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  1. The insulation on both my sensors on daisy over the engine has cracked and is falling to bits. Guessing this could be a cause of a rough idle at times and is causing the car to cut out when returning back to idle when warm and running. Restarts by dipping the clutch and bump starting. Another job 🤦‍♂️
  2. Maybe a daft idea but can the quality of oil increase hp produced by a motor? I recently serviced Big Blue and the oil filter read 2019. Oil was pretty old and dirty. Don’t think it had done many miles and valvoline vr1 20-50w was in there. I used millers nanotech NT+ 10-50w and the motor feels smoother. Feels to be pulling harder at the top of the rev range. Just a placebo effect following a service or is this a thing?
  3. Thanks bud 🙏🏼 👍 Thought about it. Holds no fear now. Running well at the moment so I’ll torture myself with the prospect a bit longer. Besides, Big blue is at 317hp from a 3.6. Don’t think I’ll get that with the 3.8?
  4. They do look cool. Especially on double belt later motors
  5. Does 0.5mm make much difference if the belt is tensioned with washers anyway? I use them as they say Porsche on them. Always a nice touch when opening the engine bay 🤪
  6. Porsche will sell you the correct belt. Just ask your local OPC. About £12 from memory
  7. Servicing, polishing, clutches a speciality! 😁
  8. It's done! My first engine drop and clutch replacement. Lots of fiddling making sure all the lines, connectors etc were undone and a very slow lift of the car from the motor but it's done! Great sense of achievement and she fired up straight away! Result! I ended up ordering an original Porsche replacement clutch, pressure plate, thrust bearing, fork lever, cross shaft, new caps, screws, guide tube, pilot bearing etc. All ordered from Porsche and Matt. Thought I may as well fit the lot as it was apart. The problem ended up being the guide tube. The screws were missing off this and the guide tube fell out when I split the gearbox and motor! Must've been wobbling about in there and causing the wobble feeling under the clutch pedal. Oh well, problem found and new parts in. Also changed the gearbox oil for fresh Motul Gear 300. Flywheel looked good but we removed it and changed the slightly gravelly feeling bearing. The whole feels much better. Better action on the clutch pedal and shifting is that tiny bit smoother. Job jobbed and whilst its a big old job over a couple of days, I won't be frightened to drop the motor again. Huge thanks to Mike @flappa2 for a day spannering, loan of trolleys and generally guiding me through the dismantle. And thanks to my buddy Mark in town for helping me reinstall and refit the clutch. Two heads, 4 hands much better. Few pics
  9. Thank you. Is this the one I need Richard? https://www.sachsperformance.com/en/clutch-kit-sachs/performance-clutch-porsche-911-33turbo-93011691101-3000950004-s
  10. Trackday at Castle Combe last Thursday. Car was running well. Then it slipped the clutch a couple of times and then could feel some wobbling under foot when the clutch was depressed. Intermittent but I called it a day and nursed daisy home along the motorway. Spoke to a chap from Parr before leaving and he said it sounds like the release bearing had pulled it’s tangs off a bit. So a new clutch for Daisy. Reading back, sounds like it’s done circa 40k miles so not so bad. Question is what clutch to go for. @Richard Bernau mentioned it was a 930S clutch. Is there something heavier duty? Do I take this opportunity to transplant that 3.8 finally? 🫣🤔
  11. If you can buy new for circa 2k, gold painted with patina will surely be less? Not many will want gold painted unless they have a set 🤔😜
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