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  1. I had an A6 Avant 2.0tdi manual a while back, and currently have the 3.0V6 albeit in a Touareg. The 2.0 was a little breathless in such a big car despite 180bhp and only returned 42mpg av over 90k as a result. Nothing broke, car had 190k on when I sold it, but it did chug through front tyres at an alarming rate. The V6 VAG diesel engine is a peach - our 2 tonne 4x4 is chipped to 300bhp and manages mid 30's on the motorway so I would imagine much more is achievable in a lower and lighter A6. That'd be my choice, I'm not sure there would be a lot of distance between the 2.0 and 3.0 mpg wise. If you can shy away from the base spec 204PS as VAG put smaller turbos and smaller injectors (with higher pressure) on the base engines it's not just a chip away from the 245/262PS engines.
  2. ^ This. Less forum more ⛽⛽⛽⛽ ....although a 3rd 316i Lux in Lagunengrun on 14's with an S62 in it has been on my list for a while....
  3. Popping on overrun + hotrod = benefit. Mine is only lightly tuned (by Wayne as it happens) and sometimes has the odd pop. It's part of the experience.
  4. If the filter is just dirty they can be revived with cleaning, use the specialist spray afterwards and clean with waterflow from inside the cone outwards. Kits inc. genuine K&N cleaner are on ebay. Congrats on the 'rod by the way!
  5. First track evening in the MX-5.. I'm going to need to find about 3 or 4 seconds to be in the top 10 of the Supercup, but this time would have put me P2 in class in 750MC Club Enduro according to the best times when they last visited Donington on the national layout!!
  6. Agree it’s the second car i’ve had this engine in. Very undiesel in the way it revs and surprisingly low lag. Sounds good too!
  7. Yeah fast big estates are fun, I wanted something with a 3.5t towing capacity though, hard to find in a traditional estate. V10 S6 Avant? You only live once. Except in your case!
  8. Haha. I've just bought this, needed something more practical for towing: It's a Cayenne without the shout, in fact it's a Touareg without the shout - Escape model so de-crome'd, jacked up ride height, smaller wheeled version with proper low ratio and diff locks - but with the full max fat 3.0 V6. No more complicated than an A6 Avant, in fact much of the tech is the same!! Absolutely love it and being the unfashionable trim model it was as cheap as chips. The interior is not as nice as the Porsche version though. G-wagen had to go though, sold in 18 hours... 😞 will miss that one. Was getting ruined towing race cars and accommodating parts and tool boxes in the back. And 14mpg is only funny for so long.
  9. Cayenne Diesel? If you really want to get 🔥
  10. I can't make 19th, Donington with TIPEC, catch you at the next one.
  11. Mate's rates, round the corner. I think he's an Avon tuning dealer. Apparently nearly 500 torques to go with your 300 horses. Did our transit too, 170bhp!
  12. Got the old stager out on track after an 18 month hiatus. Forgot how much fun it is, even in a monsoon! Px rides for a customer day we were running... Customer's cars, the Mini Marcos is a very interesting machine being a land speed world record holder, as well as a very successful race car! A very nice looking Pirelli SC (?) being tested:
  13. We have a BMW diesel daily (but not the big six) and nothing gone wrong at all in 100k miles. Although some of the interior plastics are not nice in the BMWs and maybe don't feel as lux as rivals, they are well screwed together cars in general - we've had loads over the years (E34, E36, E46, E90 etc. etc.) and none of them have ever failed to proceed. Just bought a tow vehicle with the VAG 3.0D V6 and it's a peach of an engine, £200 map on it sees over 300bhp! Ridiculous. I think they put this one in the Cayenne?
  14. May well be. But can’t all of those parts be optioned on an S? It’s just a trim level.
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