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  1. Reminiscent of Ian’s cool rear lights 🤔
  2. E30 M3 would be High on my list for a classic toy Or a 968 Clubsport in Speed yellow suitably modified as a trackday tool before I’m too old to enjoy it.
  3. Totally agree..he is neither qualified or intelligent enough to think he can be an influencer in anything other than probably the only thing he’s good at, driving faster and better than anyone else.
  4. I’ve been on both and as you say open pit lane is better but many tracks have restrictions on the number on track at any time and have to slot run them. Still worth doing .
  5. GrahamTompkins

    SC Tyres

    They’re both good tyres and it’s very much an individual preference of what you’re comfortable with on your particular car. Ive stuck with Conti’s on my current car simply because when I bought it it already had 2 new rears so I bought two fronts to start off new all round. Rears tend to wear first. I replace every 10 years anyway ,which is due next March ,so I may well go for Bridgestone , not because I don’t like the Conti’s, simply a chance to try Bridgestones on the Porsche.
  6. Looks like a good honest car, looks like whoever bought it got a bit of a bargain. I’m sure you’ll miss it.
  7. I know exactly what it I is Phil. ...............Happened to me many times it’s your bank account washer, specifically the one that fits between your current account and your debit card. they are notorious for wear and eventually bankruptcy with these Porsche cars. All I can suggest is that you 3d print a decent funnel to keep the account at the correct level. 😉
  8. Yep agree there, your only hope is if it’s glued, it’s not technically split , but you do need a simpatico tester....the problem seems to be with the quality of the boots being poor in the first place.I replaced mine with Porsche ones last year and so far so good.
  9. I’d hold out a while for a better exchange rate if I were you 😉
  10. Well done Sir, top perseverance award 🥇
  11. I’d say £1200 plus disbursements and VAT is a very good rate for a sale and Purchase. I’ve done two sales and one purchase this year with my Solicitor who is actually based in Wales and his fee for the sale and Purchase bit was £1400 plus the etc I've used him for ages and as said, makes no real difference where they actually are, main thing is knowing that he deals with the transaction and always takes my calls as well as keeping me informed. he also acted for my mother recently and was able to keep her happy, and she can be difficult 🥴
  12. I’ll have those Bob, actually doing. My ARBs in the next few weeks..will PP when I get home Graham
  13. Idrive service history on a 2014 car is not crucial, it’s the stamps that matter.even main dealers were remiss keeping the idrive updated. Also oil service every 18000 is not recommended and should not be followed..12 months or 10000 miles. this advice is from an Msport specialist I consulted when buying my last car in February. car looks a good one.
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