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  1. 70sThrowback


    I have just been in contact with Simon about making me some bespoke mats. He was really responsive and came back with a price and options straight away. I haven't ordered yet, but I know people of FB forums that are really happy with his work
  2. you can pick the bumperettes up for about £130 each, have a look on Ebay. Probably cheaper if you are happy to get some that aren't in perfect condition. I bought an old pair I think on here for £20, just to get me through until I did a restoration, still have them lying around I think. I was considering doing a delete at the time, but in the end I decided against it.
  3. 70sThrowback

    Red Madras Tartan Fabric 1973-75

    Excellent, thanks for the info
  4. 70sThrowback

    Red Madras Tartan Fabric 1973-75

    Do we know what company in Scotland made the fabric? I am looking for tartan, not sure which one I need to chose a colour first as this is new to the car not a restoration. So I just need fabric for a seat upholsterer to do the work. Thanks
  5. 70sThrowback

    Welcome to Impactbumpers

    I am with Steve^^ no issues driving a LHD. The only pain is car parks where its ticketed entry / exit.
  6. 70sThrowback

    GT3/Singer style backbox options

    Hey MK, noticed you have joined and started replying. Do you supply in the UK? If so can you point us in the direction of suppliers please. Thanks
  7. 70sThrowback

    Gear stick crush sleeve / tolerance ring

    Sleeve arrived yesterday thanks Matt.
  8. 70sThrowback

    Gear stick crush sleeve / tolerance ring

    Thanks for the replies: Didn't try Porsche, not sure why I didn't think of them. Roger Bray were closed hence I didn't call, thought someone on here must have gone through this Matt, you will be pleased to know I checked you first. I searched using the Porsche part number though, as well as crush sleeve and tolerance ring and nothing came up. Obviously I should have searched using retainer inner sleeve . Order now placed. Thanks all
  9. 70sThrowback

    Gear stick crush sleeve / tolerance ring

    Hi all, changing the gear knob on my 915 and need to get a new one of this part number 999.532.003.00 The only place in the UK I can find them is Roger Bray, which is great. But given the part is £5 I can't bring myself to pay £7 p+p. Does anyone have one lying around they no longer need? Thanks Jonny
  10. 70sThrowback

    Porsche Specialist Reviews

    Full Throttle Classics in West Yorkshire did a bare metal restoration for me which included a small bit of welding and suspension refresh. Russ isn't a Porsche specialist, but did have 3 in whilst mine was being done, I met one of the other owners who was very happy with all the work he got done. Russ was top notch, delivered on time and on budget. http://www.fullthrottleclassics.co.uk/
  11. 70sThrowback

    Curious water leak in driver rear footwell

    I would start with the rear windscreen seals, then maybe the rear quarters
  12. run the wire from the front side lights up to your new H4's. You will need to extend it slightly, that then just leaves the indicator function on those bulbs. In terms of front lights if you want to get it MOT'd quickly just look for 7" sealed beams on Amazon, you will be able to get a pair for £20-£30. Not original but a direct replacement. In terms of rears, not sure I didn't need to do anything with mine. It did have red rear lenses though which I changed for ones like yours.
  13. 70sThrowback

    Newbie questions

    I fitted this stereo, I am all modern now with bluetooth and handsfree. For SatNav I wedge my iphone in the open ashtray, it slots in perfectly and then means I get the instructions through my car speakers.
  14. 70sThrowback

    Today I did this in/for/with my IB 911

    Trip to the Lakes over the weekend and took in Wrynose and Hardknot pass, great fun
  15. 70sThrowback

    Engine Grill paint query

    I thought I would ask before I got the spanners out. Does the mesh come apart from the bar part of the grill? I am planning to paint the mesh part to a non black colour to match the decals on my car. Thanks in advance Jonny