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  1. Stunning work - what a great project coming to fruition. Soooooo green.......with envy!
  2. Thanks - the biggest issue seems to be the front fitting and once I get that right I can fiddle with the windows again to get them aligned. I am still trying to work out why there is a big 'curve' on the drivers side.......perhaps that would be the place to start. Time to take it apart maybe as I can't see any rust but the previous owner (s) may have had it poorly refurbed?
  3. Hi, thanks FF - I had the seal changed a couple of years ago..the top didn't fit all that well then but i thought the 'new' seal would take some time to bed in, maybe I was wrong! Type911 - latches down fine once fully secured with the rear frame pushed into place firmly. I was hoping a full refurb would be avoided but maybe not🙁
  4. Hi - I have been fettling with the car over the last couple of weeks and wanted to get the targa top sorted but I can't seem to work the fitting out! I have the Targa fitting document and have followed the helpful instructions to get A windows closer to being sorted and windows align better than before. Th issue seems to be the front windscreen fitting - one side is not too bad but the other is way out.....I have attached photos so you can see the problem......... any advice would be great!
  5. Not sure if this is the same material but they do hold stocks of various colours..... https://www.rosepassion.com/en/parts-porsche-911-1982-eu-3-0sc-targa-manual-gearbox-5-speed/interior-of-passenger-compartment-341/seat-fabric-3326/p543390-tissu-de-siege-au-metre-sold-by-the-linear-meter-1-4-meters-wide-the-fabrics-are-cut-to-the-ordered-size-no-return-and-no-exchange-possible-anthracite-grey-anthracite-grey-3327-0-543390
  6. looking really good - love the format - a great job, well done
  7. Could try these people https://www.bassant-parts.com/contents/en-uk/d4975.html
  8. What a devastating event - just glad that you are Ok and, as people have said, the car can be rebuilt.
  9. I did mine at the weekend and will going out to adjust them this week depending on the weather and other commitments. My star wheels are the same way up as the last post if that helps - I found it difficult to adjust them before and assumed they need replacing - there was a fair amount of brake material left so not sure that was the issue. Hope yours goes well......
  10. Targatogo

    Rear disks

    Worked a treat once I had the confidence to give it a whack! Will be removing the callipers tomorrow and then the disks to get at the handbrake stuff.
  11. Targatogo

    Rear disks

    Thanks for the advice jevvy - not used an impact driver before...was aiming to practice on something first!!!

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