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  1. Just finished my swim and spotted in the car park as I headed back to my weekday haunt. I haven't seen mine for so long (in storage at BS Motorsport) that I'd forgotten how small they are!
  2. Now that I've got SSIs fitted, these will never get reinstalled, so just occupying garage space. Price dropped to £300 to meet the rules of the forum, but open to any reasonable offers. Note, this is pretty impractical to ship, so will be buyer collects, or I can drop off along my new route from home to work, which is M6 and M1 or M40, M25 and M20 from Lancs to Kent at the weekend. Just to remind anyone interested, these are off an 82 SC, so the Fabspeed muffler and exhaust are too small for a 3.2.
  3. There are play Money Pits, then there are real MONEY PITS ... Somehow I need to explain to my wife that she's actually got off relatively lightly ... 😉
  4. I don't knowhow well they work, but GT Racing in the US make equal length headers for the 3.2 - http://www.gt-racing.com/porsche-911-european-racing-headers-for-911-2-7-3-2-liter-motors-with-street-adaptor-part-911-158-sa/
  5. Hi Rory, I'm away from home this week, but back on Thursday evening. Just to make sure that you get the right part, these are the post 1981 US spec 9.3:1 SC pistons. Therefore, just double-check that these pistons match the 3 that aren't damaged, or alternatively take all six for a matched set. Depending on the year of your car, these could give you a bump, no change, or a reduction in power. Also, 'though the pistons look in remarkably good condition and the car wasn't smokey apart from initial start-up if it had been standing, they do have 196,000 miles on them, so at the very least, the rings will need replacing. I do also have a completely new set of matched Mahle, Euro spec Ps&Cs on the forum at a big discount to the retail price. Best regards, John
  6. Hi James I'm happy with that. If you can PM your shipping details and a contact mobile for the courier, I'll get a quote for shipping (includung insurance) and let you know the total amount. Best regards, John All, please note the sound insulation pad and the ignition switch, handles and key are sold. Best regards, John
  7. Taken from an '82 SC, these are US spec, small port heads. Best regards, John
  8. Hi Jason Happy with that. I'll PM you my paypal link. The next time I'll be passing JN4 on my way back to work from home will be next Monday evening between 8.45 and 9.15 pm depending on traffic. Does this work for you? Best regards, John
  9. Sold, will PM you my paypal link
  10. New, primed headlamp bezels - sold
  11. Used K&N Cleananble Filter - not ripped and with only light use - £20 New Rennline firewall kit in silver - £30 911 3.2 Carrera oil pump (part # 911 107 105 1R), works perfectly in an SC but with higher volume than the stock pump). I changed this for a 964 unit for my engine build but it was working perfectly when removed and turns freely - £300 Pair mirror cover frames (one left, one right). Fits 911 (78-86). Were working when removed but untested - £150 Pair mirror bases (LHD) - £70 Pair door mirror housings - £80
  12. Hi Pete Yes, they do - they were bought from my local OPC for my RHD headlamps. However, I decided to go with chrome in the end. Will work out the postage and PM you with the options and my paypal details. Best regards, John
  13. Hi There, sorry, I should have said - the donor car is LHD I'm afraid. All please note. I'm also happy to check part numbers to confirm when parts are interchangeable. Best regards, John It's also a targa - which affects things like the parcel shelf, carpets, etc.
  14. Pair door caps in black (with cut out for electric mirror toggle) - £80 Pair new headlamp bezels in primer - £40 the pair Fuel accumulator (80 to 83) - £50 Rear parcel shelf with speaker holes in brown and tan - £200 Parcel shelf insulation pad (no rips) - £100 Painted sugar scoop headlamp bezels (one with and one without plastic inner rim) - £10 Pair door bin lids in black with hinges - £100 Pair of rear side quarter panels in tan - £80 All prices plus shipping. As before, happy for people to collect or can possibly drop off if close to the M6 and M5 between Bolton and Taunton.
  15. Random 911 SC parts for sale: Electrical relay, etc, mounting frame from rear left engine bay - £10 (pics 34850 and 34851) Used low compression SC pistons (1 gudgeon pin and all circlips missing but complete with 5 pins and rings) - £5 each (paperweight anyone?) (pics 34858 and 34859) SC Jetronic ECU (part # Bosch 02 280 800 055) - £100 (was working when removed but untested now) (pics 34844 and 34846) AC compressor mounting bracket (part # 930 126 11600) - £10 Rear seat set, tan leatherette - £250 (pic 34839) Rear seat insulation pad - £125 (pics 34803 and 34804) Ignition switch (part # 911 613 011 01) and 2 x black anodised door handles with one matching key - £225 (note one key lock bent (see pic) where someone tried to force it! Ignition switch was working when removed) Rubber for base of centre front seat belt receptacles - £15 (see pics 34830 and 34831) All prices exclude shipping, but will happily drop off if within reasonable reach of my weekly commute down the M5 and M^ from Bolton to Taunton. Similarly happy for people to collect. I generally work away from home during the week, so will pack and ship anything at the weekend. Just bear with me if it takes me a little longer to get stuff out. Lots more parts to come. Best regards John
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