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  1. I used my finger tips to pry apart along the gap, levering the outside of my palms against the wheel, first time was not easy, feels like you may break something but did not.
  2. When I removed my pad I put a little clear silicone grease around the plastic posts (avoid getting it on the brass horn contacts), makes it much easier to get on and off in future.
  3. What page or 2 or topic would you like ?
  4. Phill, Yes mate all sorted and all within a couple of mm, I think the main things I was doing wrong: At the start not making big enough increments on TB. Not keeping car config constant i.e. Fuel, spare wheel, tools, jack..... Not waiting long enough for adjustments to settle, especially the tire preload, as I was bouncing the car but this did not remove the tire preload, going for a drive was best. Initially I was using the floor to wheel arch as a ref, this gave me hand built car errors, so used the TB pockets to floor much more reliable. For some reason I had it in my mind that the spring plate should not go beyond 33°/ past the cover plate spring stop, then I found the ER spring plate angle calculator which gave me 37.4° for 23mm TBs ! A math errors in the middle of the whole process did not help either. Will now drive for a few days to make sure everything is stable and then get the 4 wheel alignment done. Thanks to all for your support.
  5. So today a slight lowering (1/2 turn) of the front left adjuster all 4 corners torsion bar pockets to floor perfect just where I want everything, go for 40 mile drive and all 4 corners 6mm lower ! Normal ?
  6. I have original 1976 911 2.7 & Carrera user manual, happy to scan a page or 2 for you.?
  7. Agree, however I could only find 1 pre owned available, as new are NLA. Will probably put original back in. Not sure why you mentioned brakes they are all new.
  8. Re baseline close of play yesterday: After realising my rear TB to floor measurement differences were incorrect i.e. yesterday I actually started with a 7mm difference not 13mm (Previous post needs correcting!?). After yesterdays efforts playing with RH spline adjustments and also recognising that there is a couple of mm relative difference in wheel arch heights i.e. the RH side is lower than the LH side, I am now only using the bottom edge of TB to Floor as relative ride height, the L/R difference now is about 2mm which today I hope can be further reduced by a) Recognising my floor is not flat flat, b) Maybe Wiggle room on front Left ride height and c) My spring plate adjusters are in the mid position so some scope here.
  9. So this morning I disconnected the shock absorbers both sides and then bounced the car remeasured ride height absolutely no difference ! For information the pre-load in the shocks is not significant and the piston can easily be pushed in with the palm of your hand. So, either later today or tomorrow I plan on re-setting the Right/lower (13mm) this is the current difference L/R when measured from Floor to center of torsion tube to obtain a 13mm increase I expect this will take 2 or 3 spline increments, if this does not fix it, in order to eliminate the spring plate/outer spline pocket moving I will fit the original RH spring plate and spline pocket . I will have then Run out of ideas. Q. Is it acceptable to have a different L/R free spring plate angles in order to achieve same LH & RH ride height ? if yes how big can the difference be before you consider you have a problem, it just may be I don't have a problem if the difference can be +/- 2-3 spline increments (1 increment being = inboard 1 anticlockwise and 1 outboard clockwise............).
  10. Just been to check the old/original rear shock absorbers (Porsche Logo sticker but can't read the Part number) and on reflection these are Oil filled shocks without pre-load (They stay in place if you move the piston) and not Gas shocks that have lost their pre-load (which I thought was the case before today). The new fitted rear shocks (BOGE Part Number 91133305117/1) are defo Gas Pre-loaded !!! So I guess the exam question is could the fact I have pre-loaded Gas shocks and not Oil shocks (As original) cause L & R ride height differences after Spring Plate angles are set identical.
  11. I'll try that however, I'm sure the new rear BOGE's I fitted do have pre-load, so must be giving the TB some assistance, the original BOGE's did not have pre load ! Another thought could it be the interface rotating between the outer spline pocket and the spring plate ? are they welded or press fit..... Its difficult to see that interface with the rubber bushes in place. Bushes, Adjustable Spring Plates are all new.
  12. Fitted another RH Rear TB, Problem still there ! A thought ! could it be the RH shock absorber losing pre load, they are new BOGE ? I guess I could swap them over.
  13. Pre owned TB arrives tomorrow, as you suggest I will treat this as a reset/initial set up and check everything again.
  14. I have ordered a replacement used rear RH Torsion bar I thought worth a try, its already posted so may get it before the weekend, if it fixes the problem I'll probably buy/fit a new set, if it does not fix it I'll have to think a little harder ! Chris, are they known to yield ? I'm looking for comfort any recommendations on size / brand (NLA from Porsche) mine are standard 76 911 23mm. Cheers
  15. Many thanks for the responses however, I keep coming back to the difference in spline indexing angle is getting bigger on the RH spring plate only i.e. since the initial set up at about 29 degrees L & R to get correct and even ride (+/- 2mm) height, after which it take about 20 miles for the RH side to drop by 8-10mm causing me to have to re index the RH torsion bar (Increase the angle after I think 3 times now the angle has needed to be increased, it is now set about 34 degrees to get back to the same ride height as the LH side !
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