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  1. this is so true, its just a posh beetle!
  2. Good luck Lasse Your car needs an MFI engine!
  3. will be interesting to see the graph!
  4. I dont think the engine will particularily like or hold for a long time if repeatedly stressed to 7500 RPM. Anything much above 7000 will strain things and you will need a reinforced drivetrain for Porsche Reliability. that 993SS is probably all done by 7000 as well. Id put the rev limiter at 6700-6800 tbh.
  5. Hello boys and girls , Im making a CTR replica and as such I got alot of parts front and rear, if anyone need anything let me know? parts are near liverpool.
  6. LHD or RHD, last one?
  7. For what its worth I think your initial pricing is more or less where its at. 930 turbo engines are a very narrow market, I know because Ive sold a few. I know of a rebuilt 964 turbo engine thats been attempted sold for 3 years now for 18 grand. There are no takers. Try your luck but Id be surprised if you get more than 15k for it. Ninemeister and turboengines are also a bit of a mixed bag, he is pretty good with NAT ASP engines ( aside from the comedy dyno numbers) - but there are a few horror stories with his turbo builds. sorry to mickey on the bonfire.
  8. Anyone got one on the shelf? PM me
  9. I have a set - near liverpool
  10. axel

    915 diff lock

    hehe. normal slippy diff
  11. axel

    915 diff lock

    anyone got a 915 diff lock for sale?
  12. haha, sure but its in poland ;D no biggie !
  13. I got a complete rear bumper from a 89 3.2. nice condition. 400 quid and its yours. in liverpool.
  14. Anyone with a 964 turbo or 993 turbo, possibly a 930 engine who wants a 3.2 carrera euro 231 bhp in trade? complete with SSis, exhaust etc. compression is good and was running well in a car 2-3 years ago. hit me up! Wiring loom also included.
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