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  1. Wing on driver's side today and rear bumper fitted. Starting to look like a car again.
  2. It's all looking excellent, keep it going.
  3. Β£399 from classiccarstereo.co.uk. It'll be on my list for Santa πŸŽ….
  4. Thanks for all the encouraging comments, I'll post some more photos soon.
  5. Absolutely delighted, glad to have found someone that didn't take a sharp intake of breath and say he'd phone me back but never does. Everything has been done when he said he would and to my eyes looks great.
  6. Cheers Craig, yes it's lovely and shiny. Pop up anytime now that you've retired. Thanks, it'll be 3 years in January since I got it, but enjoyed it all. Now looking forward to driving it😁.
  7. I'll have another try later. I dismantled mine for painting and I noticed the plastic sleeve that your talking about, I'll clean it all up and pay more attention when rebuilding again. I'll let you know how I get on.
  8. Thanks again, I'll fiddle about with them and see if I can work it out.
  9. Thanks Nige, I see the plastic sleeve,how do I know the correct position? Are there any markings to go by?
  10. I've fitted the exterior door handles back on to my car, first of all driver's door would open but wouldn't lock, passenger door would lock and open (battery is connected). I then swapped the lock pins over and put the handles on opposite sides, both opening but not locking. What am I doing wrong?
  11. Thanks, it's good to be at this stage. Keep up the excellent work on your one.
  12. Excellent work as always.
  13. Morning David, could I have the remaining carpet retainers please. If you can put them beside the starter motor I'll pop up to see you before the end of the month. Thanks, Andrew.
  14. Another vote for Mike Bainbridge, really nice guy to deal with.
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