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  1. Thanks all, its an 85 3.2. Yes its the original Master so probably worth replacing anyway!
  2. Thanks, good idea, the only problem is its braided lines, not sure if i can clamp these🤦‍♂️ I wasnt very clear above, the handbrake tube wasnt sitting right, i had replaced the cables, all the lines, flexis etc, so it had to come apart. About the only original bit is the servo. I used a pressure bleed and im wondering if that couldve damaged it? Ive been round bleeding twice and im deffo getting clean new fluid through? Also thought about the bias valve causing the front to lock....
  3. I thought i would do a quick update, how time flys, i never realised how long it had been! Next job was engine and box, luckily Wilco were doing 911 engine transportation dollys for £8 Wish i had got one earlier as it makes it a doddle👍 With the engine and box back in i realised i had a problem as no fuel was getting through, lots of head scratching and i found that the new fuel lines had been connected incorrectly! I had connected the front of the flow to the back of the return and vice versa.... doh... Lines swapped and it fired up
  4. Just refitted the brakes after adjusting the handbrake. I had to bleed the rear and now the front are stuck on??? After releasing some fluid to free them off, it takes about 10 pumps of the pedal before any bite. Its was all working before i took it apart, any ideas?
  5. Thanks! No, ive only been out to do some fault finding! When i realised what i had done i gave up and went to find a wall to bang my head against🤣 I should get some time later this week to have a go👍
  6. You win the prize!! Yes i had connected the front halves to the back halves the wrong way around🤦‍♂️ Bit of a bstd as the box needs dropping to get at the connections to swap over... i could give myself a good kick! The jub (actually hose clip) is on the return side and looks std, obviously saw much higher pressure than it was supposed to.... hopefully not knackered anything else! I think it was this one.... pic from manual
  7. Ive been having a read and now thinking it could also be a blockage in the tank causing cavitation..... first job then, take the flexi off the outlet and see if the petrol is free flowing🤔
  8. Ive put the car back together, new genuine fuel lines, new dansk fuel tank. When ive come to turn it over i had a fuel leak in the engine bay. Tightened a jubilee clip and sorted. But then the fuel pump started making a noise like a wet fart and no fuel at all is getting through to the filter. Even with the hose completely detached. When i crack open the pressure side of the pump there is fuel.... Ive fitted a new fuel pump today and it still sounds the same and no fuel. All i can think is a line blockage but i dont see how the line can be totally blocked so not even a dribble gets out an
  9. Time flys! No update for a while but ive been doing a bit. I got a bit sidetracked with a Mini project... literally.... bought it as a everyday car, ive been working from home so im not doing many miles and thought this would be great👍 As usual though i found a few bits i wasnt keen on and it ended up like this... all back together now though and the supercharger serviced 😁 So back to the Porsche! Ive pretty well finished the fuel system, all new lines front to back and new tank installed, looks much better👍 Next job was getting th
  10. Local panel shop, they charge £7 for a spray can mixed up so a touch up shouldnt be much👍
  11. The rest of the fuel system bits have arrived so cracked on with fitting the lines using the tried and tested washing line. It went easier than i expected, this was one job i wasnt looking forward to New tank has been given a coat of epoxy and a coat of stonechip but still needs a top coat in the grey colour Then the front subframe back on so back to where i was 2 weeks ago🤦‍♂️ old tank fitted to check positions👍
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