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  1. Fleety

    Clutch life

    Sounds like driver abuse to me Phil...!!! 😉😁👍
  2. Absolutely beautiful, fair play & enjoy. I personally wouldn’t even consider gold wheels on it. Wouldn’t work with the centre caps IMHO. I appreciate however that gold wheels look great on many red cars. I might suggest it to my 18 yr old lad with his 2005 Seat Ibiza!! 😄
  3. Cheers but wouldn’t be of interest. I’m specifically after blue door panels that haven’t been cut for extra speakers. All the best. 👍🏻
  4. Steve - your post might get a better response in the wanted section. Just a suggestion & good luck finding what you need. Al - I may have an interest in some of your dark blue interior parts depending on what you have. cheers, Paul.
  5. This was my brothers not mine but I loved it still. It was owned by a sprayer from Bedfordshire originally who built it. He didn't stop at the bodywork either. It went like s**t off a stick & sounded immense. My brother bought it in the very early 90s & you knew when he was nearly home as you could hear it in the next village!!!
  6. Cheers Jamie.... & I would say do it if you get the chance. It’ not a minter by any means but it’s never been messed about with & is totally original. I’ll keep it that way & am slowly going through it making it as tidy as it can be without spending a fortune.... that’s the plan anyway!! 🤔🤔 .... have got it on an agreed value policy JG. Cheers..... & BTW, the new look to the forum is great. 👍
  7. Not a classic I know but it will be one day, & I love it. I've known the car from brand new. It was owned by one of our suppliers who refurbs catering trailers & only used it to collect & deliver them back. He never went off road in it & as commercial vehicle painting is his main line of business, he treated the underside as soon as he bought it. I've had it just over 3 yrs & it's still only done 51,000 miles. We all know what it's like to drive a car that makes you grin, & this old bus is one of those cars.
  8. Have had confirmation that they've accepted my order & payment for a pair of 3.2 rears. Not showing on their website now though, so the wait begins to see whether they will honour our orders or not. Stay well everyone.
  9. Fleety

    Dave the Trimmer

    Hi Richard, Really sorry, only just seen this. Absolutely he has. Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen any particularly modern kit in there. Hope this helps. Fleety.
  10. Fleety

    Dave the Trimmer

    He's only a couple of villages away from me. He did a small job on my Defender but has done a fair bit on a mates Morgan Plus 8 & his step side Chevvy pick-up. His got some good lads working for him & their work is top notch. He always has some nice kit in being worked on too. Not the cheapest in my opinion, but you get what you pay for.
  11. Fleety

    Interior parts

    Thanks Rocketcar but I'll pass on the carpets too.
  12. Fleety

    Interior parts

    Ah ok. Many thanks for the info but I'll pass on them. Cheers & good luck.
  13. Fleety

    Interior parts

    Hi Rocketcar, Can I have 1st dibs on the door cards & carpet set please, pending one question. What do you mean by "have been changed to that colour"? My office is in Ely so collection isn't a problem. Cheers, Fleety.
  14. Mr WC..... shouldn't you be updating us with your brilliant build project rather than ruining our Friday with a link to that abomination???
  15. Hi James, Not sure where you reside, but for your steering wheel you might want to try Royal Steering Wheels at Aylesbury who will sort it if you don't fancy taking the job on yourself. All the best, Fleety.

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