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  1. +1 - great cars. Have fun!
  2. I have a boxed set of standard euro SC Mahle Ps&Cs that were advertised before the subs were introduced but you can't see them now as I haven't gotten around to subscribing yet. However, you can actually buy them cheaper from Design911 than I originally paid for them! So, I've decide to keep them anyway, along with the original cylinder heads, in case I ever take the engine back to stock. I used Carrillo CP-X series 10.5:1 pistons - https://cp-carrillo-catalog.cld.bz/CP-Carrillo-Catalog-Collection/CP-Carrillo-Product-Catalog/110/ These look very similar to the Wossner pistons in te
  3. Not generally a TG person myself but, as a Boltonian who still lives here, it was nice to see a local portrayal that wasn't all dark satanic mills, rubbish football or Covid-19! It was a bit of fun and enjoyed it. I also like James May's shows a lot and, although I'm sure people aren't always what you expect them to be in real life, I'm pretty certain he would be a very good dinner guest as well.
  4. As far as I know, the difference between the 2.4, 2.7 and 3.0 Carrera crank and the SC crank is the main bearings, which are bigger on the SC presumably to go with the 9 bolt flywheel. The stroke is the same - 70.4mm. The conrods are probably the same, but I'm not sure. The SC is an incredibly strong and durable engine.
  5. The cylinders are essentially the same - other than the way the cylinder and the cylinder head were designed to seal together - a sealing ring on the SC and a tapered surface on the 3.2. You can see the groove at the top of the SC cylinder on this picture - http://assets.superstreetonline.com/f/263126426.jpg?width=&height= The pistons are the same size but have different wrist pin sizes. The 3.2 achieves its extra capacity because it is a longer stroke engine than the 3.0 - the crankshaft and connecting rods are different, hence the different wrist pin size. When I used Shirish's 3.
  6. I'm 100% certain you don't need twin-plug ignition for an engine with a 10.5:1 static compression ratio, CIS induction and 98 RON petrol. Twin-plug ignition will allow you to run less advance and give a cleaner pick-up but the engine won't self destruct. Twin plugging the head is actually pretty cheap, it's the ignition system that's expensive if you want a traditional look. Go for a crankfire or coil pack approach and it's not that unreasonable. Nothing to stop you twin-plugging the heads and retro-fitting the ignition system at a later date. This will slightly lower the CR anyway.
  7. On the issue of cylinders, my understanding is that in Alusil cylinders, the silicon is throughout the casting rather than a thin coating and, that as long as oversize pistons are available, you can refinish the bore if needed. This is an explanation here - https://cdn2.ms-motorservice.com/fileadmin/media/MAM/PDF_Assets/Reconditioning-of-Aluminium-Engine-Blocks_51708.pdf. Also reflected in this thread here - https://rennlist.com/forums/928-forum/368216-preparing-restoring-alusil-bores-for-dummies-2.html (bottom of the page). Some engine designs use Alusil liners as well but I assume ours ar
  8. The idea of anything free about having a 911 is very appealing! 😉 So, had a quick look at their web-site - 'A Member of the Porsche Classic Register shall be entitled to the following benefits: • A membership pack and membership card • Not less than 15% discount on Porsche Classic Genuine Parts fitted at a participating Porsche Centre*. • Two issues of Originale magazine per membership year. • Eight complimentary wash and vacuums** at the participating Porsche Centre per membership period (four per 12 months) for a Member’s Qualifying Car. • A pair of complimentary Porsche Classic numbe
  9. In terms of hobby cars cars, I only ever wanted an IB 911. Mind you, I do like bikes and planes as well, but that's another story. 🙄
  10. I knew I was out of touch when I didn't realise in 2001 that logo-ing up cheap, Chinese glass fronted fridges and pre-filling them full of beer was a good business idea - and I'm pretty certain that I know nothing about social media and the way the world works these days. Proof of which is he's got 20m followers on Instagram, nearly 6m on Twitter and 5m on Facebook, while I don't even have a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account let alone any followers! I don't get the whole celebrity influencer thing personally, most of them seem to have odd ideas, strange dress sense and, often it seems, p
  11. Don't know if this is any help? https://retro-sport.com/calculator/porsche-gears
  12. I had an '82 S2 for about 3 years, so very much the same as this car. Series 2 is a plus in my view - higher compression, little bit more power slightly better fuel consumption but the main benefits are meant to be better responsiveness from the smaller turbo and the digital ignition. I say 'meant to be', because I've never driven a series 1, so can't really compare based on real experience. The other feature I like on the S2 is the 84 litre tank - the car has a really useful range. Car was also pretty comfortable and quiet, well equipped and quite modern once it was on the move. The 9
  13. See, I get that completely - trying to recreate the MFI setup in look and performance using modern components. However, that still feels quite different to this approach, which feels more like trying to turn a classic 911 into a modern car.
  14. My comment was definitely not a comment about effort. Perhaps the change of ownership will not only bring in new money, but also make the break with the past that allows new leadership and ideas. I'd also class myself as a fan of Williams. 🙂
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