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  1. Yes, it was a great day. Delighted that the cars never missed a beat.
  2. See you on Friday Jamie, yes fingers crossed for the weather continuing like this.
  3. Morning Raymond, don't think it'll be a problem getting back for early evening, I'm not planning on being out all day either. The only bit of the route I'm suggesting is when leaving Kinross head to Glenfarg then through Bridge of Earn to Perth for our stop at the Porsche garage. After that we can head in any direction ( Crieff, Comrie, Lochearnhead maybe? ) Sorry to hear we're not getting to drop in at David's, that would have been a good stop. If you need rescuing from the outlaws David just give us a shout 😂.
  4. I've got a feeling that David Gander was getting his Andy's mixed up, Andy 352 and Andy 911. I'll hopefully be going in to see David soon so will find out.
  5. We'll definitely pop in by you David, sometime in May. As Craig says we'll keep in touch.
  6. Being a man of leisure I can do weekdays 😀😀. Kinross services as a meeting point will hopefully suit most people.
  7. Plenty notice will be given, looking forward to it.
  8. I tried to straighten mine once I'd removed them but they have to be perfect for the handbrake shoes to sit right. My invoice says £64.50 each but they sent me Turbo ones by mistake and then swapped them so don't know the actual price. We'll surely manage a run next year!!!
  9. I damaged mine getting them off, tried everything but ended up just hammering them off. I'm pretty sure they weren't that expensive from Porsche, I'll have a look through my invoices.
  10. Craig, I've got the proper socket for the bottom of the ball joints if you need one. Let me know, I can pop through during the week (keeping my distance of course !!)
  11. Brand new Scania, what's there to complain about? 😁 I'm pretty sure that there's an X version of the Scania available now. Absolutely love this thread.
  12. Excellent news 👍👍.
  13. That's looking very very nice, well worth the wait.
  14. I used Progrip in Larbert, he knows what he's doing and let's you watch while he's working on your car. Did my '85 3.2 after I finished my restoration.
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