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  1. Awesome. Congrats! Beautiful pair 👌😍
  2. "When humans see red, their reactions become faster and more forceful." I like this https://petrolicious.com/articles/is-this-porsche-hot-rod-the-ultimate-lightweight-narrow-body-911?fbclid=IwAR3PMQPBiGgEyk8Oi7CVrHCQd8_7eTv9zEzREW89pGXNHFzi9w5oWenyx-U
  3. Busybee

    Sports Seats

    Not Mrs Bee that stops me Stephen. Its the kind of business and size of operation I'm afraid. Too small to have minions, too big to neglect calls. Not moaning. Good little business we have built from a kitchen stove and hey, I'm in my slippers most of the time Give me a few years and I'll be retired in France boring you all (even more so than now) of my exploits in a porsche. For now, Bicester it is. Brexit permitting that is 🙄
  4. Busybee

    Sports Seats

    Micro enterprise blues.
  5. Busybee

    Sports Seats

    I'm lucky if I get one week a year that I can hoon about the place. I go on holiday for a week with the Mrs and reply to emails every morning. Hard life at the bottom mate That's why I'm out most weekends doing stuff
  6. Busybee

    Sports Seats

    Nahhh. Get on it dude. Long time dead so suck it up and get one bought. Where else am I gonna read about near 6000 mile road trips!
  7. Busybee

    Sports Seats

    Do you reckon you'd enjoy doing a project again Doc?
  8. Get it clicked Jev. Its a video montage of pics with music mate
  9. Busybee

    Sports Seats

    Facings on bolsters are leather Merv. Its the sides and back that are leatherette crap My favourite seats. Early Recaro Turbo's. Same kind a pensioner got mugged for recently on here
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/s/x1y6sd2ltlzf8tp/Daisy duke 2019.mp4?dl=0 A montage of my favourite pics of 19 so far
  11. Very nice Axel. Sound like aggressive cams. Any lightweight panels or all steel?
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