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  1. Look guys, easy....all wear your trakkies and plimmies and every time you stop go for a run for a few miles. “Exercise officer innit”
  2. All the stuff there you need to set up a Porsche Sales and workshop operation....all that’s needed are a load of innocents to let you have their cars on an SOR basis and a fast getaway car..trust me I’m a PCGB member 😉
  3. I know I’m not going Rich, but irrespective of what the individual countries are doing regarding borders etc, surely the overriding criteria has got to be based on UK. FCO advice on travel because it is upon this that the validity of travel and breakdown Insurance cover will hinge. Sure you could rely on the EIHC option for the medical if you really want to risk it, but certainly not recommended in normal times let alone now. hope you don’t mind me chipping in.
  4. Not valve noise,, too irregular..I’d say mechanical, does it vary in increasing revs?
  5. Don’t know if this helps Chris, but a few years ago there was a recall on a batch of Hondata ECUs where there was a fault in the power surge protection . I guess it’s possible that changing the battery may have caused a spike which has fried something internally. From what you say the symptoms would lead me to suspect the ECU.
  6. Not quite the CSL but not quite the price either.. https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/bmw/e46-m3-00-06/bmw-3-series-e46-m3-cs-manual-full-dealer-service-history-------2006/10380590
  7. I can, he’s hardly worried about future financial security. He’s a free agent
  8. If you manage an iPhone properly you won’t have the battery drain issues and updates can be controlled . There are a myriad of things you can do to handle the issues but Apple certainly don’t make it easy and most of the good info is on third party sites. youve got to work at it I’m afraid 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Done that... I used to have an offset funnel that was originally intended to put salt into a dishwasher..worked ok ..until I lost the bloody thing . Would happily buy a PB job if these were available.
  10. That could help. The wheel I have is virtually flat..I see Demon Tweeks do two types, one standard and one eccentric. Which one did you get?
  11. Love the mats, however, can you let me know what the steering wheel is..I’m going to need to change mine to a dish in order to get a more comfortable driving position..since I fractured my wrist I find the straight arm position very tiring on long journeys.
  12. There’s a darks blue one with gold wheels in my area, seen it around a few times..believe it’s owned by a local racehorse trainer.
  13. I would be tempted to grind a flat on each side and put a large set of moles on for better leverage , torx bolts are a stuff design for some applications . I had a similar problem with one of my seats and the bolt is enclosed by the runner rail. Ended up sacrificing the rail in the end to get at the sod.i tried everything else over a period of two days before I entered the destructive frame of mind.

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