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  1. Busybee

    Help me choose a new system....

    Arrived today. I’ll be going under the beast again shortly. Much needed? Either side of each gasket? Don’t want too much of a mess
  2. Busybee

    First drive of 2019

    Love em 👍 Thanks. As the beardy weirdy from Sheffield says, get out n drive 👍
  3. Busybee

    "We go again" ....

    Did you remove most of the filter arrangement?
  4. Busybee

    "We go again" ....

    Thanks for the link Jev. I need to replace mine on Shirls but with the original intake, can't imagine that being possible. Engine drop 😱 Old one torn in one edge.
  5. Busybee

    Light weight undertray

    +1 would look lovely in anodised ally
  6. Busybee

    Collapsible oil return tubes

    Shall we descend on Ivan guys? Spa, Porsche museum etc then Ivan!
  7. Busybee

    Collapsible oil return tubes

    We are coming to Spa in May Ivan. How far are you from Stuttgart?
  8. Busybee

    Vehicle Lift?

    I agree Phil. Only worth it if it takes the backache out. Looks great but where are you gonna store that flipping thing Two poster for me all day long
  9. Busybee

    Vehicle Lift?

    I think these are a really good particularly with limited head height but I struggle to see how you'd save working off your back on the floor? Its a 1m max lift. Unless you is tiny that is. Is a 4 poster a better option so at least you can get the full lift?
  10. Busybee

    Spa Classic 2019

    We are booked! 2 cars, 4 of us so far. Leaving on the tunnel Thursday 16th May and following this itinerary 2:45 departure on tunnel Thursday- Hotel Bruges https://www.ducdebourgogne.be Friday - Hotel Spa https://www.chatoiment.eu/en-gb Saturday Hotel Sat Night TBC Sunday - Hotel Stuttgart https://www.accorhotels.com/gb/hotel-A7M5-mercure-hotel-stuttgart-zuffenhausen-opening-august-2017/index.shtml Monday - Hotel Cologne (Karl's brother lives in Cologne so will be sorted out) Coming back Tuesday 21st Tunnel, hotels and spa tickets and parking are around £400 based on 2 sharing. Add fuel, tickets for factory tour and museum, food, spending money. Maybe £900 for the whole trip. So, who's coming? #RoadTrip!!
  11. Busybee

    First drive of 2019

    Everything is better with sunshine lol Thanks Shirish. Yup. 225/50's. Your car is now permanently on a wall in my house! lol
  12. Busybee

    Vehicle Lift?

    A friend just installed a 4 ton 2 post lift. I must admit, it looks a great bit of kit for £1600 but it is tall and wide. I’m a bit jealous. Would make so many jobs so much easier
  13. Busybee

    Collapsible oil return tubes

    Love the tips people find. Nice Chris
  14. Busybee

    My Shed Thread

    Looks superb Stephen. Great job. You even have your own exit tunnel to rev up in. I want one lol
  15. Busybee

    First drive of 2019

    Thanks. Salt free dry roads. 16 deg. Doesn’t get any better.