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  1. Finally completed my beautiful Mexico backdated SC Full spec too much to list here but it has the RS ducktail/bumpers - Turbo sized Fuchs - Roll cage - Buckets Recent service and lowering/Torsion beam refresh with Lee Mayor Fantastic car runs perfectly no problems with it Some history not full by any means no evidence of rebuild or whatever but its really begging for a carb rebuild anyway! clock such as they are are at 204k I think very keenly priced at £45000
  2. What are a pair of SC wings worth? They are totally solid wings. I think the Dansk wings are £1200 a pair? I'll try pepfab thanks
  3. I posted a couple of weeks back but I think a forum update killed the thread. Anyway I have a 1983 SC that I'm looking for two outstanding bits: Rear cage Indicator housings for the RS indicators to SC wings I've had both on order with Fenn Lane for 6 months with no joy unfortunately. If anyone knows any alternative sources please let me know as we the car is in the bodyshop now!
  4. Got a proper panel ordered from fenn Lane thanks for the tip. Just trying to get panels sorted. Should be cracking on on the next couple of weeks. Got a prototipo steering wheel today that's the first step!
  5. Thanks Kenny I'm glad you mention EB I've actually worked on their site before its very impressive and I remembered they had an old porsche mocked up in GRP now I know why! Their main business as I recall is in making equipment for the farming industry. They are quite local to me so I'll get down next week and get some shopping done.
  6. We are just about to make a start on a mild backdate of my newly purchased SC. We are planning to do a sunroof delete, ducktail and front/rear bumpers. Am I right in thinking we will also need replacement wings as the 2.7 front has a small profile difference where the indicators are or do you just cut a slot in the wing for the indicator unit? Also the rubber strip that runs down the sides is this just stuck on? We would like to remove this. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi everyone I just got myself a nice 83 SC purchased from Stormwalker of this parish. Completed the trip back from London to Yorkshire with no incidents. I have a 987 Cayman but this is very much my first classic. Always loved the aircooled cars and the look of all the pre 90's Porsches. I think at the moment the only thing i'm struggling to find is how you make the windscreen washers work other than that its all straight forward enough. I'm not sure its such a popular option on here but I am looking at doing a mild backdate on the car with a ducktail and the front/rear 2.7 bumpers. The car is very solid only two spots of corrosion on it but I'm a bit of a perfectionist and although previously repainted it was a while ago and I'm looking at trading patina for something really clean and immaculate (I know!) Some pointers towards the best GRP kits would be appreciated. I run a GRP production company so am aware the the quality of such items can vary considerably!
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