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  1. I’ve had his standard chip in my last 3.2.essentially no performance increase, simply smoother running and slightly zinger revving. If you want performance hikes he does a variety of other chips from memory.
  2. Yes it appears so. It’s interesting for me watching the cycles this car ( by this car, I mean the 911 aircooled )has and is going through since my ownerships. Today they are both the pleasure to own and drive they always have been but also seem to have become an expensive liability to buy and own. Back in the day, you could buy an ok car for well less than £8k , have an engine rebuilt for £3-4K, and parts were slightly higher than the norm but not stupidly expensive and readily available.This carried on till the early 2000’s up to which time I had owned three, none of which were anything but toys. Parallel to the toys I have always had the perspective of high end Mercs,BMW,s Jags , a Range Rover, and a string of X5’s to give me the luxury and usability element that made the 911’s even more of a pleasure by contrast. I then had the Sketchleys , and had to sell my best toy. I missed having one so in 2007 I bought my current car. Still plenty of affordable choice and I bought a good one for £11.5k. It’s still only a toy and whilst I have done a few bits to it ,it was valued 6 months ago at £48k. That sort of puts a totally different perspective on how I view the car. I probably couldn’t afford to have an engine rebuilt by the specialists anymore, but thankfully my son is an ace mechanic/ engineer with Porsche Indy experience on his CV and as he drives the car probably more than I do now, it’s his problem as well. Otherwise I would certainly cash in an breath a sigh of relief . I admire people who buy now but I am glad I’m not one of them at these prices. I can see why Doc is staying out and resisting constant persuasions being thrown his way. i know in my heart of hearts that I’m now too old to enjoy theses cars properly now but grateful that I did when I could. Can understand DG getting off the train and the current people thinking and doing the same . as I started saying, it’s quite interesting seeing this cycle rolling along , and refreshing to still see Haith’s passion keeping the love going. sorry for the ramble guys,
  3. I note the use of “specialist” dealer..don’t tell me the car’s in Yorkshire ?
  4. 80 *beep* and 2 cigar job plus a couple of rattle cans . Would look better without the stupid white stuff and his scribble. For some reason a lot of folk Yen for them 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. This debate will continue longer than Brexit but I think that it depends really as to what is locally available and stick with it.In my case it’s BP Ultra. The question of adding Aviation fuel came up in club racing over the past few years and has been outlawed, although I suspect it still goes on and at our level I have never come across a fuel sample being taken.Adding 2 stroke oil is fairly common practice in the classic car world, and although I’ve never done it, I can see why the theory would work.
  6. You’re making a rod for your own back with those lights if you’ve become a paintwork fanatic 🤔
  7. I think Foxconn are Taiwan , not China. , otherwise all our phones would have spyware embedded just like Huawei do don’t you know.😉
  8. +1 on the cage.Bolt in is easiest and a half cage will require minimum welding , unless you are going to strip the car. Fixed back seat and harness are also a must. this pic shows the value of a decent cage etc..Friend of my son, 140mph, rolled 7 times in front of where I was standing, very scary.Car is a total write off but the driver walked away , unhurt but rather pissed off as it wasn’t his fault.
  9. Civic Type R FD2 amongst others .less than .a quarter of the Porsche price......
  10. I’ll ask my son if he can help..he’s rebuilt numerous Honda gearboxes and has a vast amount of contacts in the Honda racing world. Any idea which model / gearbox’s?
  11. Check the insta post..link above 😉
  12. Suit the car well....nice to see a newly painted garage floor as well 😉
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