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  1. I am in Cambridge Roy. £200. It's Porsche OE
  2. I have a nice one but it does have the holes for mounting the front rubber spoiler.
  3. Might be the way to go. Don't need to perfect, just no splits or bad soft bits. Thanks!
  4. Long shot I know but I am almost there with an original carpet set. I am looking for some carpet pieces like in the pic Rear tunnel cover Rear 1/4 side pieces that sit below the 1/4 trims Front kick panel pieces Thanks for looking !
  5. Thanks Nige, They are ok, waiting patiently for some mint ones
  6. Looking for a pair of mint door cappings and knee pads in black. Thanks! Rob
  7. Nice car! Great colour too 👍🏻
  8. I have an early right one 74-83 number 911 505 342 00. In for sale section. Very good condition.
  9. Rocketcar

    RH overider

    Not sure I believe this type fits 74-83. Thanks Rob
  10. Rocketcar

    RH overider

    RH overider in great condition. Mounting studs are very clean too. Not far off new looking. Early type 911 505 342 00 £60 posted
  11. Can anyone help me what sound deadening my 74 should have? i have a thick rubber section for the parcel shelf rear bulkhead. Same for the rear seat section. i have this grey material on the inside 1/4 panels. This all all I have. What else should there be? Does anything go on the Floor or against the front bulkhead?
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