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  1. rotisserie restoration , done by a very skilled bodyguy and painter in the uk. pixoriginal RUF arch rears and bumpers back and front. Welded ruf style full cage and raingutter deletes. still undecided on the powerplant, might be a ITB screamer or maybe a twin turbo RChamberlain engine. time will tell. paint and full motorsport wiring loom coming up first.
  2. you made it yourself? ohh, i might pester you for another one sometime
  3. good tip, will do that! where did you get that rear grill cover made? love the gaping maw for more air
  4. haha well its not mine per se its my girlfriends but its our family car so...
  5. 4 911s, a caterham 620R, an Alpina B8 4.6 , a W124 E60 AMG and thats about it I think! really cool car that. very hardcore , so just need to be sure thats what you`re after. price aint bad
  6. let me have a gander behind my couch - oh someone want a 930? 88 german turbo, RUF BTR 5-speed gearbox , RUF 3.4 litre engine. check out my V8 Diesel mule. 627 lb/ft of torque!
  7. I even got a 964 3.8 engine with DC20 cams mint lol, complete with exhaust, optional varioram intake etc . stellar compression.
  8. no, but it can become a whole lot more responsive
  9. 930 market is in the gutter right now. and I have 2 of em so cant be blamed for bias. buy an early 3.0 or a late G50 imo. these cars really come alive with some modern cams/EFI/turbo.
  10. dyno in a week or two! so no...
  11. mm I sort of agree but on the other hand its kind of hot roddey too
  12. some trial fitting! Looks nice that
  13. Lee did my complete set of 930 brakes. they had been on the shelf for 20 years. 1800 for everything, took a while too. I have no idea what was done , but probably some expensive parts? brilliant result though.
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