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  1. Thank you for all the replies guys!! Yes I think this is what i will do! It is Slate Blue Metallic 661 code, thanks though! Indeed !!! My mechanic suggested this over the phone... That was m first thought... I'll update you as to how it goes
  2. Hello, I'm quite new to 911 ownership and made a stupid mistake while checking my cars' oil. The engine was running and the fan belt managed to catch the rag I was using to clean the oil level meter. The result is that the rag is tightly wrapped around the fan pulley under the belt (please see pics). Obviously dangerous and I didn't even think about it!! I guess it's a newbie mistake (I hope so). I have tried cutting parts of the rag from the lower part of the pulley (without the belt) but there is a loooong way to go yet. Any other suggestions on how to remove it? Should I loosen the belt? Can I drive to the mechanic like this? Any suggestions welcome. Thank you, Vassilis
  3. Ha ha! The MGB was a very fun and practical sports car! In my humble opinion, much underrated! Regarding the Carrera, the deal was done yesterday! I will get the car in around 20 days... Here's a sneak peak! ps. I am Greek living in Rome so I can buy anything! ;-))
  4. HELLO! I am a new forum member and I live in Rome Italy. After years and years of dreaming and several years of saving up I am finally very close to buying my 911. In the past I have had English and Italian cars but never a german. I am 42 and I feel that this will be the car I will keep for ever! Just a quick info of my car history: 1992 Miata 2001 Miata 2000 Lotus Elise 1989 Alfa Spider 1967 Lotus Elan S3 1965 MGB Roadster 2010 Renaultsport Clio 200 Of all the above I only have the Clio left as my daily driver. After looking for about 3-4 months I found a super clean 84 coupe. The car has been recomissioned by a well known specialist and will be ready in the next days. I've already decided that it's the car for me, I have only to test drive it. If all goes well I will soon be it's next owner. I will let you know hoe it goes and look forward to years and years of happy motoring! Ciao! Vassilis
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