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  1. Hi, My 78 SC's MSD failed, lights on etc, but no spark. Replaced the unit with a sturdier MSD 6430-6ALN , a straight swap that took no time at all. Car didn't start or tried and was very lumpy like the timing was way out. Remembered reading in the 101 projects book about plug gaps and gap'd an old set of plugs to 1.3 mm, start up is better than ever was plus runs very crisp and clean. Different ignitions need different gaps apparently . Worth a try and cheap, easy to change in my case with PMO carbs. Andy.
  2. Hi...spotted these on ebay today if that helps eBay item number: eBay item number164125936819 Andy.
  3. Checking out tyres as we speak John, hopefully by the end of next week .
  4. I think they suit your car really well and look the absolute Billy bo**ocks , black five spoke Azevs even better 🙂
  5. Snapgap, bought it and used it. Great product and I found it foolproof in use, especially in the cramped confines of my small garage and basic home mechanic tools. There's enough in the kit to do three complete valve jobs......I liked it and my sc was noticeably better running afterwards.
  6. There's a set of German made ones on the bay just now, stainless steel and never fitted.
  7. Check out the Arcan trolley jack at Costco, really like my one.Arcan 2000kg Aluminium and Steel Service Jack - Model HJ2000EU
  8. Hi...spotted this on the bay the other day, might help...eBay item No. 123287728971 Andy.
  9. Hi Jamie, I'll take the front indicators please.
  10. I found them very helpful, salesman was a wee bit pushy, but over all it was a painless transaction. They were the only company I spoke to that were willing to negotiate the price and accepted my first offer.
  11. Matching numbers, crap paint job and tatty interior. Pmo carbs, brand new boxter brakes front and rear, new shocks all round, even the tyres were in great condition. My MOT boys were super impressed by the underside, better than some four year old cars. History with it and there's a good bit, suggests the mileage is correct.
  12. Hi, I bought my 78 911sc off Beverly Hills Car Club in LA it turned out to be better than I thought . No rust and loads off top quality parts, 55k mls and £15,000 plus £2,000 postage and packing. They were great to deal with and even open to offers, took £2,500 off the asking price of my car. Check them out for projects etc.
  13. Mine arrived yesterday and I'm delighted with them...thanks again.

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