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  1. Cheers Nige. Yup, strut ball joint. It’s just the rubber boot that’s split. Do I undo the pinch bolt on the bottom of the strut and try to separate the bottom of the strut from the ball joint top?
  2. Quick question on the subject of ball joints. The rubber boot that seals the top of the joint, mine has cracked on both sides. What's the procedure for taking the link off the top of the ball joint to replace the rubber boots? The boots are under a fiver on fleabay with new clamping rings. Anything else to do in there while the boots are off?
  3. It ain't got no thing, if it ain't got that wing! 😂
  4. It works on a 901 box. Well it did for me. If the gear stick is extended it'll come back at you more for 2nd/4th but be further away for 1st/3rd/5th? Maybe a dog legged extension piece that brings everything back towards the rear of the car?
  5. Short-shift is a reduced motion of the lever not an actual shorter gear lever. If you put it back to stock, the lever will go forward more and come back further in the upper and lower gears. Your coupler could be adjusted to bring the shift back a bit I suspect but it may mess up the whole shift pattern. If you mark it as it is and play with it, you can always return to the original position if it doesn't work.
  6. Yup, think I'll attend. Gorgeous drive there for me across some lovely countryside and great roads. Don't mind which day but Sunday sounds good.
  7. Yup if you’re there then great. But surely they’d want to make it an event worth travelling for. As with Bicester etc., a carpark full of cars was it really. I’ve been before a few years back. Nothing has changed, been added to the show in any way. In fact, less stands. I just think if they want to hold events, they don’t need much more to create a bit of drama/atmosphere. A few bands dotted about, some memorabilia stands, a guest speaker or two, a few iconic cars on display. But literally totally forgettable from a visitors point of view. Can’t see me going back.
  8. So, fresh rubber on today. Couple of guys have said wear indicating I need to look at setup. These are the rears. Oh and a shot of daisy out in the sun scrubbing them in
  9. Now that looks fab. Quite fancy that. Are you going?
  10. Think I’m going to focus on events where something happens going forward. All good and well walking in a carpark full of nice cars but I want more to see for a 3/3.5 hour drive. Goodwood FOS, Shelsy Walsh hill runs, Le Mans, Spa. More my kind of thing with stuff to watch. I’m sure Bicester and Beaulieu are gutted 😂 This was Beaulieu yesterday btw. A carpark full of lovely pork. That’s it. Cheap as chips but was it worth a seven hour round trip. Don’t think so really. Except I got to see Beaky of course 😜
  11. Anyone else think these events really need to try harder. Always the same, even down to most of the same curated cars. Need few bits going on. A band, a few guest speakers from the sport. Few iconic cars. Use the strip for a bit of a show. It becomes a highlight when someone fires up an engine. I did Simply Porsche yesterday and its kind of the same. Just with the motor museum tacked on. It's just a huge carpark.
  12. 👍 I’ll carry the midge squirted, you carry the blue roll. Deal? 😜
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