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  1. Hold that thought @Busybee until you've had a go in mine.
  2. How's this for salt exposure? I'll be in touch after Spa24 next weekend...
  3. I need to move to Wales.
  4. For god's sake just use the thing and wash off the salt after a good drive with a solution of something like this in your jet wash foam nozzle. https://www.rust.co.uk/product/chlor-x-salt-remover-81 I dynaxed my arches and kidneys a couple of years ago [1], and occasionally use in winter (on a nice crisp day) and the kidneys, sills etc. are as good as they have ever been. I think a little exercise, even if just once a month, is better than whatever the bearded MGB brigade do with 90psi in the tyres and a full tank sitting in the garage for 8 months of the year, as long as it's not ridiculously horrible outside. Most years I have a boxing day drive over the Malverns 😉 Seems like Richard's base treatment will be a good enough start - don't try and 2nd guess by wrapping the thing or use peel off stuff, you'll just provide opportunity for water to sit between that barrier and the body, instead a base of tried and tested products (which you already have) plus accept you'll get salt in nooks and crannies and neutralise it afterwards instead. Enjoy it, roads are quieter in the winter. [1] https://www.impactbumpers.com/forum/index.php?/topic/28718-red-devils-blue-devil-32-carrera-hot-rod/&do=findComment&comment=349204
  5. Road tax is a killer. But the alternative... Just done 3300 mile road trip in france, approx 50% on autoroute which probably mirrors our commuting mix here in the UK. I reckon tolls ran us about €250. We do about 25k miles a year here in Blightly... Agree though anything that is £510 today will be £1020 in a few years' time.
  6. JZM - funny lot. Declined politely to buy a GT3 from them in the end after a shambles of a test drive. Nothing much wrong with the car (or the workshop) but was not a fan of their sales approach/candour.
  7. V8 Supercharged FFRR, Brian James box trailer and a GT3 Cup car when you get to the 'ring or Spa?
  8. GT3 as a roadtrip car - mmm, depends on the roads. You need BIG roads or a track to get the thrills out of a GT3. It's forte is above 5500rpm and bear in mind in 2nd gear that is already 60mph and a chunk more in 3rd and 4th. You're doing 85mph in 2nd gear at the rev limiter, which is where you get that spine tingling GT3 magic. It's also ferocious in how it covers that last 3000rpm, bumpy or uneven tarmac can seriously upset it if you're at full chat, and that's not confidence inspiring if there is a big drop off to one side. I sure I'd prefer a smaller and softer IB on some, if not most, of those Alps passes. The splitter is annoying too. Constant worry that you're dragging it underneath the car on every trip I've been on - it's a consumable - in 5k miles I've repaired/repainted/refitted it 3 times. However, if there is a visit to any kind of track on your road trip take the GT3. Big deserted roads in west coast of Scotland, I'd also probably take GT3 though 😉 It is surprisingly good at cruising on the autoroute too. But its window of operation is smaller and more specialist than a hot rod oil-cooled 911, or a 987 Box for that matter.
  9. Late to this fantastic thread - ironically finishing up a 3.3k mile euro road trip! 996 every time. Proper motorsport engine, no driver aids, first of the breed. They have taken a little short term dip recently (as has everything) but it's not hard to see them being 100k within the next 10 years. I would say that wouldn't I? Can I offer an alternative, the thinking man's Cayman? https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/alpine/all-models/alpine-a110-1-8t-premiere-edition-dct-2dr/9954801 Interesting to hear Harry Metcalfe on the recent Collecting Cars podcast opinioning this as a breath of fresh air and a car to buy... And then immediately justifying why he hadn't taken the plunge himself!
  10. What about wool? I’ve ordered a sample of this stuff. Seems nice quality. I wonder if it would be ok in a fun and therefore low use car, it’s only the centres remember not bolsters etc. https://www.joelandsonfabrics.com/uk/18377
  11. Do you have a photo of the tartan you’re thinking of? I want to get some new covers made up too and want a tartan, pref with a yellow in it.
  12. I cut them down. Mine where the carbon fibre type. They're not at the standard of the OEM bum frighteners in either of our "factory" BMW & VW road cars but they are more than adequate for the extra season that the pathetic heater in the car doesn't cover 😉 Before spending money on new pads... Take a trip through Hereford on some fun roads to Worcester, you can try the setup in my car for your liking and see how they are fitted, and you can have a go in the GT3 whilst we're at it. Can't say fairer than that.
  13. Yes mine are pole positions. I put two in the base and one in the part I could access in the back. I’m going to have some more pads made soon which will be an opportunity to have them built in a little better.
  14. When you consider the power and tyre footprint deficit i’m amazed it’s not more. What’s a modern 992S, >420hp? Good on the 964RS!
  15. I originally set out to find a 997 but having driven a few settled on a 996. The 7.1 anyway feels ‘more refined’ and actually the info screens date the interior more than a 996. Time is being kind to the looks of the 996 The introduction of systems knackers the rear brakes on track and the 996 is the last motorsport car where only the driver is in control. Speed wise there is nothing in it from a 996.2 to a 997.1 - both 3.6 and the later car has a little more power and weight. Plus I could get a 996 with half the miles of a 997 for about 10-15k less budget. A friend of mine has just paid more for a 981 GT4. The 996 is great value at present, especially at this time of year.
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