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  1. You just put the mockers on the weather, it's been lovely and warm for a few weeks but now clouding over and rain forecast tomorrow! Traffic extra busy today as it's Bastille Day. Quite a few road trips blasting by over last few weeks, including some UK plates. My trip a couple of weeks back was fine (but it was a small group as not a fan of anything larger), roads were clearer then with no mishaps and a general happy welcome even for potential plague ridden Brits. Any future lockdown out here has been promised by the Health Minister to be localised, but we'll see. Fingers crossed for you.
  2. There's always a cold beer in the fridge, so next time! Two guys meeting on the internet.....what could possibly go wrong?
  3. Keep the revs down on Day 3, you'll pass my front door (Col des Aravis).
  4. I use the Lucas product in the video, thanks to Bob's (Swift911) advice. Certainly don't put E10 into the tank; using superunleaded it should be anywhere from E0 to E5 max. Or so it says on the pump. Hopefully the stabiliser can cope with up to 5 per cent ethanol but who knows what's going on behind the scenes?!
  5. Just heard on local radio that Geneva Motor Show already cancelled for 2021. Next year's Geneva Motor Show has been cancelled. Organisers said that the majority of exhibitors who took part in a survey said they would "probably not participate" in a show next year. This year's event in February was cancelled at short notice because of the pandemic. The next show was scheduled for March 2021.
  6. Sounds like you had a cop who wanted to find something wrong....well, the Williams Crawford advert did say 'not for the shy and retiring' type. I know your car as I bought its Twin Spark steering wheel from the PO (was/is a forum member). Bon chance with the change of plates from UK to French....I had a 'mare (but it was a 1953 Willys jeep!). Make sure you take the original German fahrzeugbrief to the prefecture as that should work fine for certificate of conformity.
  7. Well your yellow vested compatriots don't agree Fred; the reduction of speed limits a couple of years back mean that you can get buzzed at a tad over 50mph on literally arrow straight open empty country roads, unless that's your definition of driving like a dick. They saw it as a revenue generator, hence 60 per cent of the cameras were vandalised.
  8. TomTom shows camera locations in France as 2 km or so 'danger zones' rather than the exact camera spot. There was a court case where the French took on TomTom and lost. Their argument was along the lines of 'how is it that TomTom's danger zones are always exactly the same as where our cameras are?' and were given the response 'why would you put cameras in non accident blackspots?'. The French backed down.
  9. Wow! You've chosen to link two posts out of timeline to suit your narrative - how very Grauniad! Surely you can see that Mark's comment was against the latter somewhat inflammatory post.
  10. I had a situation a few years back that is as good as evidence that Brit/certain foreign plates are targetted. Coming out of my local tunnel before Monaco the speed goes 90, 70, 50, 70 kph in a short distance. The 50 kph is for a fairly innocuous bend, but it does have a filter lane from a small zone industrielle so, hands up, I wrongly stayed at 70 kph and got pulled. Three cars including mine on UK plates and one on Czech plates (not Ivan!) get ticketed in the layby, whilst seemingly every French and Monegasque speeds on by at 70 plus. When the Gendarme asked for my license I gave him my permis de conduire and he apologised looking at my plates saying , sorry I thought you would have a UK license and wouldn't get points. He said he didn't want me to lose points so wrote it up as 'speeding, but due to exceptional circumstances'. So paid the fine but no points. I thanked him but shows you're a target for revenue.
  11. France quarantine is tit for tat, but importantly it is 'voluntary'. I'll let you draw your own conclusions. There is potential for a test to enter Austria - you wait only 3 hours for result - but there are many German/Austrian crossings that aren't policed (even at the height of the refugee crisis). Anyway, don't want to jinx my trip....there's always a multitude of things that can go wrong, just ask poor Fraser! Bon chance!
  12. 15th June has been fairly well signposted for a while, but guess it depends where you look. FCO bumph has proved pis poor on more than a few occassions over my lifetime so I don't feel so handcuffed to it as some. It doesn't seem to invalidate all insurances, but of course care is needed...eg my euro cover is valid on a UK reg/insured car - checked last week for trip in few days time. Tunnel is open.
  13. Your journey doesn't need to be 'essential' to enter France from Monday....though you do have your quarantine issues as discussed earlier.

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