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  1. Could try these people https://www.bassant-parts.com/contents/en-uk/d4975.html
  2. What a devastating event - just glad that you are Ok and, as people have said, the car can be rebuilt.
  3. I did mine at the weekend and will going out to adjust them this week depending on the weather and other commitments. My star wheels are the same way up as the last post if that helps - I found it difficult to adjust them before and assumed they need replacing - there was a fair amount of brake material left so not sure that was the issue. Hope yours goes well......
  4. Targatogo

    Rear disks

    Worked a treat once I had the confidence to give it a whack! Will be removing the callipers tomorrow and then the disks to get at the handbrake stuff.
  5. Targatogo

    Rear disks

    Thanks for the advice jevvy - not used an impact driver before...was aiming to practice on something first!!!
  6. Targatogo

    Rear disks

    Thanks Andy352 - WD40 sprayed on twice today - will do again tomorrow and give em a clout on Friday......
  7. Targatogo

    Rear disks

    Sorry to bother you all but is there a knack of getting the rear disks off? I have tried to adjust the handbrake but the near side rotor will not move enough to engage the handbrake shoe (off side fine!). Either I suspect the shoes need replacing or the rotor has stuck - I have released the cables so there should be some room for manoeuvre according to the Bentley manual. The rotor will move but not enough to engage to handbrake shoe whichever way I rotate it. I have tried to turn the screws by hand to no avail but I have an impact driver (Halfords one) so do I just give them a clout? The two retaining screws will need replacing anyway as they have been slightly abused in the past by the looks of it! Thanks in anticipation....
  8. Wow and then some....! Looks gorgeous.
  9. Targatogo

    New SC Targa

    Looks fantastic and +1 for the lights!
  10. I agree - looks stunning.
  11. Targatogo

    Con Rods

    If you check this company out you may be lucky - used one though. If I remember they will check the weight for you and give a guarantee (even if only a few months) although you would need to get it tested. https://www.bassant-parts.com/contents/en-uk/d4975.html
  12. I agree - one of the most awesome projects I have ever read about! Can't wait to see the finished article (as I am sure you will be!)
  13. Ok - just an update. Spent some time looking for loose pipes and decided to get a better look by removing the air filter. Took the top off and found a pile of 'bits' in the body of the air intake. It looked as though the air filter had been shaved several times to leave a pile of debris. Once removed and air filter orientation changed, put the top back on the body, started the car up and.......no hunting! Will try again this week as the engine was warm and this may have had an influence as the issue is with the engine cold. Bizarre findings and I can't think how it would have happened ......not mice as no other evidence. Have ordered another air filter to fit this week.
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