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  1. Got the mounts thanks tim
  2. Just the two please David, if you give me a total including postage I’ll make a payment, I presume you still have my address thanks tim
  3. Hi David ill take these thanks Tim
  4. After a long conversation with Chriss about his experience with tyre leaders, Tyre walls, tread patterns and what I use the car for Ive taken his advice and gone for the Michelin’s , I did look at demon tweeks and although they did show them in stock they took 5 days to dispatch Thanks for all the advice Tim
  5. Thank you mr busybee, I really am crap at this internet search thing tim
  6. it the tears that seem to be the problem at £468 each unless I’m making a mistake
  7. Im having my wheels refurbished by excell wheels and got a call from him today saying that contis are no longer porsche rated and he suggested i fit michelin pilot exalto PE2. What exactly does non porsche rated mean and is it a problem if i go ahead with contis anyway, i know its been talked about before but i carnt find the thread. Has anyone fitted the michelins, personally my back up option would be SO2s. Thanks Tim
  8. i only need 2 but would take all 4 if thats the way you want to sell them but am happy for BB to have 2 if that ok with you david Thanks Tim
  9. I’ll take two or all 4 for the £50 each thanks tim
  10. 85targa

    Seat belt mount

    Those spacers aren’t in the parts diagram, are you sure ther original
  11. 85targa

    Seat belt mount

    Hi shirish mine seems to be bolted straight to the body with only the nylon washers on both sides tim
  12. I used TTP hard drill bits to do my studs starting small with a low speed and increasing the size which I did freehand. If I was doing again I would get a jig, both inserts I put in have ended up at a slight angle which didn’t help when putting on the new exchangers,
  13. 85targa

    wheel size

    Yes moss green and my original plan was gold centres, but I’ve decided to go with all silver to match up with future plans for the car, silver window frames and a silver hoop.
  14. A year after buying some BBS wheels 7.5 and 8.5 R16 from tankman ive finaly decided what to do with them and will be sending them to excel for a refurb and new rubber , im going with contis, at the moment both the BBS and Fuch rears have the same sizes 225/50/R16 fitted but the front BBS have 205/50/R16, im assuming there wont be any issues fitting the 205/55/R16 thanks in advance Tim
  15. I’ll take one please I’ll pm you my details later if that’s ok and get payment details thanks tim
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