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  1. jehatwhitland

    3.2 Short stroke targa !

    Interesting article in german - https://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de/fahrbericht/porsche-911-sc-l-3-1-fahrbericht-unbekannter-elfer-mit-mehr-dampf/ and one for sale on mobile.de - https://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/details.html?id=259779714&damageUnrepaired=NO_DAMAGE_UNREPAIRED&fuels=PETROL&isSearchRequest=true&makeModelVariant1.makeId=20100&makeModelVariant1.modelId=3&maxCubicCapacity=5000&maxFirstRegistrationDate=1985&minCubicCapacity=3000&minFirstRegistrationDate=1980&pageNumber=1&scopeId=C&sfmr=false&sortOption.sortBy=searchNetGrossPrice&sortOption.sortOrder=DESCENDING&searchId=3a692f42-00b8-90af-49c2-c9b18d7821b0
  2. jehatwhitland

    3.2 Short stroke targa !

    You might also find the following link interesting, if only to save the pictures for reference for your restoration - https://www.championmotorsinternational.com/1980-porsche-911 sc-l 3.1 prototype-c-3.htm Someone also has a Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/pg/Porsche-911-SC-31-716776558391566/posts/
  3. jehatwhitland

    3.2 Short stroke targa !

    Glad to be of service - I may have finally got something right! 😉 That then becomes a seriously rare car and, as you say, definitely worth restoring. The only mods I would make would be minor and reversible - but that doesn't stop you fitting SSIs (assuming the 3.0L aren't too restrictive) and a decent muffler for another 10-15 bhp and other reversible upgrades. Just make sure you keep the original parts. Now why wasn't that my SC .... ??? PS If the original owner ordered the engine upgrade, did they also option the LSD? You should definitely get the COA, but, although it can take a bit of time, Porsche themselves are also quite good at checking their records and answering questions.
  4. jehatwhitland

    3.2 Short stroke targa !

    Now I'm intrigued. Wasn't there a factory kit option for the 3.0L SC that used 97mm Ps&Cs to create a 3.1L (also an over square design) SC variant with 210 bhp. I haven't read back through all the thread but I assume you've checked the COA to see what your car's original build was and whether or not the numbers match? If you did have a factory 3.1L - that would be well worth keeping and I dom't see why the Ps&Cs couldn't be refurbished unless they are obviously damaged.
  5. jehatwhitland

    3.5L MFI twin plug. 380HP and 330 ft lbs

    That's an unbelievable difference! Does that mean if I put a similar exhaust on mine I'll gain 100 bhp? (Whatever the emoji for "hopeful" is)
  6. jehatwhitland

    3.2 Short stroke targa !

    OK, I get that ... but I thought they had to alter the conrod length and gudgeon pin offset within the piston to allow for the longer stroke within the same cylinder dimension?
  7. jehatwhitland

    3.2 Short stroke targa !

    Thanks for the correction. I'd assumed that, as Porsche had started out with the intent of making the SC a world car, that the higher compression (plus matching timing and CIS set up) of the later Euro cars was sufficient for the power difference. Presumably the part numbers are different to reflect?
  8. jehatwhitland

    Planned Spring Clean

    I'm finally coming to the end of my build, and plan to start cataloging and pricing over Christmas and early in the New Year all the salvageable parts removed from the car that are now surplus to requirements. Lots of used engine parts - Ps & Cs, camshafts, con rods, oil pump, rockers, cylinder heads (small port, no broken fins or studs), complete CIS induction, including airbox with pop-off valve - plus interior parts, such as front and rear seats, centre console, door bin lids, seat belts, etc - and body parts, such as a good valance with fog lamp mounts, original fog lamps, electrically adjustable mirrors, various trim elements, sugar scoops, large style over-riders, etc. Also quite a bit of electrical stuff removed, cruise control electronics and harness, SC oxygen sensor ECU, etc. Bearing in mind these are all from a LHD '82 US SC Targa, I'll be looking back at the parts forum and on ebay for price inspiration but would welcome all and any suggestions o parts prices (accepting the usual caveats around condition, etc. ) John PS The engine had just under 200k on it, but ran well before it came apart.
  9. jehatwhitland

    3.2 Short stroke targa !

    One thing to think about is what heads you have. The 78 and 79 SC used the same head as the 3L Carrera (39mm intake, 35mm exhaust) but the 80-83 SC had smaller intake ports (34mm) to improve mid-range pick-up. This might limit your ability to get the breathing right with a larger capacity engine and higher compression. The 3.2 Carrera has significantly bigger ports - 40mm intake and 38mm exhaust. You can tell from the engine type number <=930/06 is large port, >= 930/07 is small port (excluding the special 930/18 of the SC RS). 930/20 onwards is the 3.2 Carrera. (I've ignored the Also, and I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, apart from the top mating surface that doesn't have a groove for a CE ring, I'm not sure there is any difference between and 3L SC and a 3.2L Carrera cylinders. I think the extra stroke of the 3.2 is achieved purely with changes to the crank, conrod and piston. In other words, you may well be able to re-use your existing cylnders. Finally, as I'm sure you know, you will have to change the induction if you go for anything more than a 964 cam. The CIS can't cope with the induction pulses of anything hotter, so ITBs or carbs are a must, as are headers (no heat) or SSIs (with heat). The stock exhaust is to restrictive. The Bruce Anderson porsche 911 Performance Handbook (worth getting) has an example build of an SC with 98mm pistons (comp not specified but probably 9.8:1) for a 3.2L ss, 40mm carbs, SSis and a higher performance cam (not specified but probably a mod-S profile) for 275 bhp and 250 lb/ft of torque. He reckons a simple change to 98mm at 9.8:1 with max moritz CIS compatible pistons plus retaining the standard CIS, camshafts on its own is good for 220bhp from the 3L SC. However, I'm not sure you can still get these larger CIS compatible pistons. Add SSIs and that is probably around 230 bhp. Anyway, hope some of this ramble helps ... Good luck with the build, John
  10. Hi Sam Given how much the Fabspeed SS parts are seperately, £1,132 (ex VAT and shipping) new from Fabspeed for the pre-muffler and the muddler, I priced it so that if anyone wanted to split the parts, the overall price should be attractive. That is, buy the package, split them, sell the parts you don't want and the bit that is wanted is free or nearly free. Unfortunately, with working away every week, I just don't have the time to split them myself. Re fitment, unfortunately, this won't fit your car as Fabspeed list two Supercup parts - 1 covering 74-83 (mine) and the other covering 84-89 (which you would need). I should have put that in the ad. Best regards, John
  11. As I've switched to SSIs with a Dansk SS 2:1 Muffler during my rebuild, I'm selling the perfectly serviceable mild steel thick flange heat exchangers from my 1982 US 3.0 SC. Includes the standard crossover pipe, a Fabspeed SS pre-silencer with sensor plug (can be bunged) and Fabspeed SS Super Cup "Muffler" Note, the exhaust tip of the muffler is scuffed on the underside, see pics. These are pretty big and heavy to ship, so collection would be better. Alternatively, I do drive from Manchester to Taunton, one way on Sunday night, the other on Thursday night, and could drop off anywhere within reasonable access of the M6 or M5 between those two end points. Note, the Super Cup is pretty noisy - https://1drv.ms/i/s!AkNNycqkPUpdgahZmweIqUTqgEkoNg £500
  12. jehatwhitland

    3.0 SC v 3.2 Carrera

    Sound advice - whatever the best condition car is that you can find on the day.
  13. jehatwhitland

    John's Perfect 911

    With me driving - definitely a sleeper, just the wrong sort! 🙁 Seriously, it runs much better than I expected. I was originally going to go for 100mm Ps&Cs, so bought 46 PMOs. Then when I decided to stick with the 95s, I thought the carbs would be too big. However, apart from a little flat spot low down that is quickly driven trhough and only apparent when you deliberately let the revs drop in too high a gear, the engine runs really cleanly. Maybe the twin plugs and the CDI+ boxes help compensate and I know Neil did quite a bit of work on the jetting and emulsions tubes. All I have to do now is save some money so I can afford to sort out the suspension, etc ...
  14. jehatwhitland

    John's Perfect 911

    Absolutely - looks right plus modern electronics. It runs really well.
  15. jehatwhitland

    John's Perfect 911

    I know I haven't updated my "sway" yet, but I called into to BS Motorsport this week to have a drive of my newly MOT'd SC and talk about next steps with Rob. Anyway, thought I'd post a few pics from my day out. The engine sounds lovely but not too loud on PMOs, SSIs and a Danske 2 into 1. 😃