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  1. Isn't bluing what you do to heated steel by dipping in oil? Remember it vaguely from CDT classes in high school. Spray paint. Satin black. Whole lot. Job done
  2. Great stuff. Video was brill. Love the bucket seat 😂 Someone on here might have a lead to recommend for a glass fitter? Well on the way 👍
  3. Very welcome. Always happy to help
  4. No more than usual mate 🤪
  5. Easily sort your Nigerian identity dilemma Lukas. Send £1,000,000 to my holding bank in the cayman islands and I'll pop it back to you presto pronto. Once received I'll happily tell everyone how trustworthy you are and what a simply stunning fella you are!
  6. Can someone put Phill on the naughty step please. Just for mentioning it again!
  7. I’m just getting older I guess. Few creature comforts strapped onto a ballistic missile has its attractions these days. And when I really wanna drive, I jump in your old car and giggle to myself for hours! 😂
  8. 😂😂 your daughter is doubtless wise beyond her years
  9. Manual one of these with carbon buckets, club sport pack, standard brakes, few extras👌In a line up of sports cars, corrr. I must be the only one on here that loves the latest porker offering. I’m basing this on my Spyder which is just a sensational drive. Add 80hp, another 1000rpm and even more trick suspension etc, this will be sublime I’m sure.
  10. Nope, not alone Mark. With a few notable and mostly hugely expensive exceptions they are so boring. Like tanks on air suspension. The antithesis of a Porsche. Maybe that’s the attraction for some
  11. Yup I had a MK1 Golf GTi back in the late 80's and I loved it. Kids these days are on the whole not interested I've found. I've got 6 20/30 something nephews. They like the look of my cars and I've taken a few of them out for a spin in Daisy. They loved it. But talk to them and its the electric cars that turn them on. The more gadgets the better etc. Think its a rare kiddy these days who looks for a light weight performance car over a battery powered car from Tesla or BMW
  12. Still out there. Fiesta ST, new Yaris thing. They're just cars I'm not interested in anymore. If I was in my 20's again I'd aspire to a fab boxster or cayman 981S and feel like a dog with 2 ****'s! 😂
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