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  1. Lucky man! As I mentioned before I ended up having to buy new 7s for the front as the black on my old ones were more glossy - presume therefore they must have been refurbed by a PO, unless originally they were more satin than matt black? I prefer the matt black look of the new.
  2. Bloody awful news. Having spent a degree of time in his company I have to say you'd be pushed to meet a more unassuming chap.
  3. I've heard everything out here, from the somewhat understandable (it's been rushed through without the usual protocol) to the bizarre (it contains a tracker) etc etc. Most French contacts I have are against it, even the elderly, and shake their heads in disbelief when I say I wanted it. 24 hours in I've not had a single after effect, even though I was hoping for some hair regrowth.
  4. Just had mine this morning (AstraZeneca). Requested it - sadly the place was empty as it's been so bad mouthed over here; hence the reason I got an appointment I guess. Pfizer on the other hand is booked out for weeks, no slots available. I was quite happy to take the AZ although felt the doc went far too heavy on warning of the potential after effects (he even insisted I take a prescription for 28 Paracetamol!). Wimps....hope I don't regret that comment later.
  5. I think you could polish it up, not sure though....I just prefer the matt finish.
  6. I have standard 205s on the front, but being SO2s they are quite square shouldered. As said, many run with no probs. It was just one side, and I think as much a function of where I drive (downhill hairpin compressions in the alps), as the fact she sat a little low. Beaky, I bought just a pair of new 8s with the intention of using my original 7s. Ended up having to buy new 7s as well as the new ones have a matt black finish whereas my originals are more satin black/glossy. ps When I get back to UK will be selling original 6s and 7s if anyone interested.
  7. Indeed! I bought mine from Rose Passion 18 months or so ago. They are indistinguishable from the Porsche jobbies (apart from the P number, if that really floats your boat). I got 7s and 8s for easier tyre choice on rears, although one of my fronts rubbed a touch (Chris Franklyn had to raise her a smidge).
  8. Craig, I still find that Opie comment odd - implying by ordering the correct grade you automatically get the correct level of ZDDP for impact bumpers. I was told to aim for 1000 ppm plus (1000 -1400) and Castrol, Halfords (rebranded Comma) 20w50 for instance had levels at 700/800. Hence I chose VR1. Think I best withdraw at this point rather than becoming part of what we all detest. Bob
  9. Well that part of Opie's advice is definitely b*ll*cks. Trying to be fair to Opie maybe he was saying that the correct grade of oil is the most important factor?
  10. .....and gets you into the best places....
  11. Being in the juggernaut EU rather than speedboat UK I'm looking at September.....2025!
  12. Age 37 1997 986 Boxter (2.5) £35k Porsche Brighton (maybe Hove actually) Kept for 3 years - at beginning used to have people crossing petrol forecourts to look at it as it was one of the first. By the end had 'couldn't you afford a real Porsche?' continually ringing in my ears.
  13. I was advised to re-use the old ones too - mechanic showed me the new against the old and definitely thinner and less pliable rubber in new. He advised to bin new as not a job that you want to do again in a short time frame.
  14. If you're looking to sell it at any time in the near future be careful of doing anything non standard that'll be a pain to remove. 993 owners are the ultimate beard and sandal brigade....they refer to themselves as the Illuminati after all! I'm actually in a UK 993 WhatsApp group having owned one...lovely fellas, but all odd by their own admission. Guess that therefore says something about me!
  15. Sadly it's hard to do 1000 miles in a weekend in the UK without a breakdown (mentally, not the car!). I was lucky as had Route Napoleon etc on doorstep. Engine still going strong 15k+ miles later, thanks Ivan! Bob
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