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  1. I had a good chat with Chris Franklin bit apart from that spent all of the time on track. That's my excuse for being an unsociable b****** anyway! Best car of the day for me was Chris Hoy's 991.2 GT3 RS black on gold wheels. He's not bad at driving it either. Got me thinking about a gold wheel paint and bonnet/roof stripe for the GT3!
  2. Very fast. And now with heated buckets. Did you spot it (and the IB) at Oulton? I still can't decide which one to sell each time I drive one of them it's the other one that needs to go.
  3. Been a while updating this thread. Lot has happened in the last year, and the annual service visit to Chris @ FLM is sadly no longer an option. However I do seem to have acquired a half share in a classic restoration business and a part time job as it's commercial director along the way - it happens to look after a few classic 911s - so under the watchful eye of the technical director I had to service my own car this year! A minor service turned into a rear brake overhaul as the dust seals were past it, so off for a refurb and new discs, pads and rear solid lines when they returned. The left side driveshaft boot had seen better days so the shaft came off and was fully stripped down and built back up again. I removed the shock for access and found that the top hats in the rose joint at the bottom of the KWs had been poorly specified in ali, and as a consequence had worn away to nothing. We machined some new ones up in stainless steel from an engineering drawing I did all by myself! Everything else pretty much up to snuff, fresh VR1 and a new belt, Porsche do like making classic service parts in some funky colours!
  4. I've just got my car back on its wheels after a month (mainly waiting for parts) and will be taking it to our workshop tomorrow!
  5. Wheel refurb next or are those go-faster etchings on the centres? 😅
  6. reddevil


    A couple of my wheel nuts have been damaged by years of impact gunning to the extent they get stuck in the socket. They are the open ended type I ordered some more via design 911 - the replacements seem to be stainless and waaaay too shiny just wondering if anyone has an alternative supply or a good set of used?
  7. 45Nm does seem quite low - I needed the impact to get them off - and the driveshaft is date marked 1987 so may have never been off the car! I've ordered new genuine bolts so will see if they come as 12.9 grade.
  8. Hi all, did this job yesterday on my G50 C3.2, outer boot split. I cannot see how you could possibly clean the outer CV properly leaving the shaft on the car, if you remove it you can wipe out excess grease and then stand the axle up and fill the whole assembly with petrol or your solvent of choice. Leave to bake for a while and repeat a few times, with a final spray of brake cleaner to get all that 30 year old grease out! As nige said above I fully dismantled the inner and gave all the components a nice bench bath with extra bubbles. Also my back could not contemplate struggling with new boots under the car an axle stands! Anyway what leads me to resurrect this thread is I can't find a confirmed tourque value anywhere for the inner M10 driveshaft bolts on a G50, it's suggested for a 993 they are 80Nm (also a G50 box)? Earlier cars are as low as 40Nm which seems far too low for me! 75lbft is suggested on this thread but that could be 30% over spec if 993 figures are to be trusted!
  9. On the steering damper... won’t be the same part but on my G, Mercedes wanted about £200+ from memory, I managed to source a Bilstein one for about £60, so worth seeing what is available from reputable aftermarket suppliers.
  10. Always hampered by having to use the same doors as the 205, and styled in the UK not Italy! Never driven one but apparently they handled better than the 205. Loved my little rally car, proper giant killer on track days too (well up to about 110mph when it ran out of gears)
  11. Thanks Baz, we can’t take the credit for the paint on the TR4 as the owner had it painted over 10 years ago, but it arrived as a shell and we have refurbished all the parts and built it up for him. It’s really a lovely car and has made me think about how we might make a modernish restomod version along the same lines as the Frontline MGBs... This new engine is really showing up the rest of my Alfa, which was done 10+ years ago and not to my current standards! A 10/10 engine going in a 7/10 car. I’ve been thinking that as a competition car perhaps it would make an interesting alternative to a modern spec Escort RWD tarmac rally car? Anyway today I made a makeshift spray booth underneath it so I could apply the Dinatrol 445 without getting it all over the aforementioned TR4...

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