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  1. Did you say you had a Mod07 like mine in Daisy you might sell Shirish?
  2. Grab a cuppa and indulge https://www.elferspot.com/en/car/porsche-911-carrera-2-8-rsr-1973-486108/
  3. Think they come with the wheel and standard MoMo horn push.
  4. Both dude! And a sunstrip. And furry dice.....
  5. I'd like one of those too Mark. Just need artwork, numbers and sizes and we can get some prices together
  6. Yup, bought them both from the same seller in Germany via eBay. Prices fluctuate with those guys because of the Euro. Second one I bought from the same people was about Β£30 more
  7. Maybe a sticker/tour pack and people can choose what they attach Richard? 2x interior window stickers Meatball T shirt mug cuddly toy (I jest) Be cool if the sheriff lets us use the IB logo
  8. Only one night mind When I watched that curves video, thought meatballs would be pretty cool? Maybe with 20 on all the cars? Front bonnet, easy peel off type? I can happily arrange to get stickers printed if anyone gets artwork, sizes, numbers to me. Should be relatively inexpensive but I can get prices up to get numbers before we get them done.
  9. Still love the details on this car. For 6 or 700k, sure they'd fit a flippy up rear spoiler tail for me πŸ˜‚
  10. Air lift baby? Remember a bloke on FB. Had a guards red C2 on air suspension. When it was on it lowest, looked like the chassis was on the floor. Think he's gone to regular coil overs now.
  11. Top Man. Reckon RB should have a night without his wallet for organising all this. Brilliant effort Rich. Thanks πŸ‘
  12. Good man. Can I take your CR in that case? πŸ˜‚ In all seriousness, be a lot of fun in the IB. Waiting for RB and Doc to buckle and get themselves a bit of old Stuttgart steel. And Stephen to say, what the hell, let’s do this!
  13. I haven't Rich. Will see if I can dig them out. If they're anything like their vids, epic! I'm in Mid Wales so likely head to the chunnel or ferry in Dover. Glad you're health scare was sorted mate. Can buy many things but health isn't one of them. We all take it for granted till something happens. Life is for living!
  14. Busybee

    Preferred tyre choice

    Not saying S02's are a bad tyre. Just personally prefer the grip/feel of the Conti's. Have a set of each both on 16's on two IB's. Conti's run better for me. Plus the S02's pick up gravel on the drive lol Thought I'd thrown a wheel weight the first time it happened.
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