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  1. Spongebob

    Drink holder

    Ok, thanks.
  2. Spongebob

    Drink holder

    Are these cup holders still available for purchase ???
  3. @Richard Bernau I can now confirm my attendance for this event. I will have a +1 with me if that is ok ???
  4. Im just waiting to book the last two days of the trip as annual leave (I can only book 365 days in advance). I will 100 % confirm my attendance on Thursday. Trip sounds amazing.
  5. Stupid question - Does firm numbers include passengers or just drivers / cars at this stage ???
  6. Quick question re satnav. Will i require a specific Garmin model or will any Garmin do ???
  7. Cost sounds fine, I'm able to book annual leave 1 year in advance so will confirm my attendance 100% within the next couple of weeks. Can i just confirm provisional dates with people so that i book the correct days off work. 19th June - Travel to Zurich 20th - 24th - Mountain passes (Finish in Zurich) 25th - Travel home Does the above sound about right or have i missed anything ??? Many thanks in advance.
  8. Looks awesome and can't wait (If im invited 😂).
  9. 503 error. I'm interested in the 2020 trip.
  10. Looks good https://ferdinandmagazine.com/updated-blaupunkt-bremen-sqr46-coming-2018 Now available for pre order.
  11. According to PCGB website, the event is fully booked. https://www.porscheclubgb.com/news-and-events/events/2019/march/caffeine-machine-open-morning
  12. I was ready to purchase until i found the SQR46 option code.
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