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  1. Which championship? We were due round one 11th April too, Britcar @ Donny. I managed to sell one of our race cars week before lockdown, still have two for sale, expect they’ll sit till next year now.
  2. We’re still working but we’ve sent the staff home. Classic restorations and repairs, again rural, no customer contact - we’re offering free contactless drop off and pickup! Our storage business is just ticking over as one might imagine. Thank goodness we’d decided to have a pretty fallow year on the motorsport side, limited customers only when we were competing ourselves.
  3. Ah the old PDK vs “Manuell” debate - although in this application less cable and shifters so probably lighter!
  4. The thing about the IB is you really can exploit it to the limit, road or track, which is more difficult in the stiffer and heavier modern stuff. At Oulton though Old Hall (1st corner) and Island Bend you can be a lot more committed in the IB. Island Bend as a case study, we were taking it about 90mph and then direct into a big braking zone, no sweat and leaving nothing on the table in the old car. I don’t think I was travelling significantly faster in the GT3, but it probably would have pushed through easily at another 10mph-15mph. Well setup older cars give you so much confidence, they talk to you more about what they are about to do - with less weight and power things don’t seem to get out of shape as quickly and are easier to predict, catch and correct. Equally you can open that throttle fully much earlier without as many consequences which I think is key to exploiting them (and them being easier to drive fast) on the road in the real world. Or perhaps I have just been driving my IB for longer and am used to giving it a massive spanking!
  5. If they’re 6-7 years old they will have gone hard and will be shot, no matter what the make, temp or tread depth. It’ll never have the traction of a 911 but a fresh set of boots will make a world of difference! I think I might have seen you on the opposite side of the road yesterday, can’t be many V12 vantages in that colour about...
  6. Choice 1: GT3 with a poorly exhaust but new (heated!) buckets and fresh Cup2s Choice 2: The old smoker, that def passes the noise test as have been round Oulton a few times. It's the spare! My business partner is coming up in the hot rod and hopefully they'll let us swap cars at lunch if we ask nicely. Literally done nothing to it - just been dumped in the garage for 4 months, and as always started up immediately and ran beautifully yesterday! Brilliant!
  7. Make sure the car is warm too. Louder when cold. I'm taking a spare 911 as a backup!
  8. Thanks, but I think we'll stay close to our lodgings Thurs night as we'll have travelled up after a hard day's graft!
  9. Something going on over at Pistonheads 911/CGT forum I think.
  10. @jevvy are you still booked in at the Swan? I think I got the last twin room for Thurs night only £50. Not been great last couple of times I've staid there but can't argue for fifty squids really.
  11. Missed this. Very nice SP. Get shot of those Pirellis ASAP, they just don't work with the temps we have in this country most of the time, MPS4S for the win.
  12. Anyone with a dB meter near Worcester/Warwick? 😉 Literally never tested it, the few times I've tracked it have been at Donington and I've just lifted under the gantry. Busybee - been to Oulton a few times in my IB not had a problem, not sure how much noisier Daisy is vs my car (headers, TT 2-in-2-out). It's loud at idle, but at 3/4 revs it's probably a lot quieter than the GT3 at 3/4 revs..... Mind you it is a 105dB static limit, which is already pretty generous.
  13. Still trying to decide between GT3 and IB for this. GT3 silencers are past their best so might be a bit noisy, although I seem to recall straight piped RSRs being allowed on track - are they a little lax with the noise test for the RS day?
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