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  1. Machine mart do temporary garages.....a neighbour keeps his moggy minor in there, seema to have good reviews https://www.machinemart.co.uk/categories/?search=temporary+garage I've had a few stormforce over the years, if i was after another think I’d buy one of these
  2. saxon46

    Dme relay

    Thanks for that phill be giving them a bell tomorrow....
  3. Wasn’t sure of the matt finish, so went gloss
  4. saxon46

    Dme relay

    Looking to get a spare as I haven’t got one at the mo, I know they can go at anytime, any deals on at the moment thanks in advance
  5. So decided to recolour my steering wheel, it was looking worn, so bought a kit online followed the tutorial on YouTube, did it matt black, turned out a treat. the kit was £34 delivered
  6. Thanks.......just found b&q are as cheap as for sockets...... 27mm £2.08 👍👍
  7. Just a quick one.......what size socket to remove the steering wheel thanks
  8. Nice f type on autotrader 27k......a lot of car for not a lot of money.
  9. Whenever i decide to move my carrera on....I'd be looking at a 997.....it would have to be either a rebuilt gen 1 or a gen 2, but looking at gen 2 i reckon you could pick one up for 35k, saying that get a nice f type for that sort of money
  10. Looks lovely.....well done that man 🏎🏎🏎
  11. White masonary paint and led strip lights,both of which I bought from screwfix, a vast improvement on the regular florescent lighting
  12. No worries nige not in a rush to get it done 👍👍👍
  13. Dropped Johnathan a line the other day haven’t heard anything of yet 👍👍
  14. Any recommendations on wheel retrim.....my original wheel is looking a little tired, and want to get it recovered over the winter months thanks
  15. Maybe not then.....👍👍👍
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