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  1. Thanks for all your advice, I’m new to IB but loving the trustworthy feedback. Lots to do but hopefully have it on the road next summer!
  2. I’m embarking on restoring my 86’ Carrera coupe and could do with some advice. I’ve loads to do but thankfully bodyshop doing the important stuff. The car’s been in storage for many years and I have the mother of all shopping lists, starting with interior would anyone know a good firm to retrim the dashboard and rear parcel shelf which are badly out of shape where they meet the glass, a common problem I’m told. Also sunroof is leaking and inoperable so I was given advice that it was best to have it sealed up and disconnected, I’m not particularly bothered about using it but is this done by some owners and how would I go about it? In terms of lights. Can I upgrade the front lights to LED or just something significantly brighter than standard? I was also hoping of doing away with the rear fog lamp (under bumper) and hoped I could replace one of the reverse lamp bulbs with a red led and have the wiring changed, is this something which others do and will it prove an issue when I MOT the car? lastly, I’m keen to fit rear seatbelts. How straight forward and costly would this be? I imagine the rear parcel shelf will then need to be a later version to take recoiled belts? I appreciate any of your valuable advice 👍🏻
  3. Many thanks for the advice. Just picked up the grill new and I'll look out for the other bits.
  4. I'm very new to IB and just finding my feet. I've purchased an 84' 3.2 Carrera coupe requiring work. I currently need a black rear parcel shelf, dash-board top, rear seat belts, tool kit and jack and rear engine lid grill. The list goes on and I'm aware some things come up on eBay and Design 911 have items but thought it was worth trying IB first. Thanks.
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