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  1. Didn’t read the thread properly, if anyone else fancies it let me know
  2. I know it’s late notice but I have a ticket I carnt use due to bad back
  3. Are you sure it doesn’t just need driving, mine does exactly the same when it’s been stood for a time, but seems to sort itself out on a run
  4. All done, thanks for all the advise, wasn’t to bad in the end just filthy. thanks again tim
  5. Hi the 6 cv joint bolts where easy, but the hub but is bending my new 750mm breaker bar, should I just change them in situ tin
  6. Ive not done it before and any advise is always welcome just a quick thought is this a job where I finally bite the bullet and get a cordless impact driver thanks again for all the replies tim
  7. Hi Thanks for the replies, as I’ve time I’ll put the MOT back a week and have a go next weekend. its a later 85 car so I believe it should have M10 bolts, has anyone got a link for the moon washers. i think the only possible problem may be releasing the bolts, will a 100mm 10 hex socket be enough or should I get a longer hex socket. thanks tim
  8. Hi ive just done a quick look around the car for its mot on Wednesday and have found one of my inner CV boots has split I can get GKN lobro boot kit for a tenner from Eurocarparts but trawling through the forum there has been questions about there quality, are they a false economy and should I go for original Porsche or another brand. iv found maxdiesels post where he changes both inner and outer boots by taking off the inner CV joint and leaves the hub nut in place on a G50 can I do this on a 915 i also found sophors post saying split CV joints aren’t a fail on a rwd car, is that still the case. thanks tim
  9. It could be something as simple as type of business, I’m basically a self employed builder
  10. I don’t have a permanent place of work and did make that clear to them when I originally took out insurance with them 3 years ago and have just let it automatically renew since then. On the policy it just states personal and business.
  11. A slight minus to mention with Classic Line is no business use I have business use with classic line underwritten by Ageas
  12. If you going to convert a IB surely you will want to keep as many chateteristics as possible otherwise sell it and buy a Tesla
  13. With some clever software, couldn’t a EV be made to behave like a ICE with a similar power torque curve
  14. 85targa


    Crazy as this seems it might be rarer than a original i carnt find any official information regarding numbers built, but 2 old auction catalogues both claim only 10 where commissioned
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