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  1. As per title, just started putting my refurbished harness back in to 1976 911 Coupe RHD nut & bolt resto and would appreciate any pictures of the original routing/s especially around the back of the Instruments and above/behind glove box. RHD please. I have some 4000 pics of the resto but, was probably on a roll and forgot to take pics of the above area. Cheers Mark.
  2. As per subject, any leads much appreciated. Many thanks Mark
  3. Hi, please see attached picture this is the fuel return hose that connects to the fuel line that comes out of the tunnel behind the steering rack and connects to the fuel tank, be great to know what type of coupling it is and where to get a barbed version of it, my car is a 76 911 Coupe. All parts diagrams that I have seen do not detail this part. Any help much appreciated. Cheers Mark
  4. If at all possible do not remove the hinges, only remove the pins.
  5. Pierrick, Looks like new door, wing (strongly recommend getting Original Porsche parts, will save time & £ in the long run) these can be obtained from specialist breakers or parts specialists. I'd suggest in the first instance if poss get a door maybe even borrow (Sale or return) one from breakers and try to fit to the hinges/A pillar (initially don't remove any hinge bolts , just the hinge pins) check door gaps to get an initial idea if the Hinge/A pillar is damaged/moved, if not and door gap alignment can be achieved, this should be a straight forward repair. As a guide most independent body shops will charge about £180-£250 per panel fitted and painted. If Hinge post/A pillar has moved significantly this will clearly be a bigger job. Don't think chrome/anodized door frames are available anymore new however, they do come up on ebay especially in the USA. Door card "Southbound Trimmers" or maybe "Design911" Mark
  6. I totally agree however, you would need a complete one to start with ! Cheers Mark T Silver, Email sent , will call in the morning. Thanks Mark
  7. Wanted Please Park Stop 92530313701 item 23 of Diagram 310-00 SHIFT RODS AND SHIFT FORKS 911 1974-77 SPM 925 Parts Diagram 310-00 item #23. 92530313701 Stop I'm not having a lot of luck in this phase of my reno, re previous post Sporto brake pedal rubber not surfaced can not find anywhere !. Today I find that my 911 1976 Coupe 925 Sporto has a snapped (red line in pic) Parking Stop and at this stage in the resto feels like a big blow that they are no longer available. Not sure what else to do its a numbers matching car and would love to keep it that way. If anybody has one of these kicking around and prepared to sell it to me this would make my year ! Thanks in anticipation Mark
  8. Ron, Great will try and yes would like new sporto gear stick switch thing, how best to make happen? Cheers Mark
  9. Roy Yes mate, very clever did not seem like he went in to production!? Cheers Mark
  10. Does it fit ? looks a lot wider than an original below ! (Not my actual rubber, mine is less worn, so may have to do) like the idea though. Would like to get NOS original type. Many thanks for the suggestion
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