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  1. That particular week in September will have to be a maybe for me sadly. Can you put me down as a maybe for now if 12 -18 Sep is decided upon?
  2. Dont forget to buy through a cashback website if you're looking to purchase online in the first place. EE - £55 - £93 cashback on iphone contracts at present.
  3. Afternoon all, I’m currently in the process of cancelling all of the hotels along with my GT2RS taxi lap around the Nürburgring (boo). I will pencil in September but given the number of ifs, buts and maybes, I won’t be booking anything until last minute. Thanks once again for all your hard work Richard.
  4. Thanks for that Longman, I have a copy of that on my PC but would like a physical copy if anyone has one going spare. Thanks once again.
  5. As the title would suggest, 911 3.2 Carrera Bentley manual wanted.
  6. I think the fact that it’s out of the school holidays and hopefully far enough away that things will have calmed down somewhat.🤞
  7. I will need to make a decision by 22nd May as that is when Hotel Bergheimat's free cancellation cut-off date is. As others have mentioned I think it is highly unlikely that our June trip will go ahead, it feels as though it will be just a little too soon even if the boarders are starting to open up. I am certainly up for a small-scale September trip if anyone else fancies it, subject to a second / third wave of COVID-19 not striking (which is sadly likely).
  8. Afternoon chaps, I appreciate that at present we are in a 'wait and see' situation with the ongoing pandemic. Planning ahead to a worse case scenario that the June trip is cancelled, would it be at all possible to start pencilling in a date for September in order for those that need to book time off from work the ability to do so. Many thanks
  9. Afternoon chaps. I managed to pick up a Garmin Nuvi 2545 for £30 off Gumtree (Seemed to have a better selection / price compared to ebay). I'm currently in the process of downloading the GPX files and have found that in order for the route files to appear on the satnav, you first need to remove any old files from the GPX folder. This maybe a fix if anyone is struggling to load the files.
  10. Spongebob

    Spare Wheel Options?

    One new emergency collapsible spare.
  11. Spongebob

    Spare Wheel Options?

    Just a quick heads up for anyone looking to replace / update their emergency collapsible spare. I was able to order one through OPC for my 88 3.2 (Part No. 928 362 030 02). I will post an update on its arrival from Germany.
  12. Spongebob

    Spare Wheel Options?

    Hmmm, looks like i will just have to blag it on the Alps 2020 trip Richard is organising and hope the wheel holds up if the worst should happen. I'm sure a few others will be in a similar position.
  13. Spongebob

    Spare Wheel Options?

    How olds the tyre ??? Can you still get new replacement tyres as i dont fancy running around on a 31 year old spare that has been sat in the frunk all its life.
  14. Spongebob

    Spare Wheel Options?

    I dont suppose you manged to find a new collapsible spare in the end ???
  15. PM Sent. Apologies to Gimmeshelter for not getting back to you sooner.

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