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  1. axel

    Gordon Murray..

    How many new cars has Gordon Murray been on the verge of launching? At least half a dozen and none have materialised. I’m afraid this will only add to the list of great ideas that never came about.
  2. 😜😂 Chamberlain has done the engine its Golf blue!
  3. 1029 KG with a full tank of fuel. its Kenny Seniors old engine!
  4. In fact, it looks to me that if you used another 300 rpm you would see a little more power. Torque is dropping so probably not worth much except for bragging rights!!!!
  5. 262 brake / 305 NM. without hubcaps for the High butterflies its 7 bhp more.
  6. id put that engine on MFI! a 3.0 MFI 250 bhp screamer would be brilliant
  7. axel

    Camshaft Grinder in UK

    Richard uses schrick but he has also ordered up Dougherty cams for me , he enjoys a good relationship with Dougherty so cams arrived very fast. he uses both in my experience.
  8. 😂 had a 78 SC with a 3.6 on varioram intake myself. it was crazy fast , can only imagine how a 3.8 in a 1100 kg IB feels like.
  9. headline numbers dont tell half the story, DC20 cam is a nice road cam - like someone else on here said, 350 BHP is also attainable with a 3.5 on throttlebodies with a racecam - the thing with a 3.8 is the dollops of torque everywhere . this is fun and usable on the street, like you say visits to 7.5k is rare.
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