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  1. been to NY500 a couple of times. Decent food and coffee, lots of parking. Not a lot of room if its raining though. Its also only a few miles from Matthewsons Auctions in Thornton le dale too for a combined auto day out.
  2. yes, like that a lot. 914's always seem to have been unfairly underated in my view.
  3. I emailed the OPC and got nothing but an email back, time to chase me thinks
  4. doing the same, chronmics directly for the RAT test, as above you could have the same person do the test to get all negative results. We are taking our own lateral flows too to make sure we have no nasty surprises. On the day2 test I found a company called assured screening do the postal ones for under £50. We have previously used them to get the teenager a PCR result to be able fly so at least have experience of them.
  5. Just in case anyone is in the York area and fancies popping along, I have organised a TIPEC Yorkshire Region breakfast meet at the Motorist Hub in Sherburn in Elmet. Plan to arrive between 9.30-9.45, there will only be about 30 cars, and we are sharing the morning with the Nissan GTR club. However they do a good breakfast and if you're in the area anyway its also got a decent workshop to look around. Plus unlike Sunday mornings there is no entry fee. https://www.themotorist.com/
  6. I have a friend who is looking for an early 80's 911, so he has sent me plenty of for sale ads to look at. Ones that have had the kidney bowls / b pillars done, with plenty of history and basically nothing to do are around the £40-£45k mark. Targa's the lower end, coupe's the higher end.
  7. Adigra, join the Yorkshire TIPEC group. You can join the facebook group without being a paid member and see what its like. Yesterday 19 cars went to NY500 near Pickering, Aug 1st I think Newby Hall which you are already booked in to, so perhaps join the group for a run there together. Aug 22nd meeting at the motorist. So there are definitely things going on in the region if you are interested.
  8. interesting, maybe people are just getting on with it and enjoying being out and about again. Personally this year I have backdated my 912E, and swapped the 1 year only unobtanium FI system for carbs. Right now I am just enjoying being out and about. Have an annoying issue with the stereo which has decided to stop audio so need to check that. Also if I rush 1st to 2nd gear change its difficult to get in (like accelarating uphill). Anyway always something to be looking at. I am getting more active in my local TIPEC club so doing drives with them. Maybe others are doing the same?
  9. look forward to seeing the build thread. always good to see something a bit different.
  10. I can't disagree with you Haith. I think that there are several of these events now, so we have become somewhat accustomed to them. Once you've walked around a field of cars once doing the same again at another event loses its novelty.
  11. understand the point about the car park. I personally enjoyed Simply Porsche as I wasn't there just for the Porsches. I went with the family and have never been before. The Beaulieu grounds are lovely, the motor musuem is really good and the kids loved seeing the Top Gear cars. However there is no way I would drive there just for the show, its a 10 hour return trip for me.
  12. biggest issue for me is having had holidays moved from 2020 that are currently on the Amber list, which means you can fly there legally so you either go and face all the things that go with it. Or attempt to find another option and pay double the price. Well or lose your money! For me if its Amber or Red the FCO advice should be non-essential travel only, which is not the case for a lot of Amber countries, at least this way you can get a refund. Oh well its an ever changing world so lets see.
  13. I like the idea and thought of good quality. However this is something I wouldn't wear, I do wear polo shirts but for me the designs are too busy and tbh I think there is a stigma of driving a Porsche and then wearing the same branded clothing. In the same way I wouldn't get a Porsche sports bag. From my experience of watching footage of YouTube I think these would go down well in the American Cars and Coffee culture.
  14. It does feel they are saying take it or leave it, up to you. I just wondered if they were right in that assumption, sounds like perhaps not. But they are definitely not fighting to keep you.
  15. does the cover compare? Or are they correct in that their insurance is superior?
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