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  1. its DC40 Dougherty cams , basically S cams. All Steel 😃
  2. axel

    964 Side Romance

    Yep got an american over there
  3. axel

    964 Side Romance

    german stuff occationally. bought my CTR in japan which was a 6 figure profit. japanese stuff think there are too many eyes watching domestically. money to be made sure, but to me Porsches AMG Alpinas but you gotta inspect the stuff Ive bought some howlers too - win some lose some.
  4. axel

    964 Side Romance

    sure but Japanese cars in japan are not cheap. especially the older stuff.
  5. axel

    964 Side Romance

    websites and dealers are overpriced. I buy at auctions primarily, but there are some sites..google Goo Exchange japan cars
  6. axel

    964 Side Romance

    Ill start a new thread 😃
  7. axel

    964 Side Romance

    Ive been the purchaser for several Porsche Centres, and also imported alot of cars for other dealers - Privately maybe 50-60 cars...
  8. axel

    964 Side Romance

    Ive bought maybe 300 cars from japan, maybe 400. Got a huge network over there. If you need any assistance, happy to help. for fellow IB`ers my services are free, dont need anything for it.
  9. axel

    964 Side Romance

    around 30.000 Pounds , then its 25% vat. but in norway you struggle to find any 964 C2 manual below 50k really, unless they are rusty as hell. even the fairly good cars have signs of a few winters..
  10. axel

    964 Side Romance

    yep from japanese auctions. despite 140.000 miles, body is mint. id rather cope with some leaky storaged engines than a tin worm party which often is the case with european cars that have seen salty winters.
  11. axel

    964 Side Romance

    im 35 not that young lol
  12. Decided to add a 964 to the stable. 1993 C2 Manual , no sunroof, no rear window wiper, no AC. RS spec! done 140.000 Miles , mostly original paint though which is nice. had a little hit on the left fender which is decently repaired. Will keep her looking standard, Engine and suspension will be uprated - 3.8 or maybe 4 litre on ITBs.... and PSS10 suspension. Color is Horizon blue, an aquired taste but I like it.
  13. axel

    Escort mk1 - fun

    PH newman cams? alright. he got the receipt for em ill ask
  14. I owned a Cayman R for a year and tuned it at Jens Ehresmann. Lovely car to drive, pulls and goes well. I just cant shake off that Rear end... Id rather buy a 997.2 S with a few choice mods...
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