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  1. Watched the programme on catch up last night..very impressive, love the Ronal wheels and can’t wait to see the finished article.
  2. I had one of these as a loan car for 4 days last winter, lovely bit of kit and with 300 odd Bhp and xdrive it was good and fast, you’ll enjoy hacking that about
  3. Depending on how you operate, this may be worth a look https://www.tradex.com/motor-trade-insurance/car-restorer-collector-insurance No idea on prices, but know a couple of people who use them
  4. Ok I’ll help you..you go out and buy the car for 45 grand and then change your name to Fred Bazdom by deed poll ,then you can say look I’ve got a nice car and look, the plate spells my name as well which is really good if you don’t like Fred, there are endless other possibilities to choose.the world is your lobster..easy innit
  5. Ahh I wondered what was going on when I saw it on the FB page.Like it..will make a lovely addition to the misogynistic stable.
  6. Hmm, I think Zagato had a cocainne problem, you know, good days and bad days..looks like they did the front on a good day and.....I’m sure it’s worth a fortune but gorgeous??
  7. You know what I’m gonna say 😂 Get yourself a BMW M135i, should pick up a decent old one for 10-12K . Stick a decent set of winter tyres on, suspension mod and stage 1 or 2 map.....RWD 400bhp Fun around those Welsh lanes. i know it’s not a Porsche but at least it’s still German, and they love a good polish
  8. E30 M3 would be High on my list for a classic toy Or a 968 Clubsport in Speed yellow suitably modified as a trackday tool before I’m too old to enjoy it.
  9. Totally agree..he is neither qualified or intelligent enough to think he can be an influencer in anything other than probably the only thing he’s good at, driving faster and better than anyone else.
  10. I’ve been on both and as you say open pit lane is better but many tracks have restrictions on the number on track at any time and have to slot run them. Still worth doing .
  11. GrahamTompkins

    SC Tyres

    They’re both good tyres and it’s very much an individual preference of what you’re comfortable with on your particular car. Ive stuck with Conti’s on my current car simply because when I bought it it already had 2 new rears so I bought two fronts to start off new all round. Rears tend to wear first. I replace every 10 years anyway ,which is due next March ,so I may well go for Bridgestone , not because I don’t like the Conti’s, simply a chance to try Bridgestones on the Porsche.
  12. Looks like a good honest car, looks like whoever bought it got a bit of a bargain. I’m sure you’ll miss it.
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