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  1. Rocketcar


    👆too funny!
  2. Rocketcar


    Hi all, Although you may not be able to get a CoA maybe it is still possible to verify details with Porsche GB? I checked my cars details with them when I bought it. They wanted a copy of the V5 to verify I owned the car, I emailed them my cars engine number, gearbox number, chassis number and the build number under the dash pad and they emailed me back confirming all numbers were right. At a later date I also managed to get a CoA before they were discontinued. So at least maybe it is possible to get something back that is official? They advised that they do not provide the correct numbers. They will only confirm whether the numbers provided match their records or not. Hope that helps.
  3. Rocketcar

    915/06 Transmission (Gearbox) for sale 1974

    I am open to offers on this
  4. 915/06 Transmission (Gearbox) for sale 1974, Magnesium Housing Special ratios 734 XXXX Really nice external condition with barely any oxidisation. £3400.
  5. Rocketcar

    Rear bumper wanted

    Ideally Looking for a really nice example that has not heavily oxidized or blown
  6. Rocketcar

    Is this Bitter Chocolate or Sepia

    That is good to know as I really like the colour! Phill - yes also quite Allegro!
  7. Rocketcar

    Is this Bitter Chocolate or Sepia

    Really nice IB that was sold here. The car is listed as Bitter Chocolate (also stated the CoA) but it looks more like Sepia to me. Is it just the light? https://www.myclassicgarage.com/vehicles/64986/1975-porsche-911
  8. Rocketcar

    Front strip down (including wings)

    Stupid question sorry - what is the blade? Are the infill pieces fixed to the front wing?
  9. Rocketcar

    Front strip down (including wings)

    Thanks. So first lights out, then bumper - but how do you do that? You know what I am like - I need a full set of instructions.. 🤓 1) Remove lower panels and bellows? 2)..... 3).... Does the valance bolt to the wing or any bodywork?
  10. Rocketcar

    Front strip down (including wings)

    Hi all. Having done the back last year now it's the front's turn! Any advice on the order to strip everything off the car including the wings: valance, bumper, bellows etc. Tips would be greatly appreciated e.g. also dealing with the likes of the washer bottle and oil cooler etc. I need to remove everything for some paintwork and also to replace a front wing. Thanks in advance! Rob
  11. Rocketcar

    Rear light unit - offside

    I have one I would be happy to exchange. Rustier than yours and the plastic inside has a crack on the leading edge.
  12. Rocketcar

    Tool Kit wrenches Special Selected Steel

    Just need 10/11mm one now thanks!
  13. Rocketcar

    Rear light unit - offside

    Is this still available?
  14. Rocketcar

    What a beautiful car

    Owner says it’s chassis number 13, not 7.
  15. Rocketcar

    What a beautiful car

    That colour with the silver trim! I feel like painting my car in birch green!