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  1. So last weekend i decided that i could do with making a spray booth for my painting... First thing i would need is a fan... Spotted this, it looked just the ticket but no dimensions in the advert.... Its bloody massive, i probably shouldnt be allowed on ebay after a few beers🤣 it should help shift some air, 300m3/min🤣🤣 on a +ve note it was only £50 and i can build a hovercraft when ive finished👍 In other news the 5hrs on my back was just as sh1tty as last week!! Stripping and cleaning has carried on at the front end, there were a few scabby bits like this cleaned up pretty well I still need to sort the fuel lines which look a bit poor this time i didnt fully strip back to bare metal, the area above the subframe was in fairly good nick so as FFs suggestion the bits that looked intact i cleaned up with scotchbrite (Came up really well👍) and stripped where there was evidence of scratches, rust or dents👍 I need to crack on with some more cleaning now before getting some epoxy on the underside🙂
  2. Must be a while since ive read your thread!! Got lucky and landed straight on the right page🤣 Glad i asked the question now, i didnt realise this was how they were put together!now back to reading the rest of your thread👍
  3. No, the ones that run through the tunnel, between the first and 2nd pic
  4. 246 seems nice and healthy! I would be pleased with that👍
  5. Yeh, been following yours wasnt sure what to use for the chassis lines though if i get my own flexis made?? Len has quoted for the flexis but hasnt got back to me re the chassis lines which worries me a bit? Although i know others have used him with no issues
  6. I am after a bit of advice, my fuel lines dont look the best so i am planning on a replacement. At the front It looks like they are one piece.... At the rear it looks like they come apart here... Ive asked Len Cummings for a quote but i am wondering what other options are out there. The lines Len supplies as flexis look very similar to lines ive had made up for other cars from Pirtek but If i did this then im not sure what to use for the chassis lines🤔 Any ideas, thoughts or experiences appreciated???
  7. Thanks!! and front subframe off ready to spend another 5hrs on my back on friday🤣
  8. Too late! Its all off, i Ive done what you said at the back but was a bit dubious on the Floorpan because it had been covered in a layer of black bitumen or something similar. I found one bit that might need a small weld and a couple if bits that look like it had been grounded and scratched with rust just starting so it was probably worth the effort! Thanks and Good tip on the front, thats my next job👍
  9. Now ive decided to do everything back to bare metal...ish got on with the Shitest job ever, 5 hrs on my back with a with a wire wheel in the angle grinder... got all the undertray cleaned off, probably worth doing as there were a couple of patches of surface rust just starting under the old underseal. If only i had known what i was getting into... a complete strip down and sticking it on a rotisserie would probably have been a better idea!! Just got the front end to do so carried on taking bits of suspension off👍 made a bit of a boo boo, didnt realise this was a cotter pin, it loosened of nicely with my big hammer though! No pic but the pin from the other side was bent as anything??? Worth doing as some more surface rust lurking....
  10. If one injectors stuck open does that stop pressure build up for the others??? Just a thought🤔🤔
  11. Great news👍 bet thats a relief🙂
  12. Thanks! Not sure im at the summit but deffo a good way there👍 ive gone for the 1.4 which should do all the 2k and ive got a cheap crap 2.0 gun for the epoxy, im going with the the theory that i can always flat back the epoxy if its like a dogs dinner🤣
  13. Lots of slow progress! After cleaning up the underside i sprayed some epoxy on looks good, need to put a coat of gravitex on next but i need to decide what im doing with the fuel lines first??? I probably need to change them but im a bit lost on the way forward, im watching some of the posts in that section so will see how they get on before deciding🤔 Started getting ready for paint so more stripping down done, i couldnt disconnect the heated Washer jets, turned out the glovebox light wires had melted and welded themselves to the washers!! Thats going to be a fun fix, not much room in there! Also stripped off the front roof seal and stickers from the rear which came off in one so should be good to go back on👍 Then lots of rubbing down! Ive never sprayed before other than the rattle cans so new gun purchased and a few practice runs on an old wing.... Started off black... 2k primer.... coat of base coat of 2K clear... far from perfect but not too bad for a first go... i think i needed to flat back after the primer, i only did one coat of base and 1 1/2 coats of clear so need more coats and wetter of both of those! Plan is still to fully epoxy first then the 2k primer👍 also made a nice little gun stand finished in campervan red👍
  14. Great work!! One of those jobs where if you knew what you where getting into it might have been worth dropping the engine!! If you dont mind me asking how much that line cost? Im still undecided, Ive got the engine out so access is easy but mine look ok other than the connectors to the tunnel lines that are a bit crusty🤔 if you were doing it again which options would you go for??? (slight repeat of earlier question??) Having a big dither....

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