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  1. Think I'd agree. US users swear by it... and I'm sure it works well in California. I had Swepco 201 in for a while, but changed again to Motul MotylGear 75W90 which suits the 915 gearbox better in this climate.
  2. Aha I see. Curious how the pattern part turns out. Don't need the sensor now, but may do in the future. https://shop.914rubber.com/Cylinder-Head-Temperature-Sensor-conforms-to-0-280-130-012-Spec-0-280-130-012.htm says " So from what I can tell the 0 280 130 003 and 0 280 130 012 are pretty much interchangeable " ..?
  3. Is this the correct part? 0-280-130-070-INT Bosch - e.g., from https://www.autodoc.co.uk/bosch/1150182
  4. There is some discussion on the "pump prime" kicking in when it shouldn't on one of the other forums - e.g., https://rennlist.com/forums/968-forum/1026429-solid-state-dme-relay-with-fuel-pump-prime.html So worth thinking if you really want this feature or not.
  5. So it turns out the old relay (well one of two in the housing) had disintegrated, so new part sorted it out.
  6. It turned out to be just the rubber boot... wow this could have been sorted so easily a year ago... Once this was removed, all ok. Wevo still in pack - not needed! Seine is just fine.
  7. OK, this is good to know. Unless there is an issue with the Seine install itself (possible?), then maybe an adjustment or gearbox work was needed. I've PM'd you the name of the shop that did the rebuild. It was just over GBP 1.8k in 2008. It seems the initial rebuild lost 3rd gear after 300 miles, and a subsequent rebuild was carried out.
  8. It seems the gearbox was rebuilt, but the various rubber parts degraded over time (coupler bushings etc.), so I had those replaced. When I got it, 2nd was difficult, then much improved with initial works. And actually the recent change was a Stomski coupler not a Wevo PSJ. Before that, the comment was "mid gear shaft linkage found to have significant play". Good point that maybe it is as simple as bad adjustment, Could run with the boots for a bit and see if any difference. Which Wevo do you have? Is it the lever/shifter or the gateshift on the box?
  9. Car is '84 Carrera 3.2 - 915 gearbox. Gearbox was rebuilt by previous owner about 6k miles (11years!) ago. Syncho dog teeth and sliding sleeves on 1st-4th gears and full set of synchro friction rings. About 2k ago, had the Seine gateshift installed as the vagueness was a pain, and hard to get 2nd. It has the rubber boot, with a leather boot over that (and a notch out of boot for the Seine spring). In last 1k has had new clutch, flywheel, omega spring. Also has new engine and gearbox mounts, as well as clutch release fork and pin, clutch pilot bearing etc. More recently, have had the Wevo PSJ fitted, along with changing from Swepco to Motul Motlygear. I think the Seine and the double boots are causing getting 1st /2nd a right pain - it needs a lot of force to push to left to get the gears. I ease in once across. When gearbox warm, it can be very good changing gear - or a pain. I know it's not a G50, but think it is being held back as-is. Arguable, the Seine should just come off - but am concerned that without the some type of spring self centring, an over enthusiastic gear change could be to 1st not 3rd.😢 Am considering getting a Wevo classic shifter and dumping the Seine as it it seems oversprung - or just really difficult to get the adjustment right. Any thoughts? Not sure if the tower can be reused as was drilled (?)/tab welded for the Seine.
  10. I've ordered the relay from local OPC. Fingers crossed this is the issue (one of the relays has gone bad inside), and not in the wiring... will update when I install.
  11. Thanks! That probably means the relay or (gulp) wiring are bad. I might just replace the relay and see what happens.
  12. Ahh... So I have the wrong switch installed? I wonder if I install a two stage in place of one stage, is the wiring the same or has this been meddled with in the past...
  13. I notice the rear demister only heats/ clears the centre part of the Targa rear window (Carrera 3.2 1984). I have the one stage switch (single click out) that also twists, and heated mirrors. To be honest, I'm not sure if any more of the rear screen ever cleared since I've had the car. Questions: 1. Should this car have the two stage pull switch, or is that only the older cars? 2. Is this as simple as the second relay failing in the solid state box? 3.(a) I think this only activates the three (?) window sections when voltage is over a set point, and 3 (b) may (?) also have a timer for one section? 4. The "twist" in in or out position is just to activate the heated mirrors right? Thanks!
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