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  1. Mrs WC is a world class stone layer!!! Absolutely brilliant.
  2. Just picking up on a line by flatsix777, ‘the Bmw does everything so well but just doesn’t excite’ I’ve had loads of them for years, mainly 6 cylinder petrols, and a few diesels as well. And your right, and it didn’t dawn on me til I read what you put. They just don’t excite. They do do every really well........but....!
  3. fantastic job!! next time (!!!!), lay the stone on sand and cement, rake it back and point it in lime.......... :-)
  4. Black with natural/creamy white dots.
  5. I've got a pair. They're new, never been used and are still in the original packaging. They were made for RHD SWB car but I'd imagine they would fit an IB car. Someone will be along to say if they will or not I'd imagine. £120 if you want them. PM me.
  6. Thanks for that. It does look ok, however, for me, a roof is important!, or at least a targa......:-)
  7. After loosing a car and a chunk of money in the FLM fiasco I'm after a car! I sold a 3.2 carrera to fund the swb car that was being built, so I'm open to most things. You or someone you know, must have something in your/their, shed/garage/barn that's not being used. I've got a depleted budget. I'm not after perfection, prefer RHD. I don't want a total project or rot box. I know I'm being unrealistic and overly optimistic, but it's worth a try. In the current situation it might be a while before I can view it, but it can't hurt to start looking!!! PM me if you know of anything. Julian
  8. I'm in Abingdon. I'm building a house and garage myself at the moment so can appreciate your current position. Mine is nice and easy (!!!) compared to yours, block and render. I've done stone before, the end result is fantastic and worth the hassle/expense. I'm much less hands on now, I'm just head labourer and bill payer!!!
  9. The stone work is great, is that Hornton stone?
  10. He's a hell of a driver as a relatively old man, imagine how good he was 40 years ago!!
  11. green911


    I was standing in Waitrose earlier reading the EVO review of the new 991R. Everytime you read a review of any modern 911 the reviewer is desperately trying to find the '911ness', pure 911, 911 DNA, raw 911 or whatever poetic turn of phrase the reviewer can dream up. The company it's self seem now to be trying to get back to building 'sports cars' for the enthusiast, GT4, 911R. Can you see where I'm going with this……………... It seems simple to me… buy a sensibly priced older car, remove some unnecessary stuff, weight, add a bit more of the necessary stuff, brakes, suspension, steering, and what you're left with is pure 911. You don't need a stripped out track car, (unless that floats your boat), it can still be practical enough for every day use and you still have £100k left over. Easy.
  12. I did get the full tour. Brumos car, 3 2.7rs's, numerous 65/66 race cars, various other race cars, modified's and hot rods. Dansk box with 84mm tail pipe. Just need to find the time to do some track days now!!!!

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