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  1. thanks all, minor issue solved. Now looks like I have a brake master cylinder leak! Always something
  2. Had a look and thanks to the info on here I think I have the solution. I took off the leather cover from under the filler cap and found the other end of the brown wire connected to the filler pipe. Pulled the wire through the boot and then pushed it on to a tab on the filler cap. Hopefully thats now correct?
  3. thanks all, I will have a look tomorrow. That all makes sense.
  4. thanks Mark, yes everything works. Maybe i will take the wheel off so I can get a better view next time.
  5. will check and let you know. Probably going to be tomorrow now though. Thanks for your help Nige
  6. not that I can feel, there are no side repeaters, but like anything perhaps the wiring was put in ready. To be honest I just wanted to make sure it wasn't anything important.
  7. hmm ok its a US car if that makes a difference? Probably should have said that sorry. My manual aerial is on that side.
  8. Anyone know what this wire is for? Its about directly under the fuel filler cap. Wondered if it was the electrics for an optional electric antenna?
  9. yep exactly converting sugar scoops, but wanted to do something slightly different than just replace it all. I have got one fitted, picked up off ebay to try it. Now just need to do the other side.
  10. Hi Nige, the ones I am looking for have the screw holes for the headlight bucket at around 7 o clock and 2 o clock positions. I am trying to create an early look using sealed beam units. Something like the below?
  11. Before I buy new, does anyone have a spare lying around? Many thanks Jonny.
  12. and if you are on Facebook the 10% discount code is FB19
  13. I signed up to Boxengasse when Frank advertised it on FB. I understand the concern over pricing, but then if it seems too expensive nobody has to go. I am definitely for supporting new ideas like this, perhaps over time it will become an event like Bicester Scramble. I personally won't be bothering with the track day, but then my car is so slow its not worth it Will probably just do the Sunday
  14. I ended up getting mine off ebay from a guy in Germany - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JP-Kofferraum-Teppich-SET-passend-fur-Porsche-911-77-85-Bugraummatte/372424296188?hash=item56b637c6fc:g:poMAAOSwhQhY55GG:rk:135:pf:0 Its 119 euro plus 13 delivery. As above a couple of the press studs didn't line up but other than that it fitted well, although from that picture the Lakewell one looks a better fit
  15. 70sThrowback


    I have just been in contact with Simon about making me some bespoke mats. He was really responsive and came back with a price and options straight away. I haven't ordered yet, but I know people of FB forums that are really happy with his work
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