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  1. Not 79 but 78.! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uyag4dbku8wp334/AAAeSO1d2gSmP0zT9rJ81DtJa?dl=0 Mark
  2. I can do Dropbox now if you have an account !? Try this link! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bu3sno87qf5x6e6/AADe6RhDtyk4ALPLWC1c258Ya?dl=0 Let me know if it works. Cheers Mark T
  3. Ron, I guess that is due to file size reduction of IB. PM me your address and I'll post next week. Cheers Mark T I can do Dropbox now if you have an account !?
  4. Don't think it worked, Unless it's going to take a while to upload !
  5. Don't think it worked, Unless it's going to take a while to upload !
  6. Do you mean Ron or Mark ? You can have the same colour 1976 current flow & wiring diagrams I have. Mark T
  7. Trying to make contact with "early911" however, no response to email's and FB advised telephone number not working ! Need window frames refinished. Cheers Mark
  8. Mike Since I established contrary to the label on the main fuse box & fuse holders being read as 1-18 Left to Right from the Current Flow diagram perspective you read them 18-1 Right to Left, all became very much clearer😊 The ones I have are as good as it gets for my car especially the current flow diagram. Cheers Mark
  9. Mike, The Type 911S, USA, Model 76 Current Flow diagram And The Type 911 T E S (SL35 / 18 fuse box) electrical wiring diagram. And my experience is most but not all wire colour coding is similar but not 100% the same! Some of which I put down to quality of colour in the diagrams eg black can look like green, some wires are 50/50 colour so is it Red/brown or brown/red, options that have electrical element eg sunroof, aircon, cruise control...... etc can cause differences...... Today I realise the actual fuses are labeled 1-18 left to right however the fuse "S" references on the current flow diagram seem to go from right to left!!! Anybody else see it like this? Regards Mark MIG, Thanks some useful stuff here
  10. Please does anybody have the correct wiring or current flow diagrams for the titled car. I have the USA diagrams but wire colour codeing is only about 75% the same ! Happy to pay for correct data. Cheers Mark
  11. MarkT

    Engine Yoke wanted

    Unless I'm missing something a 1976 911 interface does not have 5 fixing points for a yoke ? Wish it did.
  12. MarkT

    Engine Yoke wanted

    Chris, Thanks for the reply, just to clarify my concern is not so much the strength of the steel of the yoke, my concern is the amount of pressure put in to the engine/case through just 2 studs/fixings the leverarm forces produced by the weight of the engine must be enormous. Also, the yoke interface does not sit perfectly flat against the entire mating surfaces of the engine (like the machined type do) this causing a small amount of flex which will act as an additional leverarm amplifier. However, it looks like from the advice of you and others I have no need to worry. Cheers Mark T
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