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  1. reddevil

    GT3 Stick or twist

    Well I thought I'd tear into the front suspension on the GT3 whilst there is salt on the roads. It requires a front damper refurb and seeing as we have an account with Bilstein via the race team I thought I might as well drop it all out myself and have a good poke around what else might be required. It all came apart pretty easily and here is the front end on the bench. Most of the components look to be the items it left the factory with. Springs, these seem to be standard H&R, starting to look a bit tired, think we'll just replace these... These top hats look fancy. Standard? Top mounts. 964 part number! They look in relatively reasonable nick. Should I just bother replacing these anyway? On to the dampers, which is why we are here in the first place. Can't actually find any bilstein markings on them. Hard to tell in the photos but the RH one seems to have more grease/oil on the tube than the LH. ARB drop links. One is new one is old. For that reason these are probably going in the bin. New porsche ones are a ridiculous £250. Really Porsche? I think I'll make some rose jointed ones that are adjustable. ARB. This looks crusty on the ends. Off for blasting and e-coating. Although where the bushes pick up on it looks a little rough. Strange? Talking of the ARB bushes, these are manufacture dated 03 so I guess original to the car. They look OK but I guess they're cheap enough to renew whilst here. On to the coffin arms, which it said in the pre-sales report where just starting to delaminate around the bushes. They look in good nick to me. Anyone disagree? Someone has been kind enough in the past to add RSS bushes for the "tuning fork". These pieces tie in the sub frame to the front of the floorpan. Going in the e-coat pile as a bit crusty. Finally, after a little bit of track time at Donington, the front discs are starting to crack. I take it I don't need to worry about this tool much until the cracks are right across and join the holes? Finally, hibernating on stilts with its mezger cousin!
  2. reddevil

    Budget paint gun recommendations

    Yup need to investigate, but in the midst of a GT3 front suspension tear down so I chalked it up to investigate another day! It did seem to struggle the other week last time I used it tho....
  3. reddevil

    Budget paint gun recommendations

    Thanks for all the responses so far... I went into the garage last night and it seems my compressor has died.. 😞 But in the meantime there is def some YouTube research required, good leads there chaps.
  4. I have a couple of external panels to prime and paint on the rally car (doors and a fibreglass bonnet) and having rattle canned the engine bay and inner wings I'd like to move on and do better! Thinking of building a mini-booth in the garage like Jeff, anyone got any recommendations for a budget paint gun? I have a 2hp compressor that goes up to about 8bar. Anything else I should know/need?
  5. reddevil

    Caffeine & Machine meet?

    It’s Tom Ford of TopGear magazine fame plus a local Warwick business man. It’s a cool place to hangout if you’re localish but I wouldn’t travel 100+ miles for the pleasure.
  6. reddevil

    Baltic blue 3.2 on carandclassic

    I hope so! 55k seems more on the money though. If the option is between overpaying by 9% or waiting another 2 years for a cheaper car, I'd overpay and enjoy 😉
  7. reddevil

    Oulton Park Saturday 17th Nov

    I'd love to but have prep to do for last ever Rockingham race on 24th Nov... GT3 at Oulton will be great. Thoroughly enjoyed my first outing at Donington in it last weekend!
  8. reddevil

    Porsche Specialist Reviews

    +1 Tim @ for circuit supplies. Forgot about them! Also a mention for Reflections Detailing in the west mids https://reflections-detailing.co.uk they've ceramic coated three cars for me, plus a bunch of friends cars, Richard the gaffer is a nice guy and he likes his Citroen C1's. Chris
  9. reddevil

    Yoko AD08r

    I'm still interested in any opinions on the AD08R - @Sidewaysfun do you know what they were replacing them with? For fast road/track use I found going back to the original sizes (205/225) allowed more fun on track and a more liveable car on the road. I like to feel the car move about underneath me a bit. A 245 section seems overkill for a car with ±250bhp.
  10. reddevil

    Porsche Specialist Reviews

    RPM Technic - second what Mondrain said, their own PPI was excellent and honest, an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish, and I am usually immune to dealers. Chris
  11. reddevil

    Porsche Specialist Reviews

    Fenn Lane Motorsport. Always great value, common sense approach, sound engineering solutions, do what they say they are going to do on time and to budget. If you pick up the phone they usually answer 😉 2nd recommendation for Center Gravity. Forget thinking about it as an expensive geo, there is no other work that is better value to improve your enjoyment of the car. Great thread John.
  12. reddevil

    Caffeine & Machine meet?

    In the 458? The guy in the white 991RS was a friend of a friend. Black Betty had two aircooled cars parked up with mine under the trees.
  13. reddevil

    old vs newer - do I make the jump

    ^ this.
  14. reddevil

    old vs newer - do I make the jump

    Interesting feedback - thanks for sharing (all of it). I'd read a lot about geo and how sensitive they are before buying - based on this I asked RPM to set it to a higher ride height and road bias the geo when I bought it. I've heard similar about the Cup2's - car currently has PS2s which are ancient tech in comparison but much more road biased. In this configuration I would say the car is no less comfortable to travel in than the 997 C2S I had a few years ago, nor does it have the vices in the wet that you describe. It was a much more agreeable prospect than my IB on our recent 1500 mile road trip (confirmed by OH 🙂 ) but mine is a comfort spec interior - deliberate, I'm done with cages and harnesses in a road car. So indeed they are super sensitive to setup - I drove a later 997 GT3.1 on the road which seemed much less approachable, despite the internets telling you the opposite. If it helps a friend of mine who test drives for JLR a living (and raced in British GT) has suggested looking at Pirelli options (much better these days) if a PS4/PS4S fitment cannot be found (more sizes coming and some in N-spec it seems), others seem to have moved to a Yoko AD08 but I have not seen much feedback on that tyre on a GT3. I'm yet to get it out on track (first session is this weekend) - I'll keep your comments in mind. The video was a little tongue in cheek, sorry if it seems to have hit a nerve, I think the sensible message for anyone looking to switch is to spend time in different variants of the cars they are looking at before making a leap. Back on topic - personally I think I would have regretted selling the IB to get into a 7.2 GT3 (original plan) but don't regret reducing my horizons to keep both (for now, at least). I don't think I could stomach replacing an IB with a nicely modified Cayman/Boxster, but can absolutely see the appeal of having one of each.
  15. reddevil

    old vs newer - do I make the jump

    Pretty standard apart from wheels and some rose joints. I do not think that will take seconds off a lap. Like he said on the video it's essentially a healthy standard example. If you look at Oliver's profile pic (who originally made the GT3 vs. Cayman comparison) you will see it is of a Mk2 so I assume that is what he is comparing. Agree though a Mk1 is quite a bit slower. Absolutely love the colour. Wheels suit it too. Great car. At least they're staying in the fold!!