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  1. axel

    WTT 89 3.2 engine complete

    Anyone with a 964 turbo or 993 turbo, possibly a 930 engine who wants a 3.2 carrera euro 231 bhp in trade? complete with SSis, exhaust etc. compression is good and was running well in a car 2-3 years ago. hit me up! Wiring loom also included.
  2. axel

    strengthening a 89 3.2 for a turbo engine

    Richard - yes but owning isnt the same as racing and knowing the physics. And Im always eager to learn, the older I get the more I realise that I know very little, always happy to soak up someone elses views. afaik, RUF seam welded parts of the chassis, typical loading points , they had a full cage internally and also a Cross brace going over the fuel tank in the trunk.
  3. axel

    Ideas for a new exhaust ....?

    SSIs are lovely quality, I meant dansk backboxes. but they are good value.
  4. axel

    Ideas for a new exhaust ....?

    personally I find the dansk ones excellent value. not the last in quality or finish but perfectly acceptable and most importantly at a price you can live with. SSI heat exchangers + Dansk 2 in 2 out at 1500 quid is hard to beat.
  5. axel

    Box Fresh Twin plug spotted

    hhaha yes!!
  6. I cant see "reviews" anymore. Just "posts" - have they removed that section?
  7. axel

    WTB engine tin

    hmm just bought one off ebay for three times that haha, was metal though. ill have a think if I need one of those too!
  8. axel

    WTB engine tin

    hi, does anyone have engine shroud tin that goes behing the pump pulley and blanks off the cylinder head. The Porsche part number is 901 106 071 01. best,axel
  9. axel

    MFI engine

    3.2 shortstroke , SC base. DC40 cams. Max moritz mahle kit. High butterflies. 8 pin cdi RSR box. Will power a 67 912 on 15s so should fly!
  10. axel

    964 turbo 3.6 intercooler

    Got it. so 4600 including VAT new then. Googled the parts number and 3.6 came up. oh well, still a rare part
  11. axel

    964 turbo 3.6 intercooler

    Very rare and hard to find Porsche 911 turbo 3.6 inter-cooler 964 model - single turbo engine. Possible will fit Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 -964 model but you will need to check that. It is in very good condition with some age marks from storage and usage. Very expensive new if you can even get it. asking 1950 , think its three times that new. nice upgrade from the rather poor 930 intercooler, good for 500 bhp + cooling. nice factory look also .
  12. hi busybee, thanks for the offer. its going into a rather expensive 912 so I need it to look somewhat new. no heat exchangers wanted either thanks for the offer though!
  13. axel

    WTB early exhaust

    hello! Anyone have an early manifolds + back box they dont need? interested, send me a PM or reply here.