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  1. great updates, keep them coming as we are all living the trip through you
  2. I get wind noise over 50mph from the right hand side. I've tried everything including taping up the bonnet and door gaps and its still there. I have given up at this stage
  3. You and everyone else. I was thinking about replanning my May NC500 trip for September but it sounds like carnage. Lots of people, not all campsites or accomodation has reopened, disgruntled locals. Just make sure you have your hotels booked just in case.
  4. it sounds interesting, but along with Boxengasse I am not going to risk it. I live too far away to do it in a day, so need to book a hotel for the night before. The risk of local lockdowns and rule changes leading to cancellations put me off tbh. If I live closer I would give this a go though
  5. I got tagged the nickname 70sThrowback by my pals due to my love of all things retro, particularly the 70s. This stuck and I officially adopted it when having a grill for my campervan lasered with the moniker
  6. Signed up too, very happy to support what has been a great source of knowledge for me over the last 3 years. Thanks
  7. If the choice was to change to EV, or scrap the car due to legislation or it being cost prohibitive to run, what then? The car would likely be worthless as you can no longer use it......... just a thought.
  8. Yep I bought some and they definitely work. So there will be demand for yours at that price,
  9. It seems to be only certain local OPC's where the regional club has a good relationship with. For example Bolton with the NW group.
  10. I assume its both? Either way I definitely had some fuel leaking from this area and this looks to be the obvious culprit, but whether its gas or fuel, I will still replace it.
  11. WellI think I have found the culprit, anyone know a UK supplier? I am assuming this is standard hose that doesn't need to come from Porsche?
  12. used most of it on the lawnmower and then the chainsaw, doing all those tasks that I meant to do but never got round to.
  13. I think it was too much just to be the filler neck, it was a strong constant drip. In normal circumstances I would do the jerry can, but given essential journey restrictions etc I am not sure this falls under that category. I will look for the braided hoses and see if there is anything obvious, but I agree I can't see it being the expansion tank filling. It seems much more likely the hose is perished on the way to it.
  14. thats obviously an option, and its likely that because it was a hot day this caused even more expansion. So just keeping it slightly over 3/4 will act as a workaround for now, But ultimately I want to fix it or indeed understand if it was that the expansion tank was also full. it looked to be around the inside of the front tyre. But I didn't want to lay under the car on the forecourt in petrol and oil spills so can't be 100%. Then by the time I got home it had stopped.
  15. I am guessing the 912E is the same as the 911 of the same year. The only difference I know of are the running gear. But I am sure the 76 is different to the 88 anyway, similar but 88 was improved. This hasn't happened before so either its a new fault, or I think more likely its that due to the constant cutting off when filling to the top I never bother so its not needed to expand out before.
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