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  1. axel

    Carrera 3.0 vrs. 74-75 Euro Carrera

    Ah the days when Fuel consumption wasnt the end of the world. I dont like CIS much. I love MFI. unique heads, rare parts, fascinating fuel delivery system many have never seen. nothing like an MFI howl.:D
  2. axel

    Porsche Specialist Reviews

    richard chamberlain - CTR developments - engine gearbox and misc. bloody lovely chap to boot. Cambridge.
  3. axel

    old vs newer - do I make the jump

    heres mine 2.5 duratec on roller barrel ITS - 300 NA bhp , low revver ( 7000). Quaife helicut sequential gearbox with diff, Quantum 2-way suspension, AP brakes 520 kg.
  4. axel

    Calipers refurb on a 3.2

    I got 4 930 brakes refurbed by classicbrake, they were perhaps a bit far gone but I think they cost me 1800 quid all in to refurb. bit expensive I felt but the result was good, however Im not competent enough to mean something about it. might have been a donkey of a job to get em sorted.
  5. axel

    Kremer 934

    Link to that thread John?
  6. axel

    old vs newer - do I make the jump

    thats a modified MK2 is it not. rather much quicker than a bone stock MK1 GT3.
  7. totally get that , not familiar with UK law - Im from Norway and you can say whatever you want here - you need to prove loss as the suing part , not easy to prove lost sales due to reputation loss.
  8. axel

    Momo Steering Wheel

    ill grab this , Kenny. goes well with my engine dont you think
  9. axel

    Genuine RUF Steering Wheel

    second if Jon dont want
  10. axel


  11. axel

    old vs newer - do I make the jump

    Ive done this and gotten the tshirt, cayman R , 996 GT3 , Mk1 and Mk2, 997 GT3 RS , 997 turbo - imo they lack that special something the old cars have. i will stick to G-models + F models for now. sold my 964 too, too modern for what Im after , a physical drive!
  12. as the topic states, I am looking for a clean half cage for my 67 912 Anyone know where to buy?
  13. axel

    Kremer 934

    the engine alone is worth 100 grand