Decided to go really cheap and cut these out, just need to get some edging done now🤣
  11. After Fridays drama with the runs i had another go today and it couldnt have gone better👍 Wings all sorted and look great😁😁
  12. Item number: 192419793351 Half countersunk, the heads and thread diameter are bang on, some of the lengths are slightly out but you can either go a bit up or down also ordered some of these, size 6 Yeh, i regret going base and clear, its fine in a proper spray booth but at home it just adds steps where contamination can get in. Also i didnt realise how much hassle it would be, base then clear within 2 hrs so no chance to rub back if any issues. In hindsight i would go direct gloss, pile it on and flat back any dodgy bits!!
  13. Mark, painting is deffo not my thing🤣🤣 Im finding it very time consuming and frustrating but i suppose its worth persevering👍 My new engine bay stickers turned uo this week from Matt at Type911 really tidy up the engine bay and it feels like somethings finished🙂 For a bit of a change ive been refurbing the 2nd hand lights i got off here, between these and my originals ive made up 2 good units so quite happy. Also tidying up the light loom, it had obviously been broken previously and repaired with scotchlocks🤦‍♂️ The copper was quite corroded but i managed to fully
  14. Looks great and i like the man maths! Sounds like one of my conversations with the Mrs🤣🤣
  15. Must have just finished, its gone but this was the seller thecarcarpetco These ones are also on and say Targa, i now believe they are different? 323309081290
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