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  1. Targatogo

    White 911 E(?)

    Powering down the M5 this morning before disappearing into the fog!
  2. Targatogo

    My Shed Thread

    I agree - one of the most awesome projects I have ever read about! Can't wait to see the finished article (as I am sure you will be!)
  3. Targatogo

    Hunting when cold

    Ok - just an update. Spent some time looking for loose pipes and decided to get a better look by removing the air filter. Took the top off and found a pile of 'bits' in the body of the air intake. It looked as though the air filter had been shaved several times to leave a pile of debris. Once removed and air filter orientation changed, put the top back on the body, started the car up and.......no hunting! Will try again this week as the engine was warm and this may have had an influence as the issue is with the engine cold. Bizarre findings and I can't think how it would have happened ......not mice as no other evidence. Have ordered another air filter to fit this week.
  4. Targatogo

    Hunting when cold

    Hi - asking for some advice please. Engine was put back in a couple of weeks ago (long frustrating story) and now the engine hunts when cold. Revs up and down and if left will stall. When taken out for a run she is prone to stalling but once warmed up to temp runs like a dream and no issues when parked up after the run. Could anyone suggest what to check first - there were no issues prior to engine going back in so I suspect something is loose. I have the Bentley manual but could do with some help and an 'idiots guide' for me to follow! The rotor and distributor were replaced before the engine went back in. Many thanks in anticipation.....
  5. Targatogo

    Porsche Specialist Reviews

    + another 1 for Matt at Type911. Great service all round.
  6. Targatogo

    NEC on Friday.

    It was good to put faces to names yesterday - hope your journey home 'up north' was not too stressful Roy. Hope everyone enjoys the show.
  7. Targatogo

    NEC on Friday.

    PCGB at 1400 sounds great - not sure of my attire yet but will look out for a CR logo!
  8. Targatogo

    NEC on Friday.

    I'll be there........not met anyone from IB yet!
  9. Targatogo

    My Shed Thread

    Fantastic work and I bet you are looking forward to the 'last' stretch.
  10. Targatogo

    My Shed Thread

    I am in a total state of awe. This is just soooo awesome! Good luck with the second floor and getting the roof on before the weather changes.
  11. Targatogo

    Head gaskets failed......

    Thanks - I can check periodically this once I get the engine back as I have a good quality torque wrench. Still concerned about the quality of the gaskets though as I don't want this to happen in the near future again!
  12. Targatogo

    Head gaskets failed......

    Thanks for the reply. My car is a 3.0 SC built in 1982. Head studs are steel.
  13. Targatogo

    Head gaskets failed......

    15Nm and a 1/4 turn in the book.
  14. Could those in the know help please? A couple of years ago my engine was rebuilt and has done about 1500 miles since. However, two cylinders were leaking and compression tests were poor in 1 and 6. The engine has been taken about and it appears that the head gaskets in 1 and 6 had failed and two others were in the process of failing. I have attached a couple of pictures (not very good ones though!) which show that the small springs have either gone or have bits missing from them. The engineer looking at the engine has questioned the torque setting in the Bentley guide and I said I would ask on here to see if.. 1) should the gaskets do this after 24 months? 2) is the torque setting correct in Bentleys? 3) is there a recommended gasket to get (I purchased a complete set last time - can remember where but engineer said they were a good make when I got them) Many thanks for your help
  15. Targatogo

    My Shed Thread

    Just awesome - love catching up on your progress.