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  1. Does anyone know where I could get one of these? Oil pump drive gear 915 307 327 11 Maybe someone with a 915 gearbox that's beyond repair has this part lying about. Thank you.
  2. Thanks, just let me know payment details once you find out about the postage.
  3. Andy352

    Rear disks

    You're not going to do any harm giving them a clout with your impact hammer, maybe spray some WD40 on and leave overnight.
  4. Hello, I'll take them all please as long as postage is included. Thanks.
  5. Andy352

    New SC Targa

    Looking very good Craig, good luck with the MOT.
  6. Had a nice run down to Mike Bainbridge's this morning, he stripped my gearbox while I was there. Very interesting, he quickly found that it had been rebuilt before but not very well !! Lots of loose nuts and hammer marks where there shouldn't be. A worthwhile trip so just waiting for the list of parts needed now. I also had the painter down last week to give my car the once over, he will hopefully get it in for painting next month. Two years since I bought the car so this feels like real progress.
  7. Andy352

    Servo help.

    I stripped and rebuilt my pedal cluster using new brass bushes. When fitting back to the car I struggled to fit the connecting bar to the servo. The servo is absolutely solid, I can't get any movement at all. The engine is out of the car so I'm wondering if this is because there's no vacuum. If this is the case how do I build the pressure up again?
  8. Andy352

    Front Fogs

    Some not very good photos of mine Craig.
  9. The sills that came off had plastic plugs in them, I presumed this was for cavity wax. Rivnuts do look like a good solution for me.
  10. No, there was nothing there at all when I stripped it. Will have a look at rivnuts, thanks for the suggestion.
  11. Has anyone found a different/better way to fit the sill covers? I was doing a trial fit with mine and was wondering if I should weld some bolts on to the car to fix the bottom lugs. I'm quite happy about screwing the top on but is there an alternative for fixing the bottom? Any suggestions.
  12. Thanks for the positive replies, I'll keep the photos coming.👍
  13. I know what you're up against, every bit of rotten bodywork that I've removed from mine reveals more rot. As long as you're enjoying it then keep up the great work, walk away if you're not enjoying it, it'll still be there when you go back to it. I've been nearly 2 years at my one, really enjoying doing it and it's so satisfying when a section gets finished and you can move on to the next bit. Keep the updates coming.
  14. I'm back on to my restoration, more crusty bits to replace, my new assistant is a dalmatian puppy who is slowing work down even more. Some photos of the nearside floor, making these bits myself as I know there will still be lots of expense to come.
  15. Love the colour Craig, very 1970's !! You're putting me to shame again with my glacial progress.
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