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  1. 😍 wonder what this one will go for 🤔
  2. I could have a word with a local garage that runs world rally cars as well as numerous classic fords Chris if of interest. He might like some pro photo's of his collection.
  3. Not Porsche's! How very dare you! 😂
  4. Yup, was just about to say that. Book online then he contacts you Russ. 3 hours I booked with Daisy. Was there all day!
  5. Nice curve that Chris. 246 is great from a stock car. Not a longman 3.4 special is it? How many miles has it done?
  6. Great stuff Aldo. Glad you like them. I asked on Boxa.net a while back and a few guys said they were getting 15k and more miles from F1's. Well rated. 968. Proper cool. Any pics? Boxster is just an awesome daily if you don't need the extra seats of a saloon/hatch. 981 looks cool as f to me in any case. Proper glam. Think a private plate transforms these cars. Mine now sounds epic. Like a proper sports car. Burbles and occasionally pops on the overrun lol. Wife not impressed. Few quid spent but by gosh it's transformed the car.
  7. Not really by design Felix as you can see above. Rock, hard place. Glad to hear they're OK. You mentioned that you liked them before so I was fairly confident. Wondered if others had used a set. They'll be fine. Way I drive, 5000 miles will be good so guess the £150 saving will help. Daisy needs new rears already. Think I'm propping up the tyre industry in Wales!
  8. Tyres now. FFS. Wanted Michelin PS4S pretty badly. Looked around. Big bucks. Costco don't do the sizes I need at the min. Ended up stumping up £800 for a set with ATS. Fitted and comes with an Amazon pad or home thingy to claim after fitting. Booked in for Thursday morning. Great I thought. Get a call back from ATS. No Michies available until late August. Can have Goodyear Eagles but they're £920 and no gift. Refund requested. Have ended up with the Goodyears but from TyreLeader and at £615 delivered! £300 difference. OK, I need to get them fitted for £40 but what a saving. Hope they'll be fine. Any experience of the F1 Asymmetric?
  9. You saying I is slow!? 😂 I agree Doc. Best money spent on training. Just a bit less sexy than tyres, wheels, exhausts etc. Lend us a tenner mate
  10. Corr bit pricey that but can see its benefit compared to say a map, plenum and throttle body upgrade lol Let us know what its like Xris.
  11. Well done Xris. Free membership for IB users I reckon 😜😂
  12. Can't help on the battery side (have an odyssey light weight on Daisy and that's been fab). But I have installed cut off switches on mine. No more need to constantly trickle charge. Just turn a thumbscrew and you're good to go. Like these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-1-X-DURITE-BATTERY-MASTER-CUT-OUT-SWITCH-BATTERY-DISCONNECT-TERMINAL-202100/293598079583?epid=27017004100&hash=item445bcf2a5f:g:otEAAOSwbPxXQbmm

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