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  1. As Nige says, jump the pump, unlikely this would fail simultaneously with the fuse board work though..if it’s working I would suspect the fuel pump relay.the round red job. The only other thing is immobiliser if you have one of course
  2. Compared to the Contisports albeit old hard rubber, the improvement in grip and comfort is very noticeable. My son and I have also used them on our track cars over the past 5 years and they are great in both the dry and wet, however, I do expect them to wear faster than the Conti’s on the 911. I’ve also gone for a slightly more track focussed geo set up this time and given the fact that I’ve hardly driven the car in the past year it’s going to be an interesting new learning experience for me ask me again in 6 months.
  3. AD08R’s fitted...ARB bushes refurb tomorrow and ready for the weekend.
  4. Valid comments Les, when I added my son at 27 to my 3.2, I did have to do a heavy sell on his experience. I had also added him on a temporary basis when I had previously broken my wrist so perhaps that helped.
  5. I put my son on my policy 2 years ago, he was 27 at the time I’m with Heritage. £290.00 .3000 miles,agreed value £48k.
  6. AD08R s arrived today fitting next week.
  7. Nice acquisition to the collection.You are obviously going backwards wisely swerving the 2.7 RS so I guess a 356 next?
  8. Yes I agree Fred, but that one is really a museum piece and probably will remain unused.They tend to go for £40-£50k with higher mileage and it’s their rarity in RHD form that makes them collectible.The 1M is I guess .not really a 1series but the precursor to the M2 and the mass down market replacement was the M135i in hatchback form and the M235i in coupe form, but neither are proper M cars or particularly rare or collectible. Sadly BMW devalued the M by sticking the M suffix on all their cars, simply putting body styling and badges on and a price premium to boot. Quite clever marketing though
  9. Interesting advert and a stunning rare car https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/11473053
  10. Found these...... 20 seconds..as I said try leaving the key in?
  11. Mine was under the passenger footboard up the top , left I think.
  12. Sounds like yours is a Porsche immobiliser..I had one on my 89 3.2 and I remember it had its own manual. The key thingy deactivates the immobilise for a short while to allow the car to start and run. I can’t remember but it was a very short while before it would reset.Have you tried leaving the key thing in? The control box was under the passenger footboard.
  13. Same dilemma, plenty of tread but fronts are 11 years and rears 10. They’re OK but too old. Will go for Ado8r as my son can get a trade deal on a complete set of new batch ones delivered late May so I will wait until then. interestingly he tells me that Commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles including taxis are an MOT fail if tyres are over 10 years old, and it is expected this will be applied to private cars as well in the future which tends to be the general progression down the chain. I've got PS4s on my little BMW and they really are excellent tyres as long as it’s not icy, then they’re a handful.
  14. My father was a dedicated Ford man so when growing up a string of Consuls,Cortinas of various types,Granada and then he bought a Rover 2000TC which he loved..then went 3500 SD1 which he hated so back to the Fords. i had the usual succession of heaps held together with filler and wire..Minis,Cortinas etc. Then Company cars where I had no choice what I had..Allegro 1300 , Fiestas and Mk 2 Escorts, then a Cortina MK 4 GL.At 29 I started my own business and had choice..VW Scirocco Gti (2) XR3i,Porsche 944 and then Kids and practicality so had XR4x4, Mitsubishi Shogun, Mercedes 280 Sport. Jaguar SType, and then BMW X5’s 4 of those so I liked them obviously . the 911,s came onto the scene in 2002, always as my fun car and on second one of those now. At the end of 2018 my X6M50d developed a turbo fault which took BMW 3 months to fix, during which time they gave me am M140i shadow edition.. As modern cars go it’s an unbelievably fun car to drive.RWD 340bhp, 0-60 in 4.5 seconds....I was sad to give it back and though I still have the X6 now, last November I bought an M140i. since then I’ve upgraded the suspension, fitted an LSD and underbody brace, flashed the ZF 8 speed auto box, and gone stage 1 tune map so now 380bhp. Its fun again in a modern car ..as quick as an M2 competition, more comfortable more practical and not a wallet buster either. Plan is to track it later this year.
  15. The theory is certainly correct.i did this on my E53 X5 years ago when I had a snapped nipple on a front calliper.think the trick is avoid any air getting sucked back into the abs module so I used a pressure bleeder attached keeping the pressure in the system and then a bleed out straight away when all reattached.and the clamp released.
  16. Hope to get back to motor racing again..built a new car for the 2020 season but my son mashed the new straight cut gearbox during the final shakedown so didn’t turn a wheel competitively all year.Also bought a Locost ..seemed like a good idea at the time so planning to do some 750MC in that at some point...oh Pub and get my hair sorted after home hacks.
  17. Oh dear 🥴 Haith’s been drinking in the afternoon again ......😂
  18. Had mine 3 weeks ago today..AZ one. I had a slight sore throat the following morning but Pat says it’s because I slept on my back with my mouth open snoring..she’s probably right🤷🏻‍♂️
  19. Agree, very capable tyres and brilliant grip in summer particularly when pushed hard but the trade off is that the winter performance is significantly worse when pushed..when I say worse, the rubber is much harder at low temperatures to the extent that I notice it..sensibly I restrict my hooliganism to when I can wear a t-shirt 😏
  20. My observation is the MPS4s are brilliant tyres BUT if the temp is less than 4C they go really hard on you and it’s quite noticeable.
  21. You may be right, but it seems that FB is one of the most effective platforms to market and also one very dangerous one to flog a dud product as well. ive ordered some as it coincides with a bush replacement exercise where I will have the car on a lift for 3 days so I shall see for myself. Like all these things, I don’t have expectations that it will be brilliant, but as long as it’s effective, I will be happy.
  22. Saw this yesterday on Facebook and ordered some..will report then it arrives.
  23. Perhaps you may wish to swing by a particular Region , maybe in a steamroller ? 😉
  24. I have tried to trawl through the forum to get an understanding of what’s happened but there seems to be so much that has been deleted, withheld or simply unpublished, it is very difficult, so guessing, it seems to have arisen following the dispensation of the R5 RO. I’m assuming this was as a result of the Region not following the Club guidelines, rules applicable to Regions, etc etc. It appears that this dismissal was not handled particularly well, or indeed to the satisfaction of his mates. Theres some mention of a Member Survey in there so possibly the feedback on the Region prompted the action of his removal from the role ? ( it’s a voluntary position ffs not a contracted job)which is fair enough, although such action is never going to be accepted readily by his committee who were obviously also complicit in whatever the reasons were. How am I doing so far Chris? As a result of a constitutional glitch they can call an EGM 🤷🏻‍♂️ Clearly this has to go ahead but presumably there will be sufficient membership voting activity to simply squash the matter in favour of the AGM , which is how the issue should have been dealt with in the first place.
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