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  1. 108mm flanges, 6xM10 (G50 shaft) fine spline on left, Right is 4xM10 with 2 dowels and is coarse splined. You'll have interference with the end cap if you try to mate the G50 axles on the 4xM10 flange. I have one of the unicorn *beep* 85,5 915 G50 gearboxes and had the same problem with coarse vs fine spline stub axles on my 77, ended up buying some G50 driveshafts from Shirish that I refurbished. Not sure that I'm understanding the problem though, wouldn't just replacing your driveshafts with a set of ø100 6xM8 (p/n 92333203302) sort you out? This thread over on the bi
  2. Hi Flappa2, I'll take these. PM me payment details pls (Paypal) Thanks Chris
  3. Have a look at https://www.lanoguard.co.uk/, this is highly rated back home in Norway as a superior corrosion inhibitor product for salty winter roads.
  4. Well that won't be me signing up for a couple of weeks..... 🤣
  5. oh, what's this then, some sort of a classic 911 registry?
  6. Mine are folded as well, and goes "clunk clunk" when I turn the steering wheel, guess I need new ones as well..
  7. I just did that on mine, hub in oven at 150c and races in freezer, popped straight in
  8. This video is pretty good on how to do it in situ.
  9. 14mm cotton braided https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/14mm-ID-PETROL-DIESEL-FUEL-LINE-HOSE-PIPE-OVER-BRAIDED-/260749218947
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