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  1. Nice looking IB. Yes, I think these cars are much more fun solo or in a convoy of similar cars. Mrs Bee would want to install he man dual controls (funny how I remember that from my driving lessons at 17, all 8 of them!) if she came with me on most of my runs and that’s just not happening.
  2. Busybee

    3.0 Exhaust System Inc Heat Exchangers & Muffler

    Still for sale chaps.
  3. Busybee

    Stripped brake bleed nipple

    Lol sounds like something out of breaking bad right. I have some but it didn’t work for me on my exhaust nuts. Didn’t try it with heat though 🤔.
  4. Busybee

    Out with the spaghetti munchers today

    You’d be unlucky to hit upon a cr@p view in mid wales to be fair Phil lol. The spag cars were just cruising around to be honest. Didn’t hear one rev up properly except at the pub car park. Posers! Our porker boys outings are usually a lot more - err - ummm - spirited round here 😂 Great people though and really enjoyed talking about their cars and asking about little Shirl. My IB engine cover shield got a few questions.
  5. Busybee

    "We go again" ....

    Listen to the Mrs Shirish! Don’t often say that to a bloke 😂 Pleasure. Only if you’re leaving the keys here 😂 Seriously though mate, I know it’s a long way from you but no probs at all storing her here if you’re not using her for a while. And when you pick her up, you get to drive through this scenery! I’m not servicing her for you though. Don’t understand all that modern stuff you have under the engine cover 😜
  6. Busybee

    964 C2 Cab

    Wow! So sorry. So many reps. You lucky, lucky man! Congrats on that eBay buy.
  7. Had a top day out around mid Wales with a couple of Porsche chums and one who turned to the dark side. Yes, he turned to pasta and pizza. A good man fallen 😂 To be fair, a great bunch. Some stunning cars, good company, coffee and lunch. Stand out car for me was the 488. I’d have that in a heartbeat lol. The 308 was lovely too. Magnum. Magnum PI! The Ferrari boys had a lot of love for little Shirley. @fat fuchs Andrew mate, she’s a stunning car. Never missed a beat! The engine is really freeing up with the miles. Peach! Maybe new injectors to tidy up a slightly rough idle that only I really notice but nothing else. I’m not touching it besides that. Love it just the way it is. My new koni front shockers are so much better than the ones they replaced. Thanks again @Anil. Back to back from the sc, not much difference at all. A good setup and maybe those poly top mount inserts and it’ll be perfect. Flippin love this car! Pulls like a train. Great fun. Want a Ferrari to add to the collection now 🤓😒🙄😂
  8. Busybee

    Cool vids

    Yup, so fugly it hurts. No wait. That’s the want hurting lol
  9. Busybee

    20 Years Today

  10. Busybee

    Cool vids

    Worth living in a box for one of these Anyway, I’m off to show those Ferrari boys what’s what in my IB 😂
  11. Busybee

    "We go again" ....

    I must say, I can see both sides of the coin here. Temptation is strong to go for a newer, more “everyday” car that you can just jump in and drive. What am I saying!! An everyday car!! For you!! After months and years of research and implementation to make your IB exactly to your specification. Eeewww! With a kick ass engine, sounds that make a mortal ib quake and all the bits you’ve upgraded over the years. You’d feel disappointed every time you jumped in the BM if you sold the IB? Buy a BM or an Audi or a whatever as well SP, but promise yourself you’ll keep thunder arrrr5e (or whatever you’ve named your IB) for a couple of years to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Draw a line on development after this round and just enjoy the drive. She’ll still be worth big bucks when the time comes, and it gives me a chance to save up 😂. If you want somewhere to store her next winter gratis, let me know. Sure I can squeeze her in.
  12. Busybee

    There are still nice people in the world

    Love it. Jonny, I’ll have one of your air con systems. I’ll buy you a curry mate! 😂🤣😂 love it. I’m just going to pretend it’s my car to those that ask Shirish. Did you find the chips I hid around your car? Smell a bit chip shoppy? 🤣 Seriously though. What a nice thing David has done. Most of us spend our lives dealing with @rseholes and it’s so refreshing for someone to do something nice
  13. There are still nice people in the world. Yesterday proved it. A chap from this forum sent me a photo he’d taken and had printed out of me at Luft next to Shirish’s car. How lovely of him. No money, no postage costs. Just a genuine nice act that made my day. My wife loves the print. Getting it framed and up on the wall. So a double result, I get an ib on the wall. So thank you David and I hope you’re not embarrassed by this post. Genuinely appreciate the lovely gesture mate #nicepeople. Thanks.
  14. Busybee

    964 C2 Cab

    Love that! Based on a 964? White cab has sold. Ship sailed. Nahh 993 rear end right?
  15. Busybee

    "We go again" ....