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  1. Re the brake pad wear sensors, I redid all my brakes about 10 years ago and fitted EBC pads .I isolated the sensor circuit , following instructions I found on the internet at the time ..can’t remember where from but it simply involved joining the two wires together, heat shrinking a sleeve over the join and cable tying them neatly. As people have said..who needs them but I guess if the lights on it’s an MOT issue ?
  2. That looks splendid Nige, really suits the car. 👍🏻
  3. I did this a few years ago on a friends SC ...was a massive ball ache and I can’t remember how many bits we used but as already said slow slow and we used WD40 spray oil..messy but it worked ..easier if there are two of you .very satisfying when it’s done .
  4. GrahamTompkins

    Backdate Time

    Looks totally gorgeous, you must be very pleased .
  5. Just what I was thinking too. Would really suit the colour of the car 😉 Moss green?
  6. A fiend of mine (retired solicitor) is a member of a forum where they pose on lonely hearts sites , waiting to get picked up by scammers.Apparently they then lead them on a massive run around to totally waste their time on the basis that whilst involved they’re not scamming others.His motivation was a friend of his who was duped out of a few hundred thousand pounds and subsequently the poor guy committed suicide , unable to face what had happened. These people are totally heartless criminals but seldom if ever get caught.
  7. My guess is that Lonesilverman has has his mail hacked and that email, likely from Nigeria is a scam..makes a change from My father was a government official cobblers .
  8. The OP says otherwise the car drives OK so unlikely to be the AFM I’d guess. A good clean of the ICV possibly but would appear it’s working as behaves differently when disconnected. I went through the same process a couple of years back. I’d ordered a new CHT sensor but while waiting for it I cleaned the ICV again, took the AFM off and gave that a good clean . I was already pretty sure that the AFM was ok as I’d had the Mot done during the erratic idle process and iCO2 was spot on. New CHT sensor installed and it’s fine since then..(hopefully not famous last words) 🤞🏻. As a slight aside, one valuable thing that I learned to do was how to use a multi-meters basic functions.I didn’t have a clue about electrics before, and only have a basic understanding now, but jolly useful for simple fault finding ...recommend everyone who can’t does this. It’s a lot easier now with YouTube etc .
  9. Have you cleaned the ICV? Symptoms lead me to suspect Cylinder Head Sensor is faulty. Fairly easy fix if you have the right tools . Plenty of threads on here about it. If you’re not spanner wise, it’s a quick job at an indy. Ivan beat me to it.... he’s the man 👍🏻
  10. Spot on both.. I think that when you use it infrequently, when you do and it’s not 100% your expectations are shattered and you become despondent very quickly..I know this from my own experience .probably worse for you having been through such a saga, but hey, it can be fixed, and most certainly don’t close the thread please Shirish.
  11. I don’t have a definitive answer but I would guess it was the changes 87 , G50 etc...mines an early G50 and has 3 pointers.
  12. Thought it was against the rules to post porn on here 😂 Simply Luvverly ..that’s what you call welding.
  13. Wow, that’s a good hit there Haith...obviously burning the candle at both ends on this bad boy .😉
  14. I guess if you like them it’s fine, your car etc. Personally I quite like the cookies but favour the original finish . as you say, let’s see what they look like on the car
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