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  1. Thats quite funny as I had mine there the previous year. I didn't bother this year as I was serving tea from the village hall I need to find who it was as two Guards Red SC's near the same small village sounds like fun. Mine's a Targa. Here it is sitting in Thriplow.
  2. Joedesign

    Targa time

    I’m really enjoying this rebuild. Top work FF. If you take visitors, I’d love to see it. Maybe when the snow goes I’m based in Royston, so not far away.
  3. Joedesign

    Let's Take a Brake

    Ooh, I might like that.
  4. When I saw this I first thought it was me as i parked there the other day. But it's a cab not a Targa so I'll keep my eye out for both of you now I've moved to the area.
  5. Klassiker911, I have now obtained a pair from Ebay US and are now in my hands. They are tan and need to be black, but that won't take long. Thanks for your offer, all the same.
  6. I too need both lower knee pads for an SC. Klassiker911, if you find more than you need, do share
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