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  1. I knew I was out of touch when I didn't realise in 2001 that logo-ing up cheap, Chinese glass fronted fridges and pre-filling them full of beer was a good business idea - and I'm pretty certain that I know nothing about social media and the way the world works these days. Proof of which is he's got 20m followers on Instagram, nearly 6m on Twitter and 5m on Facebook, while I don't even have a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account let alone any followers! I don't get the whole celebrity influencer thing personally, most of them seem to have odd ideas, strange dress sense and, often it seems, p
  2. Don't know if this is any help? https://retro-sport.com/calculator/porsche-gears
  3. I had an '82 S2 for about 3 years, so very much the same as this car. Series 2 is a plus in my view - higher compression, little bit more power slightly better fuel consumption but the main benefits are meant to be better responsiveness from the smaller turbo and the digital ignition. I say 'meant to be', because I've never driven a series 1, so can't really compare based on real experience. The other feature I like on the S2 is the 84 litre tank - the car has a really useful range. Car was also pretty comfortable and quiet, well equipped and quite modern once it was on the move. The 9
  4. See, I get that completely - trying to recreate the MFI setup in look and performance using modern components. However, that still feels quite different to this approach, which feels more like trying to turn a classic 911 into a modern car.
  5. My comment was definitely not a comment about effort. Perhaps the change of ownership will not only bring in new money, but also make the break with the past that allows new leadership and ideas. I'd also class myself as a fan of Williams. 🙂
  6. I'm sure the workmanship, performance and reliability are first class, but a huge part of the IB experience for me is that it's old school - including the engine. Coil packs, no distributor, no CDI boxes, plenum chambers ... I guess behind the wheel you still have all the right noises. I'm probably just a luddite ...
  7. If you are thinking about the Netflix series, I couldn't agree more, she really didn't appear to be on top of things. Really interesting though - not just from an F1 perspective but from a business strategy and leadership perspective as well.
  8. Today at some time shortly after 5pm. I was headed in the other direction and unsighted by another car, so only had a fleeting glance: white coupe with white fuchs and a tea tray. Pretty much the only time I remember seeing another IB out on the road in my neck of the woods.
  9. Don't listen to the naysayers! Nowt wrong with carbs that couple of hours stripping them down, measuring the float heights, dousing everything with carb cleaner and staring intently at sight windows and vacuum gauges before every drive won't fix. 😉 Then there is the sheer ritual of it all. How do you start yours? Do you pump gas one, two or three times on alternate days, full moons or just every other leap year! Seriously, much maligned - and I've got dreaded 46s on mine! 😅
  10. Shirish, thanks for flagging these up. They are still available. Preston, if you really do a full set, then just PM me. No worries if not. John
  11. Found this on You Tube. Perhaps not directly relevant (earlier type of WUR?) but perhaps still useful as a reference.
  12. They were introduced on ROW (inc. UK) 911s in 1981, but not until later in the US, which is why my '82 US SC doesn't have them. In terms of legal requirements, they are only required in the MOTs, "for Vehicles first used on or after 1 April 1986 ...", which is why I was able to get my car registered here without fitting them. In general, it seems to have been quite popular for people to update 911s in the past. So they could have been added later for any number of reasons. Whereas, now we all backdate them! 😉 Given your car is a '76, there is nothing to stop you taking them off a
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