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  1. 997 for me......funnily enough was looking at gen 2's yesterday,when the time comes thats what I’ll be looking at,was up your neck of the woods early doors Saturday, before the traffic built up ,got some new boots fitted had to run em in lol
  2. saxon46


    Went for some michelin pilot exalto in the end n rated and OE Porsche £136 a pop fitted, 👍👍👍
  3. saxon46


    I know this subject would have been bought up many times,looking to put some new boots on my carrera,looking for recommendations, fr 205/55/16 r 225/50/16 bridgstone s02'’ pirrelli p7's .....??????? any pointers appreciated
  4. saxon46

    Cool vids

    Inserted the wrong vid damn you youtube lol
  5. saxon46

    Cool vids

    I know its a bit American but it smokes a lot of stuff except that evo how fast was that....
  6. I'm from coventry originally......was up there recently doing the family thing......what a sh@thole......could do with being bombed again in my view lol
  7. Thats the breaking bad dude isn’t it 👍😉👍 Had a look at mine this afternoon.......absolutely stinking......had to shut the garage door quick before the OCD kicked in lol
  8. Forgot to add a big thanks to haith for sorting this out, I’ve lived in south wales for over 20 years and didn’t realise i had this on my doorstep and makes you realise how lucky we are to live where we do topman
  9. Just got back in......just the 273 miles for me topday boys, top roads, in the dog house tho lol
  10. When used to do mini engines many years ago.....always used 1/2p coins to get the majority of the crap off always worked a treat
  11. Booked the day off,so I’m in....👍👍
  12. Mine had 40 webers fitted,wasn't as fast as a 3.2,but you could use it all,was quite happy to cruise all day at 85,and being a vw engine the bits were dirt cheap,if it had been a rhd i would have kept it.
  13. The 912 was a flyer haith, like a little go kart.....just couldn’t get used to the lhd, so moved it on to get a carrera.
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