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  1. Looks great guys 👍 @Wingnonut October - No quarantine 😂
  2. I didn't. Just don't listen to them either 👍
  3. Not sure I understand the logic in that. How would you feel if your milkman or dpd delivery driver started dropping national front or anti hunt flyers through your letterbox? Just cause he's famous, doesn't mean I want to watch the GP and hear about his personal and totally unrelated causes. He can do that on his own social media streams if he wants but not once he's at work and in a totally unrelated arena. Just my take on it of course and I'm sure some will think whatever cause is worth listening to cause Lewis said so. And I don't listen to the other idiot influencers either btw
  4. To be honest Richard, I’m not that up to speed on it all. Never split the gearbox/engine on one of these. Jevvy’s idea was to split them, see what we had and then order anything if needed. I was trying to limit downtime and get everything together before we did the swap. This was the kit I was intending on getting https://type911shop.co.uk/epages/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766/Products/2133. Thought it would be fairly comprehensive. I’m not keen on blowing £1200 on it if not needed either. Maybe Jevvy’s plan was much more s
  5. Think this thread is getting muddled. Started with a bit of a poke fun about Hamilton dressed like a pensioner on a scooter compared to the shagmeister Hunt swilling beer and living it up. It was about the then and now F1 champions and their style. Don’t think anyone can detract from Hamilton’s achievements, undeniable ability as one of the best drivers that sat in a car seat and his talent. It’s about what he’s like as a personality off track in comparison to previous generations of F1 hero’s that’s being discussed. Lots of people just can’t take to him. I think mixing his politica
  6. Thanks Rich. Going lightweight RS flywheel and clutch. Can I ask about the fuel lines. Engine bay lines. What fittings did you use and where from? Think we need to modify one so might buy a couple of meters and the right end fittings to have them ready. Project 3.8 is going live!
  7. I think Hamilton is great and fabulous for UK PLC. What a great sportsman and nothing can or should be taken away from him and his sporting achievements. I do however think he's been ill advised and ill managed. These guys have teams of people to look after their image and public persona. That's where Hamilton has been let down. You don't see the other F1 drivers dressing like a 60 year old gardener or taking the stage in protest of some cause. They turn up, talk racing BS and get on with coming 3rd or below. If he was properly managed in the media, hardly anyone would have a gripe I'd sa
  8. Looks great Rich. Speeding ticket aside, how’s the BM fun wise? And isn’t it more fun in convoy? I’ve hankered after a trip as you know. Just don’t want to be disappointed by a lonely solo trip when I always have so much fun in a group.
  9. Cut out of flat sheet. I made some spoiler end plates for a mate on his Cayman from Carbon sheet. Can you print carbon?
  10. But then I'd have 2 and I want mine in Carbon I'll figure it out
  11. Blinking eck Stephen, you dropped one of those bedrock stones on your noggin!? I can see the headline now - F1 designer drives shitbox!
  12. I'd like a blanking plate. With a 911 logo on it and a nice hole for a usb type thing, decent phone mount. I might make one from carbon plate. I deffo need a shelf on mine as the phone is heavy and without it, it falls off under hard acceleration. Don't suppose you have a scale drawing of your cup holder I could pilfer and print? I'd like one of those in Carbon plate too.
  13. Lots on the Anglesey track day were running on Nankangs. Flavour of the track month
  14. Isn’t the whole point of removing the stereo and speakers to reduce weight? Few kg there. Adding a cubby hole like an extra glove box is surely in part going the wrong way? A blank plate with a phone holder (magnetic) and a usb socket would be my preference. I’ve kind of rigged up something using a standard faceplate panel covered in alcantara type material (already in the car) by sticking a magnet to it. Short lead to the cigar lighter socket and cause Daisy is kind of stripped out, I’ve used a little foam tape (draft excluder) to create a shelf to help support the weight of the phone. Work
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