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  1. Please give us some pic?๐Ÿ™
  2. All my friends use to say that Iยดm looking young for my age............ but the small man behind the steering wheel is my son and hi is 8 years on Sunday!๐ŸŽ‚ You have to start in young years! Yeah, i spend a lot of my time in the garage it took me about 4 years to get everything up to date. Learning by doing! Sorry to steal your thread Govert, but nice that you get good information from all friendly and competent IB people! Rgds, Andreas
  3. Hello Guy, Thank you so much for this information, than I know how it looks back in the days! Now I have black leather. The original color is Ice green metallic, it looks similar to the car on your pic. Once again, thanks for your knowledge!
  4. Hi! Borrow the thread a bit, Just a question regarding my Carrera MY-7, I have this info from Porsche Center, Option code 392= door panels, rear side panel, rear seat coushion, lower part of backwall lining tartan dress. Interior leatherette black/tartan dress green. Can someone help me identify how this would look? Thanks in advance Rgds, Andreas
  5. Hmmm.... Strange, what i know so have all MY 77 servo, rebuilt?
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