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  1. Weesen (on Walensee) is also nice and the right side of Zurich for moving on to Austria. I'm in these places next week having arranged a small 993 group so pm if I can help.
  2. As you're aware Grossglockner really needs a 6am drive if you want to avoid loads of Hermann's in camper vans - for that reason I tend to stay in one of the pretty villages between Salzburg and Zell Am See to aid the get up time, You can still include a visit to Salzburg from them for sightseeing. Likewise I'd leave Zurich well alone and stay somewhere like Luzern outskirts which is ideal for the Andermatt 'junction' of Passes. Obviously this all depends on slight route adjustments to accomodate.
  3. These days I live on the Route des Grandes Alpes on the Swiss/Frog border, but also spend part of the year in Munich and Salzburg.....if I can be any help for info let me know (payback for all the lurking I do on this site).
  4. I can match that....driving in convoy on a great bit of empty Autobahn last month we pulled into a layby to catch our breath...I said we must mark this on the map for future reference, to be met with the response - 'looks like it's near a town called Restplatz'
  5. You definitely had a few too many beers! That's like driving to Caerdydd near Cardiff 🤣
  6. Too late for poor Fraser, but I've been using this reguarly (thanks to Bob - Swift911) Hopefully helps ??
  7. I feel sick for you Fraser....my heart sunk as I scrolled through the photos. Try to keep positive...hit the insurance and rebuild her!
  8. I'd rather push the car to Somerset than use Shiply. I transported a 1950s jeep from Devon to France and to cut a long story short the Gendarmes had to be called out. Shiply are obviously only as good as the hauliers on their books, but they were as good as a chocolate tea pot when I reported the problem....'Not our fault Guv, you'll have to take it up with the company you used, we only act third party' - that's an actual quote! Reason I'm writing this is because as your destination is the SW you may have the misfortune of seeing a bid from the company I used. If he hails from Bovey Tracy, PM me!
  9. Thanks! Will have a chat with them, their website looks like they can do pretty much anything. This is probably as dangerous as asking re oil or tyres, but here goes.....latest thinking on SSIs from the collective - debatable benefit on standard early 3.2?
  10. That's really interesting. Is that Infinity Exhausts Bristol? I bought a Monty Muffler, but one in one out ie standard replacement for back box. I'm always wondering whether I should have gone the SSI route....if so, would they be able to change my existing Monty to a '2 in' rather than '1' do you think?
  11. When I read ' Pastel Beige with Brown Interior' I thought I wouldn't like it. I couldn't have been more wrong! Lovely. But damn you, not for the first time I'm thinking one day I must have a colour change to anything rather than its original boring Guards Red!
  12. I agree with all of the above - great job and price! I'd certainly join a waiting list for a rear tray - your brother may never speak to you again though Henry if you mention it!
  13. I do like the all black Fuchs against a red car Ivan. I've been warned off doing it to my originals as I'm told in order to go back to anodised at a later stage they have to be diamond cut and the originals are thin. So maybe a set of Fakey Fuchs the best way forward for me.
  14. Just been told its just been delivered in UK. Thanks Henry! It'll no doubt now sit in the lonely corner with other random buys - flat engine lid, front valance without fogs etc etc waiting to be fitted.....one day!
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