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  1. Does yours have the roof mounted temp sensor mounted by the rear view mirror. If so are you selling and how much?
  2. Huf911

    Engine Rebuild

    Standard build just could not get a matching set to replace the two bent ones in the UK
  3. Huf911

    Engine Rebuild

    Having engine rebuilt by Carrera classic Cars. Very excited heads rebuilt ready don’t they look great, just waiting on replacement con-rods from the US. Then it can all go together
  4. Hi Shirish Can you PM me me his details, I want to get the tappets done on mine and looking for a local Garage. Had a quote from Charles Ivey who are just down the road from me. Anyone you know used them? Cheers Andy
  5. Chessington I used to live in warlingham, how about you?
  6. That would have been me.
  7. Thank you But what’s a OC54?
  8. Today I fitted my new lip spoiler. Car had the rear tea tray fitted but no front lip spoiler looks complete now. Plus alway felt a bit light on the front end at speed. Thanks Sam for the spoiler
  9. Huf911

    Wedding Car

    Not a super cool turbo but my Targa SC at my wedding in 2014, still finding confetti
  10. Have a cheap Nova steering wheel that will fit a MOMO boss would like £20 plus postage Might be of use to someone doing a restore to be able to move car about but keep their wheel from being damaged
  11. Huf911

    Momo Prototipo

    Momo PRO35BK2B Prototipo Black 350 mm Leather Steering Wheel by MOMO with boss for 1982 SC Brought this year, had on car for 300 miles went for original wheel in the end, do not know if boss in Momo was on with the wheel that came with the car, would like £150 plus postage
  12. Hi I have Sc and the oil tank makes a popping sound like it being pressurised and un pressurised when accelerating and when you let of the gas. Been told it could be rings. Any thoughts? Going to do a compression test to check it out, anyone recommend a good cheap tester that fits. cheers Andy
  13. very nice, good luck with it.
  14. Hi would you take 250 plus postage? regards andy
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