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  1. Good morning all, SurlySurdi I'm out on the Brake Cylinder, it's for a servo assisted brake system, something I'm not planning on running Spent ages trying to cross ref!! I'll PM regarding payment Chris
  2. Hi, could I have the windscreen fluid bottle I'll have to check on the brake cylinder in it fits, as I have a 2.7, if someone grabs that first I won't worry Many thanks Chris
  3. Could I take this please, missed out on the shoes, darn
  4. I've heard about it, bur not seen it yet Does this mean our Barcelona tickets are still valid for May, but have to sit at home anyways?? 🙄 I'm guessing its not going ahead which is far enough, its typical this would of been the first race i would of gone to, last couple years with kids I've rarely watched it live. We have had a Email from F1 saying there working on a solution, we'll be in touch!
  5. The reg did look familiar! Looks like a great Bonds driving day out, all the film favourites in one place Was this beauty waiting for a clear run, down to the shops !
  6. Crispy

    Garage clear out

    I know you said job lot, but if anyone is after the lot but doesn't need the gear selector it's something I'd be interested in Out of interest which part of the country are you in?
  7. I hope mine looks as tidy as yours when I get around to rebuilding it Keep up the great work details make it, looks perfect enough to roll into a living room 👍
  8. Will be air ride, and likely a 'stance kit' which really gets my goat, originally based around correction of camber, or improvement for track use, there now to the extreme dare I say in a unsafe manner!! Driving on a sidewall isn't my idea of fun, but it keeps the tyre wear down 🤣 I'm still in the vag scene and see all sorts Edit: I'm turning into a grumpy old man...
  9. Hi David, I'd also like these please used or not, they look like they'll scrub up!! Many thanks Chris
  10. I'll go second dibs on the the fuse cover please
  11. I'm interested in the gear stick boot I'll go though your other item and pm later it that ok
  12. That's not one being sold is Scotland by chance? I recall seeing around last spring a 911 engine for sale up there and funny enough the same pictures were on another advert down south!!
  13. Could I have a pair of boots please
  14. I like a haggle, okay will PM you in the morning Thanks Chris P
  15. Okay really interested, a mate has similar in a MK2 golf spec'd VR6 I'll be cheeky with a £105 offer!
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