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  1. My Targa roof is a totally sh1t fit but it never leaked!!! I’ve always found with old cars they don’t like being laid up... better to use them occasionally through the winter!! Yes get the kidney bowls checked, they rust! I wish I had paid more attention to that!! Waxoyl is rubbish use Dynax S50 for internal and UB for external! get an independent check... I got overexcited and bought a shed... 😉
  2. My one regret was it doing the ring 🚕 need to book in advance!
  3. Knowing my luck the plastic clips will be rusty!! 👍
  4. Well if your bored and looking for some welding to do....😉
  5. Next job! hadnt found the seven lock nuts in the luggage comp!
  6. OK cheers, I will have a good check before I crack on with the welding! The way things are going it could be a while, I seem to be caught up with lots of little repairs. I’ve just made up a repair to the sill closing panel.... And still trying to get the bloody dash out!
  7. Hmm.. I’m in a bit of a dilemma now, the engine is still in but there is no weight from it on the body, it was chocked on wooden blocks and caravan stands. I would’ve thought that putting it back on the wheels and removing the engine chocks would cause the Targa to open up but with no outer sill I would’ve thought this would be more pronounced as not all the strength is in the sill yet? I was planning on welding the outer sill into position as it is now, with everything in a known position ie where it was when I cut the old sill off, then once all the strength was back in the sill, drop it back onto the wheels before setting the b post gaps and welding b post and rear 1/4 in place? I would’ve thought that worst case the gap along the sill wouldn’t change too much, it was 1.5 originally and I didn’t note any change with engine weight in or out although at the top of the b post I was getting 5.25 at top engine in but with weight off the engine it closed to 4.7. aiming for 3mm ish now £1coin!! Hope you follow that ramble and I’m not doubting you but I want to make sure I get this right!! Ive sill got the A post closing panels to make up so won’t be doing this bit for a while?? ta in advance Steve
  8. Yes, after sleeping on it... always a good move... I thought it was a silly idea to move the car before the outer sill was welded on... seeing as the outer sill gives it a fair chunk of its rigidity!! Sometimes I overthink it 😂 Thanks, I’m just looking at it as one little job after another and eventually it will be finished... probably...👍
  9. Its been a few weeks since ive done an update, I got a bit side-tracked with the MR2, i gave it a bit of a tidy up, fitted a 4 branch and went and had some track time!! Great fun but back to the serious business of sorting the 911 Decided it was time to remove the front window and bonnet, with hindsight I shoudve done this earlier. With these out of the way I could assess the windscreen surround.... hmm not great, another repair for the list. Ive not worked out how to get the dash out yet so that's probably my next job. Also finished off the Targa repair panel and started to tidy up the rear wing, paint stripper doesn't do much with the coat of filler all over it.... not sure what I will find once its all off Next was to refit the door so I could do some trial fitting of the outer sill.... fit was fairly poor but after a bit of fettling I got 3mm even gap all along. This is still a trial fit, ive not welded it yet because I wasn't sure whether to drop it back onto the wheels first just in case theres any movement which would upset my nice gaps... Thoughts??
  10. Must be nice to see light at the end of the tunnel!! 👍
  11. Ok great, I can see in your pic now, that bit of the top of my outer wing must have rusted away so I will have to make something if I don’t replace the full outer!! Thanks again for all the help you’ve been so far!! Much appreciated!
  12. Great, thanks 👍 Another question is the top of the wing seem welded across the repair panel then?
  13. The new Targa repair panel has arrived and I’ve trial fitted it over the existing one. As you can see from the pic the lip is higher than the lip of the rear wing (marked up 2 red lines). Looking back at my pics there was no noticeable lip originally. Looking at other pics this looks right so does the outer wing sit below this lip and get welded to this panel or do I trim the lip back? Anyone got a pic of this area with the wing fitted over this panel? Cheers
  14. While im waiting for some panels ive gone back to the front of the car and had a look at the bottom of the A pillar. I couldnt find a repair patch so had a go at one of my own. Had to stick the old panel together with some gaffa tape, then cover in masking tape to make a pattern, i then transferred this to cardboard to make sure it looked about right before repeating in metal. Little bit of welding, drain hole in the bottom and good to go! I think it looks fairly good and once the outer sill is fitted it wont be visible anyway. With the outer sill trial fitted theres another couple of small filler panels needed in the area, i will have to try and figure these out?
  15. Nice to have some new metal in but there's loads more rust still lurking..... i'm not sure there will be much of the original car left by the time ive finished! With the 911 now obviously off the road long term i spotted a nice fun runabout on NW TIPEC so thought i would treat myself, one owner from new, 80k and full history, hopefully it wont turn into another project and i might even get on a trackday some time soon!! back to the Porsche, now there's a bit of strength back in the sill i thought i would have a look at the top of the rear inner wings so i tackled a job i've been putting off.... rear window removal! A new seal is £120 ish but i doubt you could get the window out without damaging it so i got the Stanley knife out and it was really easy but a bit twitchy, remove the trim piece and then slip the knife in and cut round! Once the window was out the rust at the top of the rear wings was fairly bad so being Billy big bollx i got the grinder back out and cut another big chunk of rear wing of..... probably looking at new rear wing now but hey ho... With the wing out of the way there's a bit of rust all over but the Targa support bracket is totally shot... time to order some more bits!
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