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  1. axel

    Daisy going 3.8!?

    DC22 cams give max torque at 5100 RPM and max power at around 6700 RPM. for a street engine, that is nigh on perfect if you ask me - theres loads of pleasure from being able to rev it out - but at the same time its a not a highly strung peaky engine.
  2. axel

    Daisy going 3.8!?

    wets your apetite I bet haith
  3. axel

    Axels 88 930

    its 8 and 10 RUF speedlines I believe😃
  4. axel

    Axels 88 930

    this is my 88 930, got a BTR 5-speed box. Just did a deal with Boydie on here for his 964 turbo engine in need of a rebuild, so will soon have plenty of power too. Old engine was a ruf-stamped 930/20 engine but a bit of an unknown entity so let it go. Hopefully it will see use this summer
  5. axel

    Daisy going 3.8!?

    lol that turbo wasnt supposed to come in the crate 😜 I need it back!
  6. Webers not included. Taken out of my Running 930 a few years back. Condition unknown but as presented. £4500. Collection from Cambridge.
  7. might even order a wood plank full of shots.... jaegermeister maybe 😜
  8. Im looking forward to a good dinner in the alps with foamy frothy frosty pints on the side as a thank you for the bargain price this summer!
  9. Sold to Busybee, Will make a stonking engine in Daisy. Bargain price but at least we Kept it on the forum
  10. as above, Option 637 or its not a real one. simple to verify really.
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