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  1. Temporary fix of course until Jonny's AC....one day, one day!
  2. Thanks! I've just ordered one....No more Betty Swallocks!
  3. Might come up a bit, but it does say that they are matt on the blurb in the box - not mentioned on any advert. Weren't the originals satin black centres? Haven't seen anyone else complain about it so a little odd (there was a discussion on Pelican, but that was more about people getting in a tiz over the fact that they don't have a Porsche part no stamped beside the fox's head and therefore not proper! 🙄) I really don't mind the look apart from the fact I had to shell out for another pair to match.
  4. On another thread I mentioned I was going to be a guinea pig and buy the new Fuchs. I bought 16x8s for the rear with the intention of moving the present 7s to the front. Well that was a nice idea but what I didn't realise is the black centres on the new ones are definitely a matt finish, wheras my originals are gloss black centre, maybe satin? With the cost of refurbing vs the now cheaper cost of new, have stumped up and bought new 7s to match. I have absolutely no complaints about them but thought I should warn people that you probably have to buy a set rather than a pair. Might sell my original 6s and 7s (relatively good nick, you won't win concours d'elegance but they won't embarass) - what do you think the new going rate is 1200? Slightly cheaper to forum members?
  5. Although Ivan does have a a very eccentric way to get the engine onto the stand.... Involving chains (so far so good).... And the teeth of the bucket on a Bobcat!!!.....
  6. The 'specialists' have you by the short and curlies due to provenance. I'm presently having a rebuild on my 915 box - again by a 'guy in a shed' who has loads of experience and is somewhat obsessive over getting it right. Now can you imagine if I was looking to sell....first question on phone, who rebuilt your engine and gearbox. Answer, the engine some crazy Czech guy, the gearbox some chap that's borderline autistic. Click! Phone goes dead. It's not massively cheaper as an option so why? My thinking, having read numerous horror stories, is that they are not under the same commercial pressures, so they haven't got someone breathing down their neck saying button the thing up before they are 100 per cent happy. Or to put it another way, it feels like they are doing the job as if it was their own car and taking their time. How many shops can afford that attitude, or sadly even seem to care once they have a famous stamp to show on the invoice? And by 'taking their time' I mean actually working on the engine, not having it as one of many just sitting there on some sort or conveyor belt gathering dust whilst they do some other more lucrative job. So the result...I have only paperwork for parts, expensive parts, but not much else. However I'm really happy with the outcome. I've had knowledgable friends drive it with comments like 'are you sure it's just a 3.2' and 'It's been a while since I was in one but I can't remember feeling these pull like that'. Nb. The one obvious exception to lazy specialists resting on their laurels is Chris at Center of Gravity, who will work until he drops to get the job done right. Sorry Phill for swerving off topic. I truly hope it's a minor thing, but get them to sort it!
  7. Sadly Ivan this is so true....it's almost impossible to do heavy mileage on the right sort of roads in England; you're soon in a built up area trawling through traffic. And time is a problem - even in France I cheated and used the autoroute for the last 200 miles (I did still look to vary the revs). Maybe you need to open a garage within 100 miles of Calais!
  8. I was lucky in the fact I had Route Napoleon and the surrounding roads to run it in, so drove up to Grenoble and back. Varied revs, keeping on low side first 500 miles. bit more after. Did some downhill engine braking too (seem to remember good for piston ring break in). Anyway with that, and Ivan's magic, extremely happy with result! I used Millers mineral 20/50 for break in. Now use VR1 mineral (dive for cover!).
  9. RivieraBob


    I'm going to have a set of original Fuchs to go soon, 16 x6 and 16 x7, should you decide to go down the second hand route.
  10. His Missus is banned from going anywhere near it! Just in case!!
  11. I bought a 993 from Adrian. The original wheels from the seller were LMs so they'd been replaced by the typical turbo twists for the sale. It was only after purchase I found that they were a mix of hollow and solid spoke (very different weights), 2 of each....BUT one of each on the same axle! I like Adrian, there are far worse dealers out there and I have done business with him since, but don't forget when buying you're on opposite sides of the fence.
  12. If the prices and general lack of bidding at today's Silverstone Auction are anything to go by, somewhat less than yesterday!
  13. The car takes Trigger's Broom to another level.....at some stage you just have to call it what it is, a fake.
  14. I wanted to post that (reason being the car is on sale again!!!), but didn't know how to do it keeping within this forum's rules. Shocker!!
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