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  1. Looking good, other than the work on the front end thats all the typical spots!
  2. Coming out if ECP yesterday PM, ive not seen it around before?
  3. I used these £300 ish for 2 rear calipers, they do a postal service http://www.classicarautomotive.co.uk/
  4. Been a while!! I cant believe ive not updated since Feb… Theres not actually been that much more progress, ive been having a few problems with the VW camper so thats had new engine etc etc etc but i have got a few bits done…. Finished painting the front and rear valance and all the smaller bits and then fitted, ended up with a new smile and all bellows as the originals looked really tough against the new paint. also new switches fitted in the seats so they are all working…. doors have been refitted with the wiring all working… the wiring is proving to be an issue though as ive found evidence of shorts and melted wires… The little trolly for working on the doors was a great shout and made it a doddle So the interior is going back in next with a colour change so ive been trying my hand at a bit of trimming…. Starting to come together now but theres a couple of big issues…. 1) cant get the bloody windows in, they are a real pita!! 2) it wont bloody start anymore! Ordered a new dme, hopefully just that…. Need to get my finger out now and crack on👍
  5. Looks like you have beaten me to it!! Thats the look im after👍 Love that rear end! What exhaust are you running?
  6. Just done the foglight, headlight washers and spoiler deletes on my 85 3.2 Targa. Going for a cleaner look, also gone stainless hoop and might leave the side skirts off…. Bit of trial and error really👍 235bhp std so 250 isnt far off…
  7. I went base and clear on a white car…. With hindsight and as a beginner i would probably try a solid white with no laquer. Reason being trying to get all the layers done in one hit is a pain, means you have to get the base coat bang on and there is more chance of it going wrong with the additional stage. That said i was talked into base and clear by the paint supplier (and a prof sprayer who was in the shop at the time) who both said the durability was much better and they wouldnt use single stage.
  8. Thanks all, its an 85 3.2. Yes its the original Master so probably worth replacing anyway!
  9. Thanks, good idea, the only problem is its braided lines, not sure if i can clamp these🤦‍♂️ I wasnt very clear above, the handbrake tube wasnt sitting right, i had replaced the cables, all the lines, flexis etc, so it had to come apart. About the only original bit is the servo. I used a pressure bleed and im wondering if that couldve damaged it? Ive been round bleeding twice and im deffo getting clean new fluid through? Also thought about the bias valve causing the front to lock....
  10. I thought i would do a quick update, how time flys, i never realised how long it had been! Next job was engine and box, luckily Wilco were doing 911 engine transportation dollys for £8 Wish i had got one earlier as it makes it a doddle👍 With the engine and box back in i realised i had a problem as no fuel was getting through, lots of head scratching and i found that the new fuel lines had been connected incorrectly! I had connected the front of the flow to the back of the return and vice versa.... doh... Lines swapped and it fired up first time, well chuffed🙂 Also started refitting the rear bumper etc which is all looking pretty good Next issue i thought was the handbrake. It seemed to be dragging on the passenger side. After stripping it all off it turns out the inner CV bolts on the passenger side are shorter than the driver side, somehow one of them had been swapped so was protruding beyond the flange and catching on the box double doh!! All sorted and put back together and first drive.... Its great to see it out in the sun! The next jobs are window in and now its back on its wheels i can line up the door and wing gaps. At this rate (and a year late), i have a chance of making LMC.... if its on this year....
  11. Just refitted the brakes after adjusting the handbrake. I had to bleed the rear and now the front are stuck on??? After releasing some fluid to free them off, it takes about 10 pumps of the pedal before any bite. Its was all working before i took it apart, any ideas?
  12. Thanks! No, ive only been out to do some fault finding! When i realised what i had done i gave up and went to find a wall to bang my head against🤣 I should get some time later this week to have a go👍
  13. You win the prize!! Yes i had connected the front halves to the back halves the wrong way around🤦‍♂️ Bit of a bstd as the box needs dropping to get at the connections to swap over... i could give myself a good kick! The jub (actually hose clip) is on the return side and looks std, obviously saw much higher pressure than it was supposed to.... hopefully not knackered anything else! I think it was this one.... pic from manual
  14. Ive been having a read and now thinking it could also be a blockage in the tank causing cavitation..... first job then, take the flexi off the outlet and see if the petrol is free flowing🤔
  15. Ive put the car back together, new genuine fuel lines, new dansk fuel tank. When ive come to turn it over i had a fuel leak in the engine bay. Tightened a jubilee clip and sorted. But then the fuel pump started making a noise like a wet fart and no fuel at all is getting through to the filter. Even with the hose completely detached. When i crack open the pressure side of the pump there is fuel.... Ive fitted a new fuel pump today and it still sounds the same and no fuel. All i can think is a line blockage but i dont see how the line can be totally blocked so not even a dribble gets out and i dont see where the blockage could come from as the hole out of the pump is tiny... Next thought is to blow the line through with my compressor and see if its blocked???? Any other ideas???
  16. Time flys! No update for a while but ive been doing a bit. I got a bit sidetracked with a Mini project... literally.... bought it as a everyday car, ive been working from home so im not doing many miles and thought this would be great👍 As usual though i found a few bits i wasnt keen on and it ended up like this... all back together now though and the supercharger serviced 😁 So back to the Porsche! Ive pretty well finished the fuel system, all new lines front to back and new tank installed, looks much better👍 Next job was getting the rear back together. All the lines looking much neater... so then suspension back in with all new bushes.... Also fitted the replacement Spring plates much better than my refurbished attempt👍 Then the brakes all back together.... before after Along the way a few other bits got sorted... A few more bits to connect and then engine and box....🤔
  17. Local panel shop, they charge £7 for a spray can mixed up so a touch up shouldnt be much👍
  18. The rest of the fuel system bits have arrived so cracked on with fitting the lines using the tried and tested washing line. It went easier than i expected, this was one job i wasnt looking forward to New tank has been given a coat of epoxy and a coat of stonechip but still needs a top coat in the grey colour Then the front subframe back on so back to where i was 2 weeks ago🤦‍♂️ old tank fitted to check positions👍
  19. You can get the same discount through TIPEC for half the price or even joining the Porsche classic scheme for free. I joined to get the birth certificate but gave up on PCGB after 1 year because any posts asking for advice on how to fix something were met with “take it to a dealer”🤦‍♂️🤪 Seems to be aimed at wealthy bods who are still in the Main dealer system or Main Dealer Classic outfits👍
  20. The oldest one of mine is October 2019. Ive had a look in the catalogue and couldnt see a shelf life quoted but they are UV stable so it shouldnt matter.... but i dont think i wouldve been impressed at 7 years old!! These are the hoses i purchased: items 1&2 in pic above 911 356 062 08, 911 356 085 05 items 37 and 43 in 2nd pic 911 356 066 15 (replaces 911 356 066 08) 911 356 083 01 All 4 inc vat came to £474
  21. For info, the new Porsche fuel lines are E10 compliant although Porsche dont seem to know that!!! Porsches answer to my question..... Classification: Confidential Dear Mr Roberts Thank you for your email. Unfortunately we cannot be sure as we don’t know 100% which components are affected by the higher Ethanol Content. The good news is that E5 is set to remain in Super Unleaded (97 Octane or higher) for at least another 5 years after E10 becomes standard for 95 Octane fuels. If there is anything further I can assist with, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Sara Hammond Personal Case Manager Porsche Customer Interaction Centre On behalf of Porsche Cars Great Britain Limited Bath Road, Calcot, Reading RG31 7SE So now i have my fuel lines ive checked the manufacturers data as you can see flexibles are Cohline 2134 rubber and the straights are Cohline 3011 Polyamid. Both are in the catalogue, the rubber flexi specifically mentions E10 compatibility, the Polyamid is specified as both Petrol and Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) resistant this still leaves the fuel filters, pump etc to make the car E10 compatible... Shouldve added these are the pump & tank to filter / engine lines
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