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  1. So good I watched it again. Ok, I'll have a 996GT3 (or RS if I must) and a 997.2 GT3 😂 Far cry from a car I'm detailing and ceramic coating for a friend!
  2. Love the idea of the first 996 but just can't get over the headlights. Try as I might.
  3. Great vid that. I could listen in to those two natter all day. Out of the pick of the GT cars they looked at. Which would be the one you'd go for 🤔 997GT3.2 for me.
  4. Go ceramic. Much easier to keep clean thereafter. Drop it off to me before your op and pick up after ceramic coated 😜
  5. Page 48 I can’t stop polishing the flipping thing
  6. No, we sold it shortly after WC. Hell of a house. Huge. It was all house and little land unfortunately. We shoved off to France for a few years. I still go and look at it occasionally as its about a 40 minute great drive from me. Shadow of its former self. I did wonder why you didn't save you back and get a mini mini digger in to do the bulk of your drive digging? Those little 750kg jobs are worth their weight.
  7. The very fact that you're doing most of this yourselves would make you a standout on GD. The vast majority seem to employ every trade and sit in a porta cabin or in a rented house until they run out of money or divorce. With a few notable exceptions. My wife and I built our own house in 2003/2004. Static caravan on site, 280m^2 build. An incredible experience and we managed it while she ran the business and I threw myself into it in 8 months. I was determined not to brave a winter in a caravan. But it was timber frame and brick. None of the spectacular stonework you guys are doing. Few st
  8. Ahh here’s to a speedy recovery. I haven’t fitted a conditioner yet. Think it’s battery +ve and negative on the post to the side of the battery under the frunk hinge on the left hand side looking in. Section in the manual. If you’re stuck, shout and I’ll dig it out. Lots seem to charge from the cigarette lighter
  9. Thanks. Yup, love the seats. Heated. Along with a heated steering wheel. It’s lovely on a crisp cold day. Those seats are no longer available apparently. No idea why. Leaves no heated bucket seat option. Quite rare I’ve been told. How many miles are you up to?
  10. Me too! Paint it white, slap rothmans all over it!
  11. It’s a blessing and a curse. Totally love the colour for the 10 minutes it’s clean but easily the colour that gets dirtiest the quickest. The red/black interior is something I love. Spyder heritage pack I think they all it. Just feels a special place to be.
  12. I went black. Well you know cause it never shows up the dirt! 😂 Fun day in Wales followed by several hours washing. Will I ever learn about black cars. I’m at 1400 miles now
  13. https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/road-tests/a32718027/2020-porsche-cayman-gt4-review/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social-media&utm_campaign=socialflowR%26T&fbclid=IwAR3k8DSHTWPFhJwi4B_BzrwhgsW-GFAL_XuP9fLibmKrCTGglNlzwqQSX-c
  14. Gotta be the longhood with a 3.8. Cool, quick, probably a much more valuable end result too.
  15. Wevo SL. The skeleton drilled type. Love it in daisy
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