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  1. You need one of these to apply stonechip/underseal.How thick it lays,coverage and texture is entirely dependent on air pressure viscosity etc.
  2. Notice you can see the rusted areas,that were under the underseal.The front pan hasnt been cleaned,as its being cut off.Notice the "matt" area on the headlight bowls, where they were blasted.Sorry about double post.Cant remove?
  3. Just flicking through this.yes, 2k does have nasty stuff in it.However,Ive been in body game for nearly 30 years.Never met a painter who uses an air fed system.I use one if im doing a full paint.However,its more for eye protection than anything.The only guy I know who has suffered from ill effects, was a signwriter.The kind who used to stand on a ladder "Rosies florist" type stuff.Long before Vinyl cutting was a thing.A good quality mask should protect you Ok.Think 3M.If you choose to go air fed, your gonna need at least 15cfm compressor with a 150 litre tank.They are very demanding. If y
  4. Roy.I never thought you did mate.😉
  5. Nothing wrong with that link.My ebay shop thats all.
  6. Hub weald-audioView weald-audio's profile If you go here guys,Theres a far few IM SC Parts plus few early bumpers n stuff.Just mail me with sensible offers.K jet Owners especially.
  7. coomo


    Change of direction so CIS is now being sold off.WUR was rebuilt at cost of £350 plus shipping to Australia,Yes, thats how much I value Kjetbizs work.Has rebuilt a good few of these for me.As fitted to 1978sc.Anyway its not been fitted.£450 posted.Lots of other SC bits in my Ebay Shop.Just search for weald-audio
  8. coomo

    BF Torino seats

    le Mans I think.In black vinyl/basketweave. with runners.Never fitted.Pretty sure these were a tad over(under) £1600.One price £1100 cash on collection.Or would exchange for set of Campags.Collection from Yard RM2 Romford. Paul 07966 267404.
  9. thanks.Not sure how to edit.
  10. have been media cleaned and plated.Included new centre seals from PMB.Pistons included, however, they do have few chips on edges.Id replace £80 delivered.
  11. Only about 3 years old.However, spent some time in Scotland!.Have been media cleaned and plated.Pistons are fine.You will need seals (pins are bit grotty)Plus the often forgotten inner seal which cost me a fortune from USA.2£180 Delivered.
  12. SC ‘78/79 flywheel(9 bolt).Has been resurfaced and never refitted.Re surfacing cost me £185 plus vat.£175 plus £12 shipping.Or collect from RM2.
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