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  1. Man this is so scary and without warning. So sorry to hear, but at least nobody was hurt which is the main thing.
  2. I was at the garage I mentioned today and was talking to the owner about this. Its a very common issue, he said he is happy to chat with you. He can give you a best case and worst case scenario, that way you know where you are. My advice, take the car, go along. Have a chat and look around and try a couple of other recommended places too and then make your choice.
  3. I think the problem with your particular rust, is that they will not be able to quote accurately until they reveal the extent of the corrosion. My advice would be to have a chat with recommended garages. I also went to Performance Porcshe in Brighouse with Tipec. They do a lot of resto work and had some nice cars in, but haven't used them personally so can't recommend them from my own experience.
  4. I got a crosstour one, about £40 and came with a wrist strap you wear like a watch. It has 2 buttons so you can take photo's or videos without touching the camera
  5. I went and really enjoyed it. Having not made one of the Scrambles, this was my first time at Bicester Heritage and for me it was the perfect event. Weather obviously helped, but also I had 2 young children with me, due to it being relatively quiet they could run around without getting lost in the crowds. It was a relaxing event and easy to get good views of all the cars without waiting in an instagram queue. For a first time event, I thought they did a good job. The car park was a good selection too ps great photo's Chris
  6. Great road, I did Wrynose and Hardknott last September, but it can get busy...
  7. whereabouts in Yorkshire are you? I had a bare metal resto done at fullthrottleclassics in Thorp Arch. Its a classic car place not specifically Porsche, but he always seems to have one or two in. Russell is the owner, he is a one man band, so you only deal with him. I was very pleased with the results.
  8. Got the same itinerary as you Haith. I am bringing my Dad with me for a boys weekend away. Think it should be fun. I may go to Caffeine & Machine instead of track viewing though
  9. Yep I am there, couldn't do last weekend, so thought this would be a good second best.
  10. thanks all, minor issue solved. Now looks like I have a brake master cylinder leak! Always something
  11. Had a look and thanks to the info on here I think I have the solution. I took off the leather cover from under the filler cap and found the other end of the brown wire connected to the filler pipe. Pulled the wire through the boot and then pushed it on to a tab on the filler cap. Hopefully thats now correct?
  12. thanks all, I will have a look tomorrow. That all makes sense.
  13. thanks Mark, yes everything works. Maybe i will take the wheel off so I can get a better view next time.
  14. will check and let you know. Probably going to be tomorrow now though. Thanks for your help Nige
  15. not that I can feel, there are no side repeaters, but like anything perhaps the wiring was put in ready. To be honest I just wanted to make sure it wasn't anything important.
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