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  1. Yes mine. Taylor 2. Schwartz black with the red interior. Love it. Know you’re funny about colours (and car names)
  2. Busybee

    Simon's 1982 911 SC

    Wow that's expensive for two quarter light plastic windows. Are there cheaper alternatives? I think I remember seeing the gill type side lights cheaper than that.
  3. That my pressie Felix? Probably 500 quid in Switzerland πŸ˜‚
  4. That is lovely Axle. The interior does it for me. Perfect. I'd have gone grey with the red interior but that's all I'd change for my perfect car
  5. Ohh nice Chris. Be an interesting project to watch. Are those long silver lines replacements for the tunnel flow and return lines?
  6. Spoilers rock. Gotta have somewhere for ya bacon butties as said above.
  7. Yes, news that further 718 Spyder and GT4 cars may become available is great news. I think the Spyder looks beautiful. I can see the 718 2.5T GTS in both formats tanking severely. Maybe 20K off the current prices if not more. 981 GTS will soften. Have been incredibly resilient so far. The new 4.0's sales will go ballistic once the PDK versions are available I'd say. A lot of people will be waiting for that. Luckily I'm a gear freak. Was talking to an OPC near london and they've taken deposits on 13 4.0's in the few days they've been available. Stellar demand. Maybe this really is the last hurrah for the 6 pot mid engine porkers. And a 4.0 badge will carry a lot of kudos!
  8. Nice collection @Boydyrs πŸ‘ Is the rubystone a 64 RS?
  9. Interesting PH article regarding values and potential movement of the market. Wonder what the new 4.0’s will do regarding desirability of previous generation porkers. https://www.pistonheads.com/news/blog/the-porsche-718-gts-bombshell--ph-footnote/41676
  10. Spelling dudes! Gapping! Gaping is a whole world we don’t want to visit on this forum! πŸ˜‚
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