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  1. revo

    H&R 50mm Wheel spacers

    Hi Richard Standard spacers are about 25mm from memory I have enclosed some pics so you can see what they look like, also had a small suspension drop to improve stance. Regards Trevor
  2. revo

    H&R 50mm Wheel spacers

    Sorry meant to put £100 ono
  3. For Sale pair of 50mm H&R wheel spacers with all nuts required. Purchased new a couple of years ago and have been on my 1987 930. Car has now been put back to stock so spacers no longer required. £100 Cash on collection, Billericay Essex
  4. revo

    Selling 930

    Hi RSVP911 Not sure if you got my e mail but car is still available. Regards Trevor
  5. revo

    Selling 930

    Car now up for sale see for sale section for more info.
  6. revo

    Selling 930

    Hi Chaps Formerly putting the 930 up for sale but need some help. I am trying to put an add on the for sale section but cant see how to add a new topic. Not very good at this forum stuff any help would be appreciated.
  7. revo

    Selling 930

    Hi all I am not 100% sure i want to sell at the moment. I have had the car about 8 years now and just don't use it very much. I am getting another 997 this year which will mean the car is used even less. Just keeps nagging at me that there is a lump of money sitting in the garage that i could use for other car related projects. Trouble is i know that as soon as it goes i will regret it. I sold my 72 about 18 months ago to fund building work on the house so money not wasted but still wish i had the car.
  8. revo

    Selling 930

    Think the time may have come when i will sell my 87 930. Anybody got any ideas re best way to go about this? I don't really want to do a private add and invite tire kickers and test pilots. Does anyone know a good reputable broker or similar person i could get in touch with preferably in the Essex, Suffolk area Many thanks Trevor
  9. Have not been on for a while as thoughts turn to Land Rovers in the winter months. £10 is very reasonable these forums don't run them selves be more than happy to pay
  10. Do you mean the Great British Welcome on Friday at st saturnin. Worth a visit if your local but can be a bit of a pain getting out.
  11. Think there has been a thread already but cant find it, any one going to Le mans this year. If so could arrange a meet if anyone has any ideas.
  12. revo

    stolen targa

    Just got my 930 insured with Peter James with an agreed valuation at no extra charge. Well worth doing and very easy just pictures, fill out form and get your favorite Porsche specialist to sign it agreeing the valuation.
  13. Its quite an old club been around at least 30 years to my knowledge. Used to be more american cars and hot rods but now its anything goes Porsche Aston you name it. Have not been to a meet for a few years so don't know what it will be like but if its going to be a nice evening and just around the corner i will give it a go.
  14. Just a heads up chaps Piston heads Essex meet is this Saturday at White Elm Garden Centre & Tea RoomWhite Elm Road, CM3 4LR Bicknacre. Been once or twice before and apparently getting busier now so may be worth a go. Also a Eric Car club meet tonight at The Red Lion. Main Road, Margaretting, Essex, CM4 0EQ. Will pop down and have a nose as sounds like it will be a nice evening.

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