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  1. I can't make 19th, Donington with TIPEC, catch you at the next one.
  2. Mate's rates, round the corner. I think he's an Avon tuning dealer. Apparently nearly 500 torques to go with your 300 horses. Did our transit too, 170bhp!
  3. Got the old stager out on track after an 18 month hiatus. Forgot how much fun it is, even in a monsoon! Px rides for a customer day we were running... Customer's cars, the Mini Marcos is a very interesting machine being a land speed world record holder, as well as a very successful race car! A very nice looking Pirelli SC (?) being tested:
  4. We have a BMW diesel daily (but not the big six) and nothing gone wrong at all in 100k miles. Although some of the interior plastics are not nice in the BMWs and maybe don't feel as lux as rivals, they are well screwed together cars in general - we've had loads over the years (E34, E36, E46, E90 etc. etc.) and none of them have ever failed to proceed. Just bought a tow vehicle with the VAG 3.0D V6 and it's a peach of an engine, £200 map on it sees over 300bhp! Ridiculous. I think they put this one in the Cayenne?
  5. May well be. But can’t all of those parts be optioned on an S? It’s just a trim level.
  6. Lovely looking car, with some nice options by the look of it. GTS, agree with Richard, 2nd hand 70k!!! WTF. It’s a Carrera S with a power kit.
  7. Haven't updated this topic in a while, but we've just come back from Anglesey so thought it might warrant a check in! After our year racing, we decided to turn the team into a business to support our own racing. Over the winter we built a second car, christened Zippy (car 341). The season started with a trip to Croft for a double 3hr race, and with drivers of mixed abilities and a very wet meeting, a result in the race was going to be tough. Indeed our drivers managed to park both cars in the mud (requiring a tow back) in both races, but one highlight was Mike Hart our "team pro" driver peddling from P29 -> P1 in race two. Onwards to the Silverstone 24h. We had 9 drivers signed up across the two cars. Car 421 had an early extended trip to the pits for an engine change due to a missed gear shift, so was circulating around at the back. The other car qualified a very respectable 16th and was still running in that position after 4 hours, from there our race unravelled. First, a trip to the gravel trap for 341 from that 16th place just before midnight lost us time and brought a 3 lap penalty for a tow back, putting it in the mid 70's. All was relatively quiet through the night, come morning I'd already been up for 26hrs when I made a mistake on fuel calcs and left 341, who had recovered to top 30, out too long and it ran out of fuel on his in lap. Tow back... Another 3 lap penalty. Finally I decided to go for a sleep at around 8am and managed two hours... During which all hell broke loose. Car 341 was rear ended at Village by a car with brake failure. He came into the pits and the damage was extensive, the boys fitted a new bumper and sent him back out and he did manage to finish the race in that state, but when we got the car back after parc ferme we realised how bad the accident had really been. The rear floor was ripped apart, the rear chassis rail bent and the fuel tank shifted forward. Still managed to set a time within 1s of the fastest lap of the race in that state! A massive recovery drive meant that the car actually finished in the top half of the race, the remaining 8hrs being a little quieter... Car 421 also had it's own incident whilst I was asleep. A car had gone off at Stowe and come back onto track in front of our driver, who hit it square on in the side. This badly damaged the front end of our car breaking the engine block where the mount attaches, finishing off the rad and many other parts. Worryingly the driver of the other car needed to visit the medical centre but was thankfully OK. Back in the pits the crew worked hard and gave 421 it's third engine of the race, a new cooling system and some gaffer tape "ballast", and had the car out in 40 minutes. Sadly this engine perished a few hours' later too due to an over rev and the car was out in hour 22 - we ran out of engines!! So a difficult meeting. It was a short month until the Anglesey 4hr meeting, and with two broken cars we were really on the back foot to get something in place. Car 341 was a definite re-shell, so we decided to concentrate on 421. I spent a morning stripping him down and removing the broken engine. Amazingly the damage was largely cosmetic and the engine had taken the bulk of the impact, the geometry was good but a new slam and rad support panel was required, along with crash bar and all the external panels. Amazingly the washer bottle, tucked up at the front right corner, a survivor of no less than 3 front end smashes now, was still good!! We sourced another good low mileage engine, bought all of our panels, made sure he was nice and straight on the jig and commenced the rebuild process. He was finished on Thursday morning last week, and we polished then loaded him up for the trip to Wales, and testing with our customers on Friday morning (minus livery on the front!) In between sessions we finished off the livery and our drivers Geoff, Greg and Jonny rewarded us with a P4 quali on the grid of 25 cars. Yesterday was race day. After the first corner the boys were up to P2, and by the end of the first lap they managed to snatch the lead, extending a gap of 25s by the first round of pit stops. So the rebuild went well then! At the first stop, unlike other teams, we elected to change tyres and long fuel, knowing others would need to do so later and the race would come back to us at the end. We were back out in P7 and once the first round of pit stops had ironed out, we were P4. Stop two at the 2.5hr mark for us was a quick splash and dash, only dropping us a couple of places with many ahead of us still to make a second stop. The races have a mandatory 3 stops, so with 3 drivers, the plan was to do a "joker" stop right near the end of the race, unless the SC came out. This was the same strategy as the cars we were racing, most being 2 or 3 driver teams. However, with about 35 minutes to go we had the driver in the pits reporting a clonk on gearchange, he was worried something was loose or about to imminently fail on the car, after a quick safety check of the suspension and driveshafts etc. we sent him back out, telling him just to go for it until the car broke if necessary - we wasted about 30s or so compared to a normal joker pit stop. Having completed all of our stops and back out in P7, everyone in front of us needed to make at least one other stop. Luckily for us the race did come back to us, there was no SC (allowing others to take a "free stop") and after everyone's final stops with 10 mins to go, we were P3 - only 5 secs behind the P2 car. Greg our driver put in his fastest laps of the race to close to 0.7s at the flag, with the winning car just another 25s up the road. So we had to settle for the small step on the podium, thinking what might have been without a little more time spent in the pits, but our little car had come back from the brink and lead the most laps of the race, the sun was out and the drive home via Conwy on the coastal A55 spectacular as the sun went down. And no contact to the car, our drivers really looked after him. We're back out in two weeks' time for the double 6hr race at Pembrey! Meantime the 205 rally car has been sold and the next Majestic Motorsport car is here....... Also an endurance racer. I picked it up week before last. Needs a few bits doing and a livery but we hope to be racing it in August. I can't wait, it's epic and has a few tricks up its sleeve. A step onwards from the little C1s.
  8. Hey 786, did you contact me via our website? We indeed did do Silverstone 24hr with two cars, currently at Anglesey doing the 4hr race today, our customers stuck it on P4 in quali so should be an interesting afternoon! We’ll be doing Spa again this year and also the 24hr here again at Anglesey in Sept. Drop me a line on chris AT majestic-motorsport.co.uk if you want to chat about the series or for any advice.
  9. Late to this party. I had a gen 1 C2S for a couple of years, fabulous do it all car, and I don't think much slower in a straight line than my current 6GT3. Easy to live with too. But although it was faultless (save some coil packs) there was always the nag of the internet in the back of my mind about bore scoring and IMS so I sold it whilst I was ahead (for a small profit!) Point is if you get a gen 1 you might always be worrying about what if and rebuilds etc. Finding a Hartech car in your desired spec/condition could take forever, unless you want to significantly compromise, and you will pay a 2-3k premium for it. So personally if it's a keeper I'd go worry free gen 2 manual, the 3.6 car is +10k more than a C2S, but only 10bhp shy of the earlier car, and it has the slightly more modern interior and radio/sat nav (the gen 1 cars are laughable). 10k is what a rebuild on an early car might cost you. Either way I don't see 997s loosing much value from here seeing as the 996 cars are starting to climb. Prices have remained static for both generations since I bought mine 5 years ago! Turbo - nice idea, but not delicate machines and some of the servicing and maintenance costs could be eye watering!!
  10. Sorry to see that Frazer. Looks awful. It's only metal, and either you'll repair or replace with something better. Hope the beers helped.
  11. Few updates on the old dawg. I took your recommendation SP and replaced the spare Sub I had that sat in the rear passenger footwell with an Alpine underseat unit. It's quite heavy which won't please the trackday crowd but the sound is a significant upgrade on the spare old Pioneer tube I had hanging around, and it fits perfectly between the seat rails. It's way too powerful for what I need so it's turned down quite a bit but it does tidy up the whole interior and is now completely invisible, so the illusion of RSness is maintained! It's not quite the same as the one on your link, Amazon are doing a deal on them at the moment, model is PWE-V80 If you recall I was puzzled at a previous "repair" on my rear ARB mounts last year, the LHS appears reinforced, whilst the RHS wasn't Turns out this is "factory". We had a very original never welded G50 targa in the race workshop and this has exactly the same setup. Wonder why they did it this way around? Elsewhere on the forum I've already posted images of the interior with new belts and wheel. I'm thinking of going a bit further with the interior and getting the dash and door tops leather covered with some nice double stitching, the originals are a kind of green which is weird on a blue car. I'll also get the seats recovered at some point this year, as the pascha trim just isn't to my taste and I suspect the seat covers are really synthetic leather. Might even go wild and echo the yellow in the belts and new wheel in the stitching! Obviously all this love is being lavished on the car because it is staying for the time being. Had a great run in it cross country to Oulton Park in it yesterday for round 1 of the British GTs. We were guests to Barwell who run 2 lambos and had a great day with P2 in race 1 and a win in race 2! Check out the embossed shield on the brake discs and the sheer depth of those enduro pads - about twice the thickness of road ones! Still need 3 or 4 sets for a 24hr race.
  12. Fenn Lane do bodywork, they did a small insurance repair for me on the nearside rear wing and resprayed the bonnet and rear bumperettes whilst it was there. Also shameless plug for my good friend and racing business partner Majestic Motors https://www.majestic-motors.co.uk/ they just did a really nice tidy up job on my G wagen (both rear quarters rust repair, repaint including both doors) and happen to have a 3.2 G50 targa in at the moment.
  13. That sounded a bit spikey on reflection - wasn't my intention. Anyway here are the installed harnesses. The yellow section is a folded and restiched area of belt, in a smash the stitching will break and that side will extend moving your body like a 3pt harness. On the point of the shoulder belts pulling the buckle up to what feels like a dangerous position, I always feel this is an indication that the lap belts on a 4pt being too loose. If you shorten them it might feel a bit more uncomftable but the tenancy is then for them not to ride up as much. The Schroth belts have a nice 2in lap in less course, more road-car seatbelt type material, with more traditional 3in racing style material for the shoulders. This provides more comfort and the ability to get the laps nice and tight. Overall impressed for just over £200 each side.
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