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  1. I agree that if it’s done at all it should be done properly. But I think it might have to be localised repairs for now, the scuttles and maybe a wing. I don’t even mind them unpainted tbh, I just don’t want the windscreen falling out! My car is stock, and not particularly low mileage at 140k. Do you think a decent paint job would increase the value by the cost of getting the body sorted. Interior is average. Thanks 🙂 Who are GCR? Thank you will have another look 🙂
  2. Thank you! Assuming that's a solid recommendation?!!
  3. By the way I did speak to Bruce a few years ago when I started the 356 project. I thought the guy was really rude. TBH I don't care how good he is I don't feel I could take a car to him after our conversation. Maybe he wasn't rude, maybe it was me, but we didn't click so he's out. I do like the idea of the Midlands and further afield; I have time to transport the car and I can't pay prestige prices for a jumped-up Beetle. (last bit was a joke, don't shoot...)
  4. I wish I had a place I could do things like strip. I can't even trickle charge where I am!
  5. Thanks all, I know Sportwagen are one of those places one should go to for provenance etc, but they will be expensive and Covid's hit my pocket hard. I wasn't planning on painting my car yet tbh, thought I had a few years yet but I discovered yesterday that the window scuttle's rotted through. My car's a bog standard SC, not sure it warrants the prestige of somewhere likes Sportwagen if I can get as good a job elsewhere. I like the sounds of a Midlands bodyshop who know what they're doing. The other option is just to change the cuttles; those corners cost about £100 each, I could just get that done for now and wait till I can afford the whole job. There's a fair bit of rust on my car. Gives me a bit of time to decide on colour change or backdate options too... Incidentally, I rang 911 retro Works today. A couple of years ago they were quoting 10-15k for a steel panel backdate, including colour change. Now they're it's more like 35k!! WTF??!!! Don't suppose you have any pics Nige? They don't have any reviews online, which is a bit weird, and a lot of vans on their Instagram... They're gonna find a lot of flaky brown stuff, guaranteed... It seems consensus nowadays is 10-15k!!, rather than just 10k...
  6. Thanks Beaky, Just spoke with him, can’t get to it till December, which suits me.
  7. Hmm... my car (‘81 SC) needs a bit of rust chopping out and a paint. I may change colour, may even backdate, haven’t decided yet. Like everybody I want a really good job done for the price of a packet of Spangles. Am London-based but the car is driveable and I’m happy to travel pretty much anywhere, so bodyshop doesn’t even have to be in the South East... Any thoughts?
  8. Too late to add my name to this?
  9. So where are we this then? Are we driving on Sept 26th? Forgive me if the info’s up, I did scan but not sure how definite plans are. Am down to do that motorbike race but I’m not sure how socially undistanced I’ll want to be in September; think I’d be happier hooning around the south coast with you lot. Ta
  10. I noticed a couple of new noises too, one an easy fix (window rattle) and the other a rotational something too, squeaky. The real issue though is a bit of a downer... Phil you remarked on the rust on my car. I’m afraid it’s even worse even than I thought. On the way home I tried mounting a suction cup phone mount bottom right of windscreen, pushed it hard to the screen and the corner of the windscreen popped out... It bounced back again, I mean stopped as soon as I saw it happen, but I didn’t realise quite how bad the rust is. I’d only just bought a new cup holder too... Might have to start a body shop recommendation thread...
  11. Cheers, am actually a photographer by trade We got lucky there...
  12. Just got back, thanks Phil, thanks all. Looking forward to the next one!

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