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  1. I used TTP hard drill bits to do my studs starting small with a low speed and increasing the size which I did freehand. If I was doing again I would get a jig, both inserts I put in have ended up at a slight angle which didn’t help when putting on the new exchangers,
  2. 85targa

    wheel size

    Yes moss green and my original plan was gold centres, but I’ve decided to go with all silver to match up with future plans for the car, silver window frames and a silver hoop.
  3. A year after buying some BBS wheels 7.5 and 8.5 R16 from tankman ive finaly decided what to do with them and will be sending them to excel for a refurb and new rubber , im going with contis, at the moment both the BBS and Fuch rears have the same sizes 225/50/R16 fitted but the front BBS have 205/50/R16, im assuming there wont be any issues fitting the 205/55/R16 thanks in advance Tim
  4. I’ll take one please I’ll pm you my details later if that’s ok and get payment details thanks tim
  5. 85targa

    Central Locking

    sorted this one out myself, the manual locking mechanism in the drivers door only operates with the door closed unlike the passenger side where it works with the door open
  6. 85targa

    Central Locking

    Finally got a bit of time to strip out the door and as Ivan suggested the push fit nylon ball joint on the operating rod was broken and seems to have been bodged by a previous owner. I’ll order one tommorow but I seem to have another issue, the mechanism for the locking of the door is extremely stiff and I carnt lock the door manually with the locking nob even when I’ve turned the latch to the locked position as if the door was shut. Before I start stripping out the door to get to the locking mechanism is there something I’m missing, I carnt see any reason why the broken ball joint would effect the manual operation of the locking mechanism thanks tim
  7. Thanks for the advice nige, don’t suppose there is any sign of those headlight rings you where going to dig out Tim
  8. Thanks type911 in that case I’ll take it I’ll give you a call later nick tim
  9. Can someone confirm this for me, my understanding is the 964 wing is exactly the same as the 3.2 wing with the exception of the hole for the aerial and the hole in the lower sill area that is covered by the sill cover thanks Tim
  10. Assuming it will go straight on a 85 3.2 will you take £265 for it
  11. In That case Nige ill take them, ill send you a PM later so we can sort out postage , payment when youve dug them out. Thanks Tim
  12. Hi Nige if there no good to 70s and you are talking about bezel trim ring that are normally colour coded to the car I'd be interested if the chrome is good. Tim
  13. 85targa

    Central Locking

    Hi Ivan yes there is defiantly a fault in that door so il look at that next, on top of that I think there is a bad connection somewhere, ill sort out the drivers door first then look for the other fault, although electrics arnt my strong point I suspect things like the control unit work or don’t work and arnt intermittent. Looking through the Bentley manual I carnt find the fuse for the central locking.thanks for that Shirish if it does turn out to be the control unit at £500 for a replacement I’ll definitly be looking for cheaper alternatives. tim
  14. 85targa

    Central Locking

    Hi im just attaching a couple of pics to make sure I’m looking at the correct parts. After pushing all the pins into the unit I’ve been able to get the central locking working intermittently on the door key( although the drivers door doesn’t work so I’m assuming Ivan is correct about the broken rod in that door). It still doesn’t work on the console button and the light on the console button isn’t on. Is it likely to be the control unit and can they be tested.when I poped off the unit cover a couple of the pins cane out but I’m quite sure they went back in the correct order. Any advise would be appreciated thanks tim
  15. 85targa

    Central Locking

    Thanks DR Rock ill order a switch and swop it over, will that also explain the central locking button locking me in, got to admit i felt like a right pratt for a few seconds until i realised i could open the window and let myself out with the key. Thanks
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