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  1. Thanks for all your input guys
  2. Hi all I have this for sale if anyone needs it, not sure how much to ask maybe someone could advise. Thanks
  3. Will do, I'll try and do it tomorrow (Thursday)
  4. I'm located near high wycombe
  5. Pair of descent wings of my 82 SC very little rust 200 each http://s1114.photobucket.com/user/Rakerone/media/Mobile%20Uploads/AB343848-E5A9-4654-87E4-E6045DCF9192.jpg.html http://s1114.photobucket.com/user/Rakerone/media/Mobile%20Uploads/49C6A56D-41C2-40B7-859E-03D8F94D3D7C.jpg.html
  6. Ok went for a drive today and all ok no stalling but a couple of smallish backfires and a few popping sounds, is that a mixture issue or normal for a sc, I'm sure a few of you will have some ideas. Thanks
  7. Thanks benC. 1982 sc. so looking at it in the afternoon I removed the air box cover and the pop off valve,s rubber sealing ring was floating in the airbox so I replaced it and it ran perfect, so took it for a drive same thing it cut out and wouldn't start, and again the seal was out again, replacing and all fine, now I've glued it in and will drive tonight. And report back.
  8. Hi guys, so on my way to silverstone today and 1 mile from my house the engine dies , and then it started raining, great, so cranking the engine it fires and did this till the battery went flat so waited 45 min for the aa man to arrive, he did all the usual checks and nothing just fired and stopped, then clouted the fuel accumulator next to the filter and hey presto fires up and running fine, car as always started first time hot or cold fine but does the tent to idle lumpy Any one else had this problem , shame I missed silverstone Thanks
  9. I'll be there Sunday (PCGB) infield parking
  10. This may help you, as mine has just been replaced, overlap at the top. and start from the Middle Also make a loop each side overlapping, and at the bottom this will help you pull upwards and downward, and right and left at the bottom, hope this helps. I used to fit loads when I was a painter in a body shop
  11. Thanks Gina nice to meet you to.
  12. Very close to beaconsfield but it wasn't me
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