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  1. just done my subs worth every penny 🤓
  2. what has every one done with there tax disc holders then lol cup coaster for the ali one
  3. me custom chopper sold it last year cut a shut with a honda express 49cc twist and go 😄
  4. theres a chopper bike restoration bike shop in west wickem bromley got some lovely bikes in there , the one to find is a 10 speed tall frame late sixtes made for American market £???????
  5. they was reaching £3000 yes £3000 a few years ago in mint con 😳 😥
  6. so not aloud out in the car took the chopper in stead for a ride , got a few beeps from the passing cars 🤓
  7. yea and round all our local lanes mind you bit slippery in places 😉
  8. wife and kids putting up 3 christmas trees ,she says I've run out of carrots for diner can you pop round the shop ,me yep see ya stayed out for a nice long drive round and around i went not a care in the world 🤗
  9. priceless that would leave a big smile every time i saw it hope it does for you 😊
  10. i have photos of me growing up with family cars but they were always sold on makes me smile when she says that the car is part of the family
  11. how quickly 5 years pass mind you had car 19 years 😊
  12. thats certainly disabled where's the blue badge
  13. peter32

    Backdate Time

    proud to have sold you them wheels matt 😂
  14. was a spare of the moment thing wasn't out long just enough to dry the car with some fast flowing air 😉

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