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  1. Ebay item number: 261770579933 👍
  2. My electric mirror had failed on the drivers door: it would work left to right; but not up and down. Removing the glass, I could see that the gears for the up and down axis had snapped, and broken into a few pieces. I looked around and found an almost identical motor was used in VW models (a £10 part from Ebay) - the only difference being the multi-plug connector on the reverse. The first photo shows the 2 motors side by side (Porsche on left). As you can see, they're identical - even down to diameter and thickness. The second photo shows how the wiring at the rear with the VW part having a 3 pin connector I removed the solder and wire tabs from the VW motor, and reattached the wiring from the Porsche mulitplug directly to the motors. The only modification was to swap the pins that guide the 2 bottom retaining screws to the backplate - these are shorter on the Porsche motor to allow the backplate to seat fully. Refitted and Job done!
  3. Ady1971

    SC/ Carrera Parts

    Are the mirrors still available? If so, can I take these please?
  4. Good to see some more options... but they appear to have been 3d printed (as mine were) but the contour lines seem to be showing as the gradient changes from the corner to the centre. It makes me happy with the route I went with.
  5. OMG - just re-read this I was worried about losing a finger; least of my worries - could lose far more: marriage; kids; dog - the list goes on Still - handbrake is now working 🙌
  6. Should be.... probably a bit beyond my capability (I'll most likely lose a finger) 😁
  7. Finally found the issue.... The Mintex shoes do not have as large a rebate for the star wheel as the original shoes. This was causing the shoes to be expanded even on the lowest setting. Also, the spring between the 2 expanders was weak, so not pushing the shoes out far enough when the cable was released. Thanks for all the replies.
  8. Ivan, Great.... so next steps: 1. slacken off the cable on the 17mm nuts (again) 2. Rotate the star wheel the correct way up 3. expand the star wheel to the point where the drum rubs / back off 3 - 4 turns 4. tighten up the cable I did try this before, but I couldn't rotate the disc at all when I adjusted the star wheel a tiny amount; and when fully backed off, only had marginal movement. I will repeat the steps above to see if there is any change.
  9. Ivan, I did loosen the handbrake cable using the 17mm nuts. As soon as I put the disc on, and tighten the retaining screws up, the disc is almost impossible to rotate. Adjusting the star wheel just makes it even tighter. I am no expert, but it feels like the expander is being pushed in by the end of the cable, pushing the shoes apart. Could this be the return spring, or the spring between the expanders?
  10. Phil - tried both ways around: no change. Ivan - please could you explain a little more. Do I have the shoe in the wrong way around?
  11. They've always done that - is it wrong? Yep tried that... no change?
  12. Evening, I replaced the handbrake shoes today: one side is fine and spins freely; the other - which is installed the same way - is rubbing when I tighten the disc up (I can barely rotate the disc). I've attached a couple of photos - is there anything obviously wrong? It looks to me that the expander is preventing the shoes from resting on the assembly? Could it be the return spring is installed wrong, or lost tension? I have tried slackening the handbrake cable off, to no avail. Any suggestions are most welcome...
  13. Can I be second reserve: really need to replace mine....
  14. if you're offering 🤩
  15. Richard, Swing by anytime - its the least I can do given all the help you've given me 😉
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