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  1. Have to say I’m somewhat relieved you’ve sold it, knowing the way you looked after it and developed it I was looking at myself and my wife’s ISAs luckily or unfortunately I won’t have to have that conversation, make sure you stay around as you are a IB walking dictionary tim
  2. Great pics especially the Citroen what a fantastic car
  3. My point wasn’t the wrong or rights of the tax system, but the wrongs or rights of who we should give honours
  4. The fact that he saved himself 3+ million in VAT importing his private jet through a shell company in the Isle of Man might not go down to well if it was ever to be sir Lewis, Obviously all perfectly legitimate
  5. Don’t know if he’s on hear, only saw it once in the flats, didn’t get to meet the owner but have seen it a couple of times on the A1. It was a very nice 2.7 with tartan interior and I think it looks great on those wheels
  6. I wish turned up in the flats a couple of months ago
  7. No Shirish ,on the high rd but by the north circular, since you moved out we’ve had Porsche’s coming out of our ears
  8. Made ma go and get mine out
  9. Just the two please David, if you give me a total including postage I’ll make a payment, I presume you still have my address thanks tim
  10. Hi David ill take these thanks Tim
  11. After a long conversation with Chriss about his experience with tyre leaders, Tyre walls, tread patterns and what I use the car for Ive taken his advice and gone for the Michelin’s , I did look at demon tweeks and although they did show them in stock they took 5 days to dispatch Thanks for all the advice Tim
  12. Thank you mr busybee, I really am crap at this internet search thing tim
  13. it the tears that seem to be the problem at £468 each unless I’m making a mistake
  14. Im having my wheels refurbished by excell wheels and got a call from him today saying that contis are no longer porsche rated and he suggested i fit michelin pilot exalto PE2. What exactly does non porsche rated mean and is it a problem if i go ahead with contis anyway, i know its been talked about before but i carnt find the thread. Has anyone fitted the michelins, personally my back up option would be SO2s. Thanks Tim
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