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  1. tooth brush with apps as well 🙄
  2. peanut butter is the best as they have to lick it , they are very clever at just taking the chocolate without setting of the traps ,on the other hand i did stop putting traps out as I'm pretty sure i was just getting them in because of the smell of the peanut butter , fingers crossed never had them in the car but did know some one that had his 993 loom shredded to bits whilst stored for 6 months in a barn 😟
  3. https://www.motoringresearch.com/features/cost-car-year-born/
  4. will be using mine a lot more even for work a couple of days a week now . doesn't do any cars or bikes any good not being used ,plus i still really do enjoy the feel of the drive in a 911 something you can't explain but we all know that on here
  5. richard it does bug me to pay some one to do something that i can do my self ,thanks for your offer to help its done now at least i can go and get petrol in it with out the fear of it not starting up to many rocking it in gear moments at the worst times , by the way who,s the other black targa who keeps driving around stock think its an f reg
  6. after living with the dreaded click very intermittent but getting worse every time ,was passing matt,s shop bought new starter and gear box earth strap ,well after spending an hour under the car jacked up on axel stands trying to remove the first lower bolt meant to be the the easy one absolutely rusted in gave up ,so car off to autosrasse in essex at least it made me feel a bit better when they even couldn't do it with the engine in they had to drop the engine to do it which was way beyond my spanner skills at home ,it just made me realise for me its better to pay some one to just do it than wind myself up getting frustrated I'm just a turn the key and go porsche driver 🤓
  7. just done my subs worth every penny 🤓
  8. what has every one done with there tax disc holders then lol cup coaster for the ali one
  9. me custom chopper sold it last year cut a shut with a honda express 49cc twist and go 😄
  10. theres a chopper bike restoration bike shop in west wickem bromley got some lovely bikes in there , the one to find is a 10 speed tall frame late sixtes made for American market £???????
  11. they was reaching £3000 yes £3000 a few years ago in mint con 😳 😥
  12. so not aloud out in the car took the chopper in stead for a ride , got a few beeps from the passing cars 🤓
  13. yea and round all our local lanes mind you bit slippery in places 😉
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