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  1. Im Fairly confident the outer panels have all been resprayed!! Badly the inner panels ate original paint! Bit of a mess really😂😂
  2. Ive used the 121 on the underside, just brushed on, it seems pretty decent stuff, not great finish but fine for underneath. Only just realised 121 & 421 is the mixing ratio !! The 421 i might even brush if its too cold for spraying i can always flat it back when the weather is better! Im thinking that the whole car will probably get a coat of celly in the summer now, then i know its all the same. So a bit of sanding/ prep to do! Thanks!
  3. Well the answer seems to be a be a bit of everything!! The celly thinners removes paint where i know its original, so inner frunk and under dash. but on the external panels no paint comes off! There is no lacquer on the outer panels (polishes colour off) so it left the factory finished in Cellulose but most of it has been resprayed in something else??? If Cellulose was good enough for Porsche its good enough for me👍 So thoughts now are epoxy primer (so i can leave the full spray until summer) celly primer, high build then top coat....?? Thanks again all, thoughts??
  4. That sounds like a good set up, not sure for my first time out though!! Also not sure if im doing a full respray in one or just the back end and scuttle. Which is why im wondering what system Porsche wouldve used in 85??
  5. I should add the reason im thinking the rustbuster epoxy primer is that im repairing the car in sections so parts will be in primer over winter and the respray wint be until next year. Supposedly epoxy is completely waterproof and the only one that will prevent rust if left???
  6. Spraying 2k would make me nervous and the proper kit (in your link) with the Air line filters is nearly £450 + i would probably need a bigger compressor!! If it gets to that i would pay somebody else.... Yeh, im thinking cellulose but ive heard good things about epoxy and the website (rustbuster) says suitable for cellulose??
  7. Ok so a bit more research and it looks like Porsche didnt start clear coating solid colours until 1987 so no lacquer on mine... does that mean it wouldve been Cellulose from the factory or 1k? and i can spray epoxy undercoat (no isocyanides) with Celulose over the top so im thinking of doing this, anyone tried it? thanks again!
  8. Thanks both, yes i was planning on seam welding, just using those holes to line it up with self tappers👍 Im planning on using some sort of filler rather than lead loading, just for ease. Hopefully just a skim if i can get the welds neat enough!
  9. Yes, once i got over paying the £1100 I'm glad i did!! The old one would never have been good enough. A bit more patching and finishing off this week, front window surround finished on both sides. It needed a few more patches on the driver side and given a coat of epoxy mastic. Now ive got the new rear 1/4 i can see where i needed to cut out more of the rear, unsurprisingly now i found some more rust so another couple of patches 2 more patches needed here, at least i could see into all the box sections and the rest looks good👍 Inner and inside of outer wings all epoxied and flanges covered with weld through! and trial fit of the front and rear wings!! Starting to look like a car again🙂 Pleased with the rear wing, looks like its a reasonable fit, much, much better than i was getting using the cut up bits so hopefully not much fettling to get it fitting properly👍
  10. Never done an early but the 3.2 was dead easy, did it by myself in a couple of hours one evening!
  11. I found out early on that with the dansk panels i painted over the black with epoxy mastic, then when i was welding some of the mastic lifted, when i peeled it off it worked like a strippable coating and took a full strip off the panel! The mastic stuck to the black but the black didnt stick to the panel!! So ive been stripping them but i thought the Porsche panels should be better!! i will give this a try on both panels and see if theres any difference!
  12. OK I wont be using 2 pack!! Next question when ive been using dansk panels ive been removing as much of the black coating as i can.... now for the genuine porsche panels im reluctant to remove too much in case i damage the galvo underneath, is it ok to just roughen the surfaces or do i need to take back to bare metal??? Thoughts??
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