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  1. You been on the pop Felix? Glad they feel better. They flipping well should be I guess at that price!
  2. Glad Chris identified the issues Felix. Top guys. What’s it like now with the ohlins dampers and a freer movement?
  3. Do you mean near Abereiddy in Pembrokeshire Chris? This time of year, full of tourists. Great views but not the best. Head inland for better roads. Aberystwyth to Devils Bridge then to the Elan Valley and back towards Builth, Brecon and back across is a nice big loop
  4. Fun day out. Good to see @Beakyand @Chris_911. Some interesting cars I’m hoping better pics will be along shortly (nudge Chris) lol
  5. What time are you getting there Chris? I’m thinking a dawn raid before it gets too hot
  6. Think people are cautious to publish open invitation drives at the moment (Covid). Hope my recent Wales trip post didn't irk. Wasn't the intention. Something I've done for 4 years now.
  7. Just had a great day's driving through Wales with @flappa2 @sopor @Lungauer @Wingnonut and a new buddy with a 993 turbo. Couple of the IB's were having work done so replacement cars came along. Stunning roads, great scenery, a nice bit of lunch and the fresh air of Wales. Even the weather was kind. 350 miles, 7.30am start, 5pm finish. Fab! What these cars excel at doing. That and putting smiles on faces. Enjoy the pics of the lesser spotted IB's in the wild!
  8. Busybee


    2-4K to fix a 915 gearbox. Sounds a bit tired by those jobs. Whats the engine like? Body? Interior? I'd get a ppi if I was you.
  9. Was very good. I feared he might degenerate to type but seldom did. Getting the big digger and two tractors stuck was a bit of a farce but the rest was really good. I'm sure the local planners were pressured to allow the farm shop by the weight of the fame and amazon. Chaos there now apparently. I had sheep. 30 of the buggers. Fabulous characters and I had a pet called fat face. I was devastated when she passed away of old age. We even tamed a ram. He turned up full of machismo. Left us led in hand. The farmer we borrowed him from in France wanted to know what we'd done! Too much tlc I think. If Clarkson wants a challenge in series 2, he needs some goats! That will test his mettle.
  10. Busybee


    I've just had a pcgb valuation on my 77 targa (to keep up with the current surge in prices) - 55k! I think you'll find one but it may need work. Targa's seem to have become quite cool of late.
  11. I enjoyed it. Very laid back. Nice mix of air-cooled cars. Liked how they turfed out a GT40 for being in the wrong display area. He didn't look very confident reversing it 🤣 Good to See @sopor there. Shame we didn't know the others were going. We needed a red carnation in a lapel! (Don't we all always miss each other at events? - really should do something to encourage meeting up at these things) Met a couple of interesting folk. A lovely older couple drove both their 964 RS's to the event - cause they both wanted to drive! A chap had just fully restored a golden 914 which was lovely. Had a good chinwag with the owner of Ashgood about the market. He thinks there's a bubble burst looming so sell now if you're selling. Highlight for me was leaving the house at 5am and not really hitting a car to slow me down till Newport on the M4! Bliss. I hoofed it and was over an hour early! Sat at two starbucks en route whiling away time snapping pics. Fun day.
  12. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me
  13. I was thinking the same to be honest Rich. Long way for me. Maybe I’ll wait to see you in July
  14. Cheers Nige. Yup, strut ball joint. It’s just the rubber boot that’s split. Do I undo the pinch bolt on the bottom of the strut and try to separate the bottom of the strut from the ball joint top?
  15. Quick question on the subject of ball joints. The rubber boot that seals the top of the joint, mine has cracked on both sides. What's the procedure for taking the link off the top of the ball joint to replace the rubber boots? The boots are under a fiver on fleabay with new clamping rings. Anything else to do in there while the boots are off?
  16. It ain't got no thing, if it ain't got that wing! 😂
  17. It works on a 901 box. Well it did for me. If the gear stick is extended it'll come back at you more for 2nd/4th but be further away for 1st/3rd/5th? Maybe a dog legged extension piece that brings everything back towards the rear of the car?
  18. Short-shift is a reduced motion of the lever not an actual shorter gear lever. If you put it back to stock, the lever will go forward more and come back further in the upper and lower gears. Your coupler could be adjusted to bring the shift back a bit I suspect but it may mess up the whole shift pattern. If you mark it as it is and play with it, you can always return to the original position if it doesn't work.
  19. Yup, think I'll attend. Gorgeous drive there for me across some lovely countryside and great roads. Don't mind which day but Sunday sounds good.
  20. Yup if you’re there then great. But surely they’d want to make it an event worth travelling for. As with Bicester etc., a carpark full of cars was it really. I’ve been before a few years back. Nothing has changed, been added to the show in any way. In fact, less stands. I just think if they want to hold events, they don’t need much more to create a bit of drama/atmosphere. A few bands dotted about, some memorabilia stands, a guest speaker or two, a few iconic cars on display. But literally totally forgettable from a visitors point of view. Can’t see me going back.
  21. So, fresh rubber on today. Couple of guys have said wear indicating I need to look at setup. These are the rears. Oh and a shot of daisy out in the sun scrubbing them in
  22. Now that looks fab. Quite fancy that. Are you going?
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