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  1. Aaah yes, the silly priced bearings thing. Now I've heard from a highly regarded UK specialist , and in fact purchased but not installed, that a certain year range of BMW 3 series has the same bearing. Offered by the same manufacturing brands, but the retail price is way, way cheaper.... Here's my thread on DDK for thos interested - http://www.ddk-online.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=63213&p=570192&hilit=bmw+rear+bearing#p570192 No promises, the bearings I've bought may not even fit when I get round to changing to the post 74 aluminium trailing arms 🙄 Good luck
  2. Thanks gents, but I've found one! It does look in great nick (in fact better than the one I ended up with) so GLWS. Cheers
  3. Thanks Mark Without me being clear, I was on the same page (bit of luck involved!). Thank you - I'll also ad checking to the fuel pump wiring to the list (and perhaps extend the scope of that check too). Cheers
  4. Thank you Roy - she's a great car, love her dearly! The fuse ratings are correct I believe - well she's been perfect for the last two years so I'm sure fine. I will check voltage at both low and highs revs and report back. I do have the standard DME with the Motronic and also considered this is a common element - I think I should open the (relatively new) DME and have a look for anything unusual before reporting back. Many thanks
  5. Hi All I have a lovely hot-rod consisting of a 1972 car with 1985 engine and running gear (standard motronic ECU retained), but need a little bit of advice please (or your experiences please). I was returning from a weekend road trip where the car had run flawlessly when suddenly the car cut out whilst driving at steady pace up a pass - first inspection revealed both the ECU & fuel pump fuses had blown (presumably simultaneously), which I quickly replaced and off we went. This occurred again five minutes later but at steady pace on the flat, however, on replacing both fuses agai
  6. Pictures needed, but it does sound like what we generically call a "rally" exhaust with two centre "cappable" exits for the racous days. Often a good compromise where one doesn't want too loud a system all the time....
  7. I have a pair - they're very comfortable and functional!
  8. Hi Chris Cn I ask a potentially silly question, but rather double check than feel even sillier later......both sensors (ie crank sensor reading teeth and the TDC sensor) are exactly the same part - ie Bosch 0261210002? Regards
  9. Great, thanks Chris. As I'll be going your route in future ( ie programmable ECU, throttle bodies etc.), I've got all the time in the world! Seriously though this seems to be an enduring problem with such installations - please let us know when you're ready? I see you did go the Canems Motronic plug compatible route in the end? What was the eventual twin-plug solution you settled on - after our previous correspondence I'm interested to know if you went 964 dizzie and how, or completely different route! Cheers
  10. Hi Chris Please could you let us know how this worked out - just to "close the loop"? Many thanks
  11. Stuart I can't answer with certainty but I know as a fact that the 1972 shift housing is different from later versions (the Seine Systems gate shift product won't work on 1972 car, but will on later housing) and that there were design revisions later than 1973 also. So one can likely infer that levers may have changed over time to accommodate these changes? Regards
  12. Thank you very much Shirish Received, well packaged and it's been great dealing with you! Best regards
  13. Cheers Shirish " I will have them" .
  14. Morning Shirish I will PM you to complete the transaction. Many thanks Magnus
  15. Hi I would really like these and to have first dibs but in the absence of technical knowledge would need to understand better if they're readily useable or represent a risk. Please could you PM me your feedback? Would really appreciate this. Many thanks
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