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  1. Lol Only if I can gag Tim! Think my local garage are going to do it for me. Derwen. The owner is Melvyn Evans from Melvyn Evans Motorsport. Big into rallying. Want to hire a world rally car, he's your man!
  2. Thanks chaps. I'll take a look for that Les. Ohh nice mike. I'll have a look for that.
  3. Ahh ok so for a 76 or earlier. I have a 76 912E I'm messing about with. Not got to that stage yet
  4. Hi chaps. Bit of a recent occurrence on Scarlett. Starts up - always fires pretty much straight away. Hunts - as usual (Fenn lane said to just live with it). Used to use my hand throttle to pick up the revs a little until its warm. Recently, the hand throttle doesn't seem to do much (cable slackened off a little?) so it hunts and dies. Fine once warm and ticks over very smoothly and happily. Where do I start looking?
  5. Thanks WC. Have a little experience with RS.
  6. I'd get one of Matt's SSI Kits Chris. Especially if he's offering you a deal. I got mine from D911 for the SC in one of their sales with 10 or 15% off. Quality was very good (except for the short hose issue which we sorted).
  7. We used to use these guys way back. Customer service wasn’t their strong point if anything went wrong. No idea what they are like now
  8. https://www.parcelmonkey.co.uk/ just had a quick look DHL insured for £300 is under £15.
  9. Try mail chimp for courier quotes if a relay isn’t possible Roy. Shouldn’t be more than £20 insured for about £500 and collected from you on a next day service with parcelforce or DPD Sorry, parcel monkey 😂 Getting my monkeys and apes mixed up
  10. Thanks SP. Just read it through. Quite fancy a fruity muff-ler 🙈
  11. Thanks SP. I’ll message you. Anywhere else?
  12. Hi guys. Anyone recommend a good body shop to do a bit of work on Scarlett for me? I’m in mid Wales so midlands, South Wales down to Bristol etc easiest. Nothing major. Door gaps on drivers door, have a bubble (😱) on drivers side wing under headlight and a few touch ups here and there. Do Fenn Lane do good bodywork?
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