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  1. RivieraBob

    Light weight undertray

    Hi Henry, I'll take one please.
  2. RivieraBob

    16" Campagnolos by Group 4 Wheels/Caliper info required

    Satin sounds perfect...gloss black too blingy, matt for lorries! Crossing my fingers re weight, I'm guessing I'm not alone.
  3. RivieraBob

    16" Campagnolos by Group 4 Wheels/Caliper info required

    Hi Jonathan, have you got the weights of the wheels? Also in black, are they gloss, satin or matt...or customer's choice? Thanks, Bob
  4. RivieraBob

    Out and about in the West

    No, M41....direct replacement for stock.
  5. RivieraBob

    Out and about in the West

    I've got a Monty on mine Fraser - if you want to pop by next time I visit Chris Franklyn (I'll let you know)
  6. RivieraBob

    IBs in use thread 2018

    Noooo!…..reminds me of people you see at airports with suitcases gummed up with 'Me and Mavis have been to Torremolinos' stickers. ps I am aware you have one Daktari, having just watched your Pyrenees vid from start to finish. Looks like it was great fun. pps I do hope your missus isn't called Mavis and you had your honeymoon in Torremolinos!
  7. RivieraBob

    IBs in use thread 2018

    Grossglockner 7.30 this morning. 6000 miles on from an Ivan top/bottom engine rebuild....lovely job!
  8. RivieraBob

    Protecting an ageing loom

    Thanks 786 but I was looking to add a fuse or two, not a loom replacement....that's way above my skill level! (and hopefully unneeded)
  9. RivieraBob

    Protecting an ageing loom

    Well the more you read on the internet, the more you worry! I'm going to put a 2 amp inline fuse on post 58A behind the headlight switch to protect the dash light circuit (and convert them to LED's) together with relays on the headlights thanks to Jonny's excellent fuseboard….but....is there anywhere else that needs protecting on an 84/85 Carrera? I've read in various places.....footwell blowers (doesn't have AC), ignition switch, interior lights, bonnet/engine lid lights, cig lighter/ashtray?? etc etc The unfused dashlights and headlamp relays are well documented risks but I don't want to do these and miss something else. I'm in no way a sparky so any help/pointers appreciated. Cheers Bob
  10. RivieraBob

    "We go again" ....

    Sure will....hopefully sooner than later!
  11. RivieraBob

    "We go again" ....

    Yep...all true! And its seriously hot down here at present (saw 38 degrees today!)….not to start a 'what oil?' discussion, but for info I'm running 20w50 Valvoline VR1 mineral. Shirish, I'm a lurker on this forum and therefore haven't seen fit to comment on your woes, but my heart sinks over your repeated sagas. I'm in a relatively large WhatsApp group of mainly 993 owners and I shared this thread with them a few days back. I'm not alone in binning certain 'Specialists' having discussed situations in that group (being 993 owners it's pretty OCD, and we're all on the spectrum somewhere!)….should you not get the correct outcome in an amicable way as suggested by others, you may want to remind Mr B that its not just this forum that is watching with interest. Bob
  12. RivieraBob

    Cam Tight In Housing

    I recognise that engine! Still running well Ivan, so thanks again for the great job!
  13. RivieraBob

    Engine Lid

    Hi Mike....fantastic thanks. I'll PM for payment details. Bob
  14. RivieraBob

    Engine Lid

    I'll take that please (if you don't mind holding it for me for a while??). Presume it's standard Guards?
  15. RivieraBob

    993 and 912 parts seeking

    Ivan, Tore Bergvill sells reconditioned Becker's on his site. They're not cheap but his quality of work and customer service is excellent - I've dealt with him personally and he's well known to 993 owners. Worth talking to maybe..... https://www.bergvillfx.com/index.php/becker-grand-prix-7990.html