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  1. I agree, my money is on a blow job . Had one a few years ago .! i think it’s normal to panic and fear the worst but mine was simply loose bolt/bolts..easy fix and much relief 🤞🏻
  2. Quick question Sir. I see you’ve put red blobs on the shield bolts. Is this to replicate the factory build process to show torqued .? car looks fantastic btw Graham
  3. Three 3.2’s over 25 years and I’ve driven my share of miles in the rain without problems other than a bit of misting. The wipers are not wonderful and I would suggest 964 arms which have double springs. obviously Targas and cabs can suffer leaks . Graham
  4. My son bought me an oil analysis kit from Millers a few years ago as a birthday present . You send them a sample which they analyse and report back to you.This details amongst other things the metal content and can even pinpoint the component wear etc. My oil at the time was ok thankfully and consistent with the mileage , unfortunately I can’t find the report at the moment, but I would certainly recommend the service, particularly as the cost of engine rebuilds on 911’s are serious, and the analysis could pinpoint an impending problem. Cost wise, if I recall it was only about £25 per test.. (the oil I had analysed was Castrol Magnatec) Graham
  5. That looks amazing. Sadly this is about as close as I’ll get to one https://www.carscaleworld.com/escala/rally-altaya-1-18/porsche-911-sc-almeras-montecarlo-1-18-altaya
  6. Outstanding .colour looks great and it really suits the 15” wheels. I can sort of understand why that colour was not that popular the time as I remember in the late 70/80’s Beige colours were all over the place on BL cars such as Marinas , Alllegros ,Princesses, and the gruesome Triumph Acclaim to name but a few. Keep up the good work, very inspirational Graham
  7. Good idea Ian , but I suspect originality is important here. As @SP72 says, agreed valuation insurance is a must. If it doesn’t have an alarm/ immobiliser, yes for sure. Ivan’s Lockshield is a good idea as well and looks virtually the same as the original bezel. Tracker wise, I have an old one where you have to know the vehicle has been stolen and phone the number to activate it, however, the newer versions are much more sophisticated so worth looking at. These cars are a bit of a target, particularly nice ones such as yours. Graham
  8. Fair point well made...apologies to Shirish also 🤗
  9. Oh well , so what have I learned..Shrish has questionable fashion sense and doesn’t like driving around corners, Haith has the verbal trots and a good sense of humour, Reddevil is just unpleasant ,, and Von Whatever has an identity crisis. shouldve kept 🤐.
  10. @Busybeeand @SP72 this chitchat drivel is irritating me....take it to Facebook or WhatsApp perhaps.? If it’s just me , maybe I’ll just have to put up with it
  11. I think that you’re going to have to do a few “tunnel runs” for us Shirish . Graham
  12. Looks lovely, colour is very nice.Reminds me of my 32k miler 1989 3.2 targa....challenge will be keeping it in that condition whilst still using it. I’m ashamed to say that mine became a garage queen. enjoy Graham
  13. Michael , dont be put off asking questions, this is a very helpful forum indeed, however, the subjects of Oil and tyres are well discussed already and you can probably get a lot of general advice by looking at previous threads. Opinions on these tend to be like A’holes ...........everyone’s got one.😉 Graham
  14. Bit dramatic for a full oil change Phil, but probably ok in small quantities to use for top-ups, also good idea to filter through a pair of the wife’s tights afterwards
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