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  1. Lovely car mate. I'm guessing there's so few people that would be willing to hand over 40k on a private sale car, especially with the potential money that could need spending if anything goes wrong. best of luck though
  2. Nice looking car, coupe as well
  3. Thanks David that's really helpful. I noticed a member on here also sold a pretty nice 83 SC Targa 2 months ago for 16k. I think for concourse examples with low mileage a premium should be paid but lesser examples I do not understand why people think there going to achieve over 30k for them it's just silly and they are advertised for months and months and I don't know what they actually sell for, if they sell atall. I honestly think prices will start to drop considerably on anything less than top examples.
  4. I think a huge amount of them are massively overpriced to start with and I've seen a fair few rust buckets in the 30s as well as late teens and early twenties. There's lots advertised and as I said they are mostly advertised for a long long time so I shall play the waiting game until a decent one comes along at a fair price.
  5. Thanks for all the invaluable advice guys, I'm in no rush so will wait for the right car. Definitely want to avoid paying mega money for a total shed
  6. Ye I know what your saying and definitely giving me food for thought
  7. Thanks Jayman really appreciate that advice. It's so hard when deciding which way to go (concourse vs work needed) and the prices seem to vary wildly across the net. one of my main fears of going for something 30k plus is that the novelty will quickly wear off and il have I told you sos forever from the wife lol. I don't think for a second this will happen but it's a scary prospect
  8. Hi guys I'm new to the forum and as the title says I'm looking for an SC or a 3.2 in either targa or coupe. I don't mind a car that needs a little work either now or down the road. I have a budget of up to 22k, I know it's not a great budget but I have seen plenty of cars advertised between 25-28k that don't seem to be selling. Anyway I thought I would try my luck so if anybody is looking to sell or knows of a suitable car please get in touch. thanks Dave

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