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  1. Been a while since I updated this thread. Covid obviously completely shuttered our motorsport business first part of this year and we've literally done no customer races (all were cancelled) but we've been out twice in the MX-5 in Britcar, Croft earlier this year and weekend before last at Silverstone which resulted in a gearbox failure and double DNF! Video - yes I know my race craft is very rusty, but prior to this less than an hour racing in the car this year! I've found and fitted a new gearbox and upgraded the diff from the standard LSD to a Quaife LSD I had left over from
  2. Booked. Two in a row woo hoo!
  3. Not racing at Pembrey now, just cancelled! Tell me more about Anglesey.
  4. re. Claire Williams, she's done a pretty good job as chief exec netting north of $100M for the family coffers after debts have been settled... I'd say that was good business given the alternatives.
  5. Racing at Pembrey that weekend, which is a shame as I have credit with Javelin for a day....
  6. Late to this! I have the Schroth ASM 4-point belts in my car they are brilliant. 3in shoulder straps but smaller width hip straps made from seatbelt-like material for comfort. They're perfect for a dual purpose road/track car. The antisubmarine technology is actually a designed-in weak point in the shoulder strap closest to the centre of the car. In a heavy impact, the stitching splits and unlocks a couple more inches of slack in that belt, letting your torso tilt as it would with a three point belt. This tilt is why a conventional seatbelt protects against submarining. It's the yell
  7. My bp just did some racing tuition with Driver61. Full circuit completely to themselves, 1-2-1 using their car. Similar prices. I think it will make him 2-3s faster round Donny for example so cheaper than car upgrades.
  8. Visit to WHM Sport (engine builder) on Friday for a checkup. After a timing check we did some full load runs with the wide band lambda, and Warren gave me the thumbs up - running in done - ready to race. We had a couple of runs through the gears up to the red line and all I can say is the engine is a complete jekyll and hyde - it's quiet and unassuming at idle, sweet below 3000rpm but as you pile on the revs it turns into an angry little b******! It has to be heard to be believed, I'll get some video! It's also a bit of a torque monster - could probably take some wilder cams - but ve
  9. Thanks Baz, got a couple hundred miles on the engine now and an oil change, still limited to 5000rpm and light loads but it feels full of energy... Got a prop vibration issue to attend to, new centre bearing ordered and hopefully will fit tomorrow, but aside from that slowly falling back in love with the car. Thinking about ceramic coating the exhaust manifold because the under bonnet temps are quite high... Will be making quite a difference without a cold air feed and an air box.
  10. I had a good experience claiming with them (ERS) when someone opened a door into my IB in a pub car park in 2016. No fault and let me choose my own repairer and no quibble. Just checked both my renewals this month they are ERS again. I have three cars with them now, and it is about 25% cheaper than even putting them on the personal collector cars element our trade policy...
  11. ERS underwrite all my ClassicLine policies - Equity Red Star.
  12. Lots of stuff in that auction looking toppy.
  13. Interiors are (relatively) cheap to sort. You’re a carpet set, RS doorcards and a spot of retrimming/pair of buckets away from having a mint interior 😇 As for mileage the youngest of our cars is 31 years old - I personally wouldn’t be put off by 140k if the rest of the car had been cared for - price on condition at this age.
  14. 10k isn’t unreasonable for a top quality paint job from a bare metal base. And that’s outside London in the cheap Midlands 🙂 That’s just paint though - if you need significant rust repair and a backdate too I’d expect to budget 20k to get it done properly. Done well it will increase the value of a rusty car significantly. If that’s out of range perhaps get a localised repair and paint for much less. I’d be suspicious of any paint job under say 3.5k - it’s simply not possible to do properly at this price and you’ll just end up doing it again in a few years.
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