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  1. Yes, a Paul Stephens Le Mans car. I’ve only seen them at car shows and at spa classic previously. Owner was a great guy. I had a real good poke around and sit in it. Engine was beautiful. You could see his pride shining through.
  2. Fab innit So many stereotypes leading to....
  3. Ahh would have been good to meet ya. Excellent day and the Irish club were lovely 👍
  4. Cool. Great turnout in any case. 40 plus cars I’d say with some lovely air cooled cars.
  5. BB looking good Andrew 👍
  6. Thanks. Drove up to see it today and did the deal. Few marks on the body being sorted out, wheels being refurbished for me and I got a deal on a 3 year insurance type rac warranty and a detail. Drove well. Has the Spyder wheels so I’m guessing they’re light weight. Pretty well specced too. PSE, PASM, PDLS, chrono, heated seats, cruise, pcm 3, sports seats with crests. It’s done 60k but hey ho, so has my current Boxster. Nearly half the price of a CR so there has to be a few spendy differences. Power, carnewal do a 200 cell cat header that they say gives 10hp. http://www.carnewal.com/products/987/p87017/987-2-Exchange-Sport-Cats New map, who knows. Reckon 340 to 360 is achievable but I’ll drive around for a bit. It’s a step up from the 245 in my 2.7. Thanks Richard. I’ll see how the brakes go but DS2500’s on my shopping list for her. By the way, can someone explain chrono to me? Not a scooby.
  7. Yup. Very good value. Wonder if anyone has experience with chipping one. This claims 320hp but I’ve heard 360 is achievable with a tweak or two.
  8. Ohps. Think I just bought that black edition Boxster after all! Deposit paid anyways. Gonna see it in the next couple of days.
  9. Yeah fine Jev. Only the back window I’m after really. Sides not so bad. Might splurge and buy a new one. Going in soonish as I’m reheadlining very soon.
  10. Gosh that was quick Doc! I spotted the error before you though ☺️ Updated version
  11. Did a little tally of likely costs based on Docs itinerary and hotels along the way. What do you reckon chaps? Sorry. Error in mins to hours from thurso to john o groats lol. Its 0.5 hrs obvs.
  12. Great story. I love cars with history. Like scars, they tell you’ve lived a bit. You deffo should get it back on the road but I guess you have your hands full with the build. Better still, sell it to me! 😂 964 c2 in guards red. Enough said! Even with a few dink’s and scrapes 🤤
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