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  1. Few updates on the old dawg. I took your recommendation SP and replaced the spare Sub I had that sat in the rear passenger footwell with an Alpine underseat unit. It's quite heavy which won't please the trackday crowd but the sound is a significant upgrade on the spare old Pioneer tube I had hanging around, and it fits perfectly between the seat rails. It's way too powerful for what I need so it's turned down quite a bit but it does tidy up the whole interior and is now completely invisible, so the illusion of RSness is maintained! It's not quite the same as the one on your link, Amazon are doing a deal on them at the moment, model is PWE-V80 If you recall I was puzzled at a previous "repair" on my rear ARB mounts last year, the LHS appears reinforced, whilst the RHS wasn't Turns out this is "factory". We had a very original never welded G50 targa in the race workshop and this has exactly the same setup. Wonder why they did it this way around? Elsewhere on the forum I've already posted images of the interior with new belts and wheel. I'm thinking of going a bit further with the interior and getting the dash and door tops leather covered with some nice double stitching, the originals are a kind of green which is weird on a blue car. I'll also get the seats recovered at some point this year, as the pascha trim just isn't to my taste and I suspect the seat covers are really synthetic leather. Might even go wild and echo the yellow in the belts and new wheel in the stitching! Obviously all this love is being lavished on the car because it is staying for the time being. Had a great run in it cross country to Oulton Park in it yesterday for round 1 of the British GTs. We were guests to Barwell who run 2 lambos and had a great day with P2 in race 1 and a win in race 2! Check out the embossed shield on the brake discs and the sheer depth of those enduro pads - about twice the thickness of road ones! Still need 3 or 4 sets for a 24hr race.
  2. Fenn Lane do bodywork, they did a small insurance repair for me on the nearside rear wing and resprayed the bonnet and rear bumperettes whilst it was there. Also shameless plug for my good friend and racing business partner Majestic Motors https://www.majestic-motors.co.uk/ they just did a really nice tidy up job on my G wagen (both rear quarters rust repair, repaint including both doors) and happen to have a 3.2 G50 targa in at the moment.
  3. That sounded a bit spikey on reflection - wasn't my intention. Anyway here are the installed harnesses. The yellow section is a folded and restiched area of belt, in a smash the stitching will break and that side will extend moving your body like a 3pt harness. On the point of the shoulder belts pulling the buckle up to what feels like a dangerous position, I always feel this is an indication that the lap belts on a 4pt being too loose. If you shorten them it might feel a bit more uncomftable but the tenancy is then for them not to ride up as much. The Schroth belts have a nice 2in lap in less course, more road-car seatbelt type material, with more traditional 3in racing style material for the shoulders. This provides more comfort and the ability to get the laps nice and tight. Overall impressed for just over £200 each side.
  4. This is timely. Swapped out my silver/grey leather prototipo for a alcantara black Mod 07 this weekend. I find the dish works much better on a 911 - because the wheel is closer you can actually see more of the speedo, and it suits my driving position better. The grip afforded by the alcantara also has the unexpected benefit of making low speed/parking lot maneuverers feel easier. My car has an RS interior and is more track than standard so I think it suits.
  5. Vote here for Turbo Thomas. Although my car has backdated heat...
  6. I'd just send it back. If you're not happy distance selling regulations apply. Clearly the part is not custom to your car so I don't see they can reasonably argue there. If they won't refund surely your credit card company will help. I'd speak to them next.
  7. Sorry late to this party. Some pad parking, a duck tail and some filthy fuchs.
  8. One of the shoulder belts is engineered to stretch a little on impact. I’ll trust Schroth and FIA on this one 😉
  9. I'd like to, I've used the AD-08 (non-R) to good effect on my Alfa. But my existing Bridgestones have plenty of life in them.. I note they fit them on the Paul Stephens Classic Le Mans thing.
  10. Yup could have done I suppose. In a dual use car I guess the extra lack of faff with the 5/6th point was also a factor.
  11. I got a deal through Merlin, but we have ordered quite a bit through them, think they were £211 per side. Be aware they are handed though, so make sure you have the right or left set depending on where your wheel is. Bonus is they look very similar to the Porsche-specific GT harnesses! Mine arrive tomorrow so will keep you updated.
  12. No, it’s a simple bar mounted between the ali recaro brackets which themselves mount to the runners. I dislike it for a number of reasons, one being the seat hight issue but the other being essentially the weak point is the Ali brackets themselves - you should mount your harness to hard reinforced points on the shell not something designed merely to locate the seat. Standard 4 points still have the submarine issue where the buckle can be pulled up towards your breastbone and you can slip under the belt - that you don’t get with a road 3-point belt. I am thinking the best option for a road car might be to forget the 5/6 point all together and use something like the Schroth ASM 4 point system which is designed with an anti submarine ‘stretch’ in the shoulder straps, has an FIA rating as a result, and can be used with a HANS device.
  13. Is anyone using a 6pt harness in their IB? I'm looking for some best practice to mount the bottom two straps. Previously, they were mounted to a bar which sits between the Recaro bucket seat brackets that mount onto the Porsche runners. There are two problems with this arrangement: 1) You can only mount the seat on its highest point on the bracket, as the bar fouls the back of the bucket. 2) It seems to me best practice is to mount eyelets to the floor for the nut slicer straps. However the ECU is under the seat 😉 Just wondering how others have arranged their harnesses? Chris
  14. Is that a John Barnard-designed 640, front on the left row? I'll take that please. V12 (basis for F50 road car engine), first semi-auto box in F1, first relatively competitive Ferrari F1 car in a while and developed into a great car later on. Fantastic pic you do get around 🙂
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