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  1. Don't think so, as I used all the holes for the Heat Protection shield and they were speed nuts not tapped M6 holes (the hole are not shown on parts diagrams) They don't seem to line up with anything in particular. Its like the bumper needs to move in by about 15mm the holes would then be hidden under the rubber seal. Its got me beat ! Rear Bellows and qtr panels next..
  2. Please see pic, ld never noticed these until now. 1 in the middle ish and 1 each side below brake light. Any idea what they are used for? Mark
  3. Left galv on and sprayed with Mark approved hightemp paint and fitted. Heat protection - Job done. Many thanks...... Next thing see next post. Mark
  4. Aha, one set of fixings for heat protection is above the bumper and a set of fixing for the rear panel below and fix to the bumper, so still need the heat protection panel and rubber sealing strip. Cheers Mark
  5. On my car the fixing points are used to fix the lower rear panel ! As far as I am aware original. Pictures of car when I disassembled 4.5 years ago.
  6. 76 911 As I am going to put the rear bumper on today, I was checking the parts list and noticed the heat protection in the list (91150315701), I don't recall ever removing it and have nothing left over ! Were they fitted to all all 74-89 cars ? If anybody has a picture with it installed this would be very useful. Cheers Mark
  7. It's the 131mm type. 911.102.017.04 item 14 from 1977 parts list "V-belt pulley" No air pump No AC, just single pulley.
  8. Thanks, will check original once off and if I can confirm its not true I'll order. It's the 131mm type. 911.102.017.04 item 14 from 1977 parts list "V-belt pulley" Cheers Mark
  9. Phill, Thanks a few bits to go on but great to have it driving. I have the spanner, do you still have the tool ?
  10. I have never removed it, I guess the last time it was removed would have been by Charles Ivy of London many years ago when it was rebuilt, my guess is it was warped using a puller or similar. It is very subtle, I can only just notice it, but now I have......... Can't see how a machine shop could square it off, the wall thickness is to thin, maybe in a press thay could flatten it, think I'd rather fit new. Thanks for the advice. Mark
  11. 76 911 So first day driven out of the garage in 4.5 years (slow reno !) About the only thing I have noticed is there appears to be a very slight run out on the crankshaft V pulley, the pulley is fitted well with no play and tight bolt. my questions: a) How could this happen ? b) After just putting the engine back in I don't want to drop the engine just to replace the pulley, can it be replaced without a drop? b) What are they made of at £300 a pop ! ? Cheers Mark

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