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  1. Hi Lund, have sent you a pm. thanks Rob
  2. That should be: Pair of early doors and pair of early front wings
  3. I haven't but will check - thank you Ian!
  4. Looking for a few body panels in great condition Rear valance, early type Pair of early doors Pair of early doors
  5. update: Dashboard £900 Knee pads SOLD Door caps SOLD Rear seat backs £150 Comfort steering wheel £300
  6. I checked this one and it’s16” It is rubber rimmed not leather .
  7. Ha ha. Yes not not why I wrote that. I think it’s known as the safety steering wheel. Thanks for pointing it out Ron
  8. Selling the following interior parts in tan beige (also known as cinnamon) All parts are 1975. Dash and trim pieces are in stunning condition! Dashboard £900 Knee pads £300 Door caps £300 Rear seat backs £150 Comfort steering wheel £300 Please feel free to give me steer on prices. Had a good look about and can’t find anything similar condition to get an idea on a fair price.
  9. Hey fin, I notice the seats you sold are different to other early seats I have seen which have a metal bracket on the side. You also mention lightweight- were there light and heavy versions of these as I always understood they are very heavy. thanks
  10. Rocketcar


    👆too funny!
  11. Rocketcar


    Hi all, Although you may not be able to get a CoA maybe it is still possible to verify details with Porsche GB? I checked my cars details with them when I bought it. They wanted a copy of the V5 to verify I owned the car, I emailed them my cars engine number, gearbox number, chassis number and the build number under the dash pad and they emailed me back confirming all numbers were right. At a later date I also managed to get a CoA before they were discontinued. So at least maybe it is possible to get something back that is official? They advised that they do not provide the correct numbers. They will only confirm whether the numbers provided match their records or not. Hope that helps.
  12. 915/06 Transmission (Gearbox) for sale 1974, Magnesium Housing Special ratios 734 XXXX Really nice external condition with barely any oxidisation. £3400.
  13. Ideally Looking for a really nice example that has not heavily oxidized or blown
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