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  1. Hi guys, I've not been around here for a long time and regrettably this visit is to advertise my project car for sale.... (don't worry too much though, as it is all part of the masterplan to end up with a nice usable I.B. rather than one I don't have time to restore...) Anyway, description is as follows: 1975 911 2.7S, LHD. Factory Guards Red with black external trims and black interior Non sunroof car 5-speed Cookie cutters 129k miles recorded. This is an ex-USA car but appears to be European spec i.e. no smog gear. The majority of the work re
  2. That's interesting, I may well rethink the door situation. Its a shame really as the doors I have are not'too' rotten but have had some really poor repairs, looks like the front of the frames have been hacked out to access the check straps then scruffily welded back in again. I may well have to sort the frames and re-skin them by the sounds of things then. I bought this as I was looking for a good way back into IB ownership and it happened to be owned by a long time friend of the family, the 2.7 was not top of my list but it does look like they are on the way to coming good now. Values see
  3. Richard, Lovely looking 'E'. Opalescent Silver Blue one of my favourite colours, particularly on a roadster. Looks like you have enjoyed it! Going to take quite a few years for mine to come to fruition...... It's an April 65 FHC, UK delivered car in Opalescent Silver Grey. However it has seen life as a Modsports racer and late '70s custom machine so not what you would call totally unmolested! Progress is a little slow on the 2.7 at the moment, still assessing final bodywork, I'm thinking that replacement doors and new wings are on the cards if I'm going to be happy with it. At the Good
  4. Hi Beaky, I'm pretty sure it's going to be pretty much original in terms of appearance. I'm going to retain the impact bumpers and flat lid, perhaps without the rear over-riders. I may even go for fibreglass bumper shells and impact ram deletes to save quite a bit of weight. It's going to be a road car and initially it will be mechanically standard, that may change over time though..... It's not a bad shell, I am however going to be doing sills, kidneys, front panel, some front inner wing work and some bits on the doors and front wings. It's going to take me a little while but will be wort
  5. Thanks everyone! Yes, good to be back. Will hopefully bring in some more pics asap, having problems with getting Photobucket to work properly with my iPad at the moment.... Not sure this is going to be a trackday warrior like the 3.2, most likely a mildly breathed on distance touring car. May have to do something about the 4 speed 'box though.... Had a chance to have a look over the car properly, all living up to expectations! Got some metalwork to do..... Oh well, should keep me busy. Nothing too taxing though, just a few fiddly bits to make sure I'm happy with it. However I have
  6. Hi everyone, not been round here for a while, pleased to be back! Having sold my 3.2 a few years back I have been regretting it ever since. Finally I have another! Well this time it's a '76 2.7S coupe. Brought in from the States in '91 I have just acquired it from a friend of the family. It's Guards Red on black vinyl, non sunroof, early-ish IB with 129k on the clock and I'm very excited! It's been in storage ( in bits) for nearly 10 years and needs some work, though mainly very solid, it's had quite a bit of metalwork and is in primer. I'm going to do a few more bits to tidy t
  7. Right, time for a few pics:- The front end, fits pretty good, don't know the manufacturer as I have bought it 2nd hand Rear, bumper is a real poor fit, bit more jiggery to do. Tail is a GT Racing product from the states, real nice quality and fit. Englemann mirrors on tims covering the holes left by the old flags. Will do it properly when it comes to a repaint..... Heigo back half cage in place, using stock sports seats and lap and diagonal belts until I can afford a pair of proper seats No cunning plan as yet, thats why its only a possibl
  8. It's getting there.....! Forgot to add to the 'to-do' list that it's going to have to be lowered a bit now. After the removal of the bumpers etc it's a bit Paris-Dakar spec. More like my old Hilux Surf than a 911 I'll keep you posted....
  9. Work well underway now on my 3.2. Sadly my budget is pretty limited so not allowing for big-buck developments all at once, going to be a gradual transformation through several different looks....... My plan is to end up with an IROC rep but going through a gradual transformation in narrow body form at the mo whilst I collect the parts for the real-deal. Currently has narrow RSR/IROC front bumper, rear bumper and a fibreglass 3.0 Carrera/early Turbo style tail. Hopefully all going for paint this coming Tuesday. Pair of genuine Englemann mirrors fitted. Gradually stripping i
  10. Paul, you have PM, its always useful to see what is available! Gregg
  11. Hadn't seen these mate, will keep an eye on them though, I quite like the look too...... The Michelins look like the way forward to me, they are not cheap but seem to be the only sensible looking 15" tyre out there in the big sizes.
  12. Thanks for the info Martin, I'll have to check the trailing arms. Like I say, I want to gather the parts first so its going to be a bit slow getting off the ground. Will keep you posted, pics and all when I get under way.....
  13. Ah ha, I have a cunning plan! The narrow IROC panels are going on it for now, but collecting the bits for a 3.0 RS/IROC looky likey, not to everyones taste on a 3.2, but hey, I like it..... Going to be a bit of artistic licence as I'm going to use Turbo flares etc though. I already have a set of steel rear flares (got the LE vents though, sadly) and hopefully pair of 930 front wings, so just the mouldings front and rear plus the RS/IROC tail to find. Just to be inkeeping with the thread, does anyone know if my standard 15x8 rears will be the right offset to put under the front 930
  14. Thanks Martin, they look like just the thing. Great period pattern too, rather than the P-Zero modern look. Keeping my eyes open for the wheels now! Just needed to confirm the availability of tyres before buying wheels I couldn't clothe. Your cars look great BTW
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