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  1. Thanks! Will have a chat with them, their website looks like they can do pretty much anything. This is probably as dangerous as asking re oil or tyres, but here goes.....latest thinking on SSIs from the collective - debatable benefit on standard early 3.2?
  2. That's really interesting. Is that Infinity Exhausts Bristol? I bought a Monty Muffler, but one in one out ie standard replacement for back box. I'm always wondering whether I should have gone the SSI route....if so, would they be able to change my existing Monty to a '2 in' rather than '1' do you think?
  3. When I read ' Pastel Beige with Brown Interior' I thought I wouldn't like it. I couldn't have been more wrong! Lovely. But damn you, not for the first time I'm thinking one day I must have a colour change to anything rather than its original boring Guards Red!
  4. I agree with all of the above - great job and price! I'd certainly join a waiting list for a rear tray - your brother may never speak to you again though Henry if you mention it!
  5. I do like the all black Fuchs against a red car Ivan. I've been warned off doing it to my originals as I'm told in order to go back to anodised at a later stage they have to be diamond cut and the originals are thin. So maybe a set of Fakey Fuchs the best way forward for me.
  6. Just been told its just been delivered in UK. Thanks Henry! It'll no doubt now sit in the lonely corner with other random buys - flat engine lid, front valance without fogs etc etc waiting to be fitted.....one day!
  7. Yep...fastest run in ever....not difficult on the wonderful roads round your old place, and unbelievably having driven what felt like every road between Nice, Grenoble and back again I hit 1000.00 miles on the nose when back at your front gates
  8. I've just shown this to my Mrs - and her only comment.....'please don't tell me I have to hold it on there whilst you do it up!'
  9. I have to say, Ivan did a full rebuild on my engine when he was still a neighbour near Nice....top job!
  10. Ah found it....8.6 kg (19 lb in old money), according to website.
  11. Hi Henry, I'll take one please.
  12. Satin sounds perfect...gloss black too blingy, matt for lorries! Crossing my fingers re weight, I'm guessing I'm not alone.
  13. Hi Jonathan, have you got the weights of the wheels? Also in black, are they gloss, satin or matt...or customer's choice? Thanks, Bob
  14. No, M41....direct replacement for stock.
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