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  1. It’s a little surprising someone in the business hasn’t gone about getting the necessary fittings and offering replacement fuel lines as a kit. There’s obviously an appetite for them.
  2. You having a wobble Shirish? Go on. You know you want one! 😜
  3. Doc got a bit carried away with the fire lighters last bbq 🍖 🍗 season. But it’s ok, he’s looking for another bbq now. Too soon?
  4. A bit obvious but have you double checked each connection?
  5. Did you try a bit of ketchup Rich?
  6. So I’d really like to get this sorted. Think the feeler gauge method sounds a bit archaic. Like the idea of just using a reference and turning the screw out. Kirk tool, is that only available from the states? How about these? Gunson G4094 Clikadjust Tappet Adjuster https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B002WT4S1Y/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_7LBIEbQ399G3K Anyone have a loanable Kirk tool?
  7. Thinking of fitting one of these in daisy. Have a gap to the right of the light switch so was thinking a little cf panel and mount this above my phone holder. Little cable, job done https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293155190556
  8. Ivan, teach me obi one. I think without a feeler gauge would be so much easier but I need an exact method of getting the gap right by eye/feel. . Phill’s backside method sounds well dodgy btw. Is it done in car parks?
  9. Ahh ok. Thanks Nige. Sorry @Leicestershire. Think I’ve got it muddled up with that bit of kit that uses shims. The Kirk tool looks like an accurate angle finder then right. Easier than a feeler gauge? https://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/Porsche_911/ENGINE-Kirk_Engines_Valve_Adjustment/ENGINE-Kirk_Engines_Valve_Adjustment.htm
  10. Bugga. Never having done it, I’ve seen the spare blades but can’t quite understand how they break. Sounds like it’ll be a thirty odd quid spend. Paging Matt lol Always a little apprehensive about that Kirk tool @Leicestershire. It looks a great idea. Think it’s just the idea of having a shim in there. Intuitively feels wrong if that makes sense.
  11. Anyone got one of these spare? They’re not big money but for a feeler gauge bent over, they’re a bit steep.
  12. 🤣 I can already hear The Sheriff rolling his eyes! Wooooaaaaa big fella. Does it pay well? 😂😂 Awesome. Cheers guys. Post away. Loving the diversity of the group. 914’s to 993’s and everything in between. Hoping it will be a way to arrange drives and meets across a bigger group of enthusiasts
  13. 100 new members in 2 days. Loving this. Air cooled porker overload!
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