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  1. Hi, yes please can you send some pics via the pm. Thanks Rob
  2. I think I may have sussed this 🤓. Well maybe. I think the US cars had the rectangular “handles” and also the square light below the levers in early 911 and IB This is a photo from my friends original 73 2.4s in the US with the light. In Europe we had the other type of handles and no light, so I believe the reference in Haab’s book for 74 is for US spec as he also mentions the square light... That’s enough about knobs for me 😝
  3. They are actually referenced as a handle so I had the detail all wrong 😂😂😂🤣🤣😎🤣😎
  4. Interesting looking at this again as I think the book by Haab could be wrong. When you look at the PET for 74, item 26 and 28 are what I have in my car. The rectangular type 28/1 are listed from '75 onwards.. Also the early 911s from '73 it lists item 27 and 29 (same part as I have) which would make me think that the early IB cars would have likely still have used that style until the rectangular style came in.
  5. I am looking for an original sample/swatch sheet that covers 1974 models showing carpet types and colours. Had anyone got a copy that they can share on here? Thanks!
  6. Yes have seen early 911 cars have that style and maybe the very first g model cars were using those types. The early red handle is still available lable at stoddard and design 911 https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod130487/Porsche-911-Heater-Control-Handle-91442479201/ I have feeling the ones in my car are original like you have and maybe later in 74 they had they had the other handles. Or maybe the US market had that rectangular type?
  7. Really nice build! Bit of detail that maybe we can help each other with as I have 73 built car too... I thought the heater controls on the early IB cars were different to the ones shown in your pic. I have a 73 built car and researched this a fair bit so hopefully have it right (please correct me if you know otherwise)... The early cars had a red rectangular defrost knob and a black rectangular throttle knob - see photos, although in the IB book by Mark S Haab (page 86) he mentions that the early 74 cars had a slimmer throttle knob. However, my car at present has exactly the same knobs as your car, which makes me wonder..... Welcome your feedback on this 🙂
  8. Anyone have a pair of genuine new Porsche outer sills on the shelf that they can part with?
  9. That is brilliant! Yes looks like the other cars have not got the detail right LMAO!
  10. Not sure that would be beneficial, my car has no signs of rot in these areas. Anyone have any photos of the rear seat centre mount
  11. Thanks all. I get it. Anywhere there is a hole in the carpet and you can see metal on the floor should be satin black. How far does the paint go around the edge of the doors - how much black is actually visible? I guess this painted on top of the body colour?
  12. Thanks Apesman! Didnt know they were painted around the edge of the doors? is that seen when the doorcards are fitted?
  13. Does anyone have any photos they can share of the floorpan, showing areas that are painted satin black around the handbrake and the seat mounting brackets? Thanks in advance Rob

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