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  1. All the best John. 👍🏻
  2. All the best to you & your loved ones. Surely we’re all in for better times ahead. 🤞🏻🤞🏻
  3. Does this count chaps? I’ve had a hankering every year for at least the last 10 years to pass my bike test. The hankering was really strong this year so (at 53 yrs old) finally decided to do my CBT in Oct. I had a MTX125 years ago when you could just ride on L plates, so have half an idea. The plan was to do the CBT & see if I was still excited enough to take it any further. Suffice to say I had a really enjoyable day with a top chap for an instructor. Next thing I know, I’ve sniffed out this really clean CB125R with a few hundred quids worth of extras on it, for very reasonable
  4. I love updates on this thread Stephen (almost as much as I love new episodes of Project Binky!), but that photo of the tipper / grab would have been so much better were it a Volvo FMX!! 😁
  5. White IB having a run out on bank holiday Monday. Turned off just as we managed to catch up.
  6. Is it the closest you could get to the shape of the Nurburgring?!?! 😉
  7. Dave the Trimmer at Cranfield would also be worth a shout. 👍🏻
  8. Done. 👍🏼 I’ve not been to an event yet despite having had my IB since 2015, but I do almost feel like I know a lot of the regular contributors to the forum. To my mind everyone seems sound, grounded & mega helpful if required. As a bit of a novice, that’s exactly how a decent forum should make any newcomers feel, so long live our community. Cheers, Fleety.
  9. Stephen...... surely there is no decision to make..... go for it..... or JFDI as I say at work!! 👍🏻😁
  10. I would try EM Rogers for a quote. They’re specialists in car transport as well as continental road haulage. Cheers, Paul.
  11. Where about sin the country are you Jon?
  12. Fleety

    Clutch life

    Sounds like driver abuse to me Phil...!!! 😉😁👍
  13. Absolutely beautiful, fair play & enjoy. I personally wouldn’t even consider gold wheels on it. Wouldn’t work with the centre caps IMHO. I appreciate however that gold wheels look great on many red cars. I might suggest it to my 18 yr old lad with his 2005 Seat Ibiza!! 😄
  14. This was my brothers not mine but I loved it still. It was owned by a sprayer from Bedfordshire originally who built it. He didn't stop at the bodywork either. It went like s**t off a stick & sounded immense. My brother bought it in the very early 90s & you knew when he was nearly home as you could hear it in the next village!!!
  15. Cheers Jamie.... & I would say do it if you get the chance. It’ not a minter by any means but it’s never been messed about with & is totally original. I’ll keep it that way & am slowly going through it making it as tidy as it can be without spending a fortune.... that’s the plan anyway!! 🤔🤔 .... have got it on an agreed value policy JG. Cheers..... & BTW, the new look to the forum is great. 👍
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