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  1. Is that spoiler really original for the year? I know that features often bled across MYs, presumably as Porsche used up parts and I'm no early IB expert, but the car has the old front quarter lights. Would that make it a 75MY car? The combination of the quarter lights, the cookie cutters, the chrome sills, the spoiler and what appears to be a flag mirror on the drivers side look like an odd combination to me. The COA should tell you the the original options. The COA (cert of authenticity) comes from Porsche. It's just that it used to be a freebie as part of the PCGB membership. I think it costs about £40 or £60 if you buy it directly from Porsche. It will really help cut through a lot of guesswork.
  2. jehatwhitland

    1982 SC Coupe

    Looks great - love the luggage! 😃
  3. I was - and that was my view as well. However, I don't know enough about narrow bodied IBs to know whether or not it is as correct or original as it would need to be at that price. The bots I listed were the bits that I didn't think were right. I'm as bad as the next person when it comes to beer goggles, which I always try to drag someone along with me or find someone who knows who can be dispassionate. Be interesting to see if it sells at that price.
  4. Of course, the car itself isn't really an original survivor as it has been stripped and rebuilt and the sportmatic changed for a manual. Not a bad thing and it's probably more practical to drive and far cheaper when someone else has paid for all the work done. I was wondering when the central dash vents came in, the round seat back knobs went out and the chrome sills were introduced? Presumably would have been on cookie cutters when new unless optioned. I was also wondering about the pattern of the seats, are they correct for 76 (I assume as it's on an R-plate that it would probably be a 76MY?) Are there any narrow body experts out there who can judge the spec given the £70k price?
  5. Wow. I get that some people like to collect and have something failry rare, but it seems like an awful lot of money.
  6. Hi Dan, will do, I'll dig them out, make sure they are complete and send some pics over the weekend. John
  7. I have some in the garage somewhere off a LHD '82 SC. Can take a look on Saturday if you're not already sorted. Just let me know.
  8. True, it's always a risk. However, it can be a risk here as well, even if you go and look at a car. You can also do a lot with pics and videos now, or even find a garage locally to take a look for you. I bought and imported a complete and running SC from the US off the Internet in late 2015 as a base for a hot rod. Paid £17.5k for it as a running, high mileage (193k) car - paid less than a grand to ship it, I think it was 5% duty, a bit to fit H7 lamps and different coloured lenses and (I think) about £300 to register and it was fine. You can have good and bad experiences wherever. However, I think there is usually more choice in the US. Late 70s and early 80s Porsches perhaps don't have the same cache as they do here, so values are usualy lower ('thoiugh not as good value now with a tanked £) - and the cars are generally much less rusty. Mine came from Kansas and was unbelievably dirty but sound. Just an alternative option and perhaps not as hard as people think.
  9. As they were the largest IB market and the cars are generally much less rusty, I'd buy a project from the States and import it. You can pick a complete early SC for somewhere around £15k-£20k off ebay (e.g., this targa - https://www.ebay.com/itm/1979-porsche-911/283862973056?hash=item42178d3a80:g:6eMAAOSwgnBeqU1Z) and spend £1k plus duty,etc, to get it back. Recycle or sell all the other parts beside the shell. If the car is complete, there is even a reasonable chance of getting a numbers matching shell and crankcase for your build. Unfortunately, the £ is weak against the $ at the moment and whatever you do is not going to be cheap but the beauty of a project like this is you aren't destroying anything historic and you can do what you want with it. Obviously, the targa example above isn't the coupe body you want, but would be a great basis for a speedster look-a-like because it has the strengthened sills.
  10. I am very jealous 🙂
  11. I recently replaced my SC alternator recently with the WOSP LMA033 (https://www.amp-starters.co.uk/WOSP-LMA033---Porsche-911-Mounts-in-fan-Alternator__p-36352.aspx) The output is only 90A but plenty enough for my car and about half the cost of the higher output replacements. So far, works fine and no issues with not being able to run everything. Currently on offer at AMP Starter Motors (no affiliantion) for £280 with free delivery.
  12. I had a 924 S2 Turbo for a few years. Beyond the usual stuff, like paperwork, general fit and finish, crash damage, oil leaks, etc, the sills can rot quite badly, the engine (in the 924S) is an interference design, so you need to know when the belt was last changed, the dashes are prone to cracking and warping and are a pain to change and some of the dash and console plastics are quite brittle and easy to break - lots of VW switchgear and parts, which is a plus. The electric windows, front headlamp motors, washers and rear wiper can all suffer from gremlins, so make sure they work as they should. The seams in the seats between the panel you sit on and the side bolsters, often split and can be hidden if you don't examine the seams properly. Note, depending on your build, the gap between the top of your legs and the bottom of the steering wheel can be very close - however, at least on mine, there were metal blocks you could remove to lower the seat. Parts availability is generally good and I though the 924 owners club was great and really helpful. There is a place in Germany that also has stocks of/produces most of the fabrics, etc, you would need to recover seats, etc. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  13. Hi There They aren't sold, but I can't break the set. Good luck John

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