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  1. Cheers all. The culprit was the CDI. Having said that, there were loads of questionable repairs from years past (like shorting some fuses & relays) and the relays were literally hanging by a thread. It would be wrong to upgrade to the ClassicRetro box and leave the corroded wiring and the rest..Also, decided to install Leask's adjustable WUR (a bit of a pain getting this from the US) to tune the car properly and (as) perfectly (as possible). I hope never to have to look at electrics again!
  2. So it's been quite the journey; long and expensive. What started as cleaning corroded wires and doing all connections over at the front fuse box ended up with: new fuel pumps (preventative as one was noisy and probably starting to give up the ghost) replacement front and back fuse boxes from ClassicRetrofit new or refurb'd 'usual-suspect' relays & sensors (i.e. air flow sensor, speed relay, overboost switch) doing away w all non-stock wiring work that had been done over the years general electrics tidying up CDI from ClassicRetrofit adjustable WUR from Leask Basically, almost all the labyrinthine fuel system components have been replaced/upgraded, while we were at it. As i said a long and expensive project. Car now runs smoother than ever. May be the ££££ spent but it feels quicker too.. (for whatever it's worth, dyno'd at 364bhp/281whp -car has a few enhancements). Anyone runs up to similar trouble, happy to share some of my -at times painful- experience..
  3. Thanks Jonny. On my list to check.
  4. Hi all. I am experiencing what feels like the onset of a problem with my 3.3l 930. I had the engine cut off while driving off from stationary. The engine was still cold. I managed to get it stared after a couple of minutes. The starter has been working fine. The fuel pump fuses are OK and I quickly checked that the pumps work by alternately taking out each of the 2 fuses. I have not tested whether the yellow relay in the engine compartment is good. What might be relevant, is that I have recently noticed the car being slower to start. Similar to a weak battery, however I have checked that and even kept the car on a ctek since, so as to eliminate it. Any thoughts? much appreciated!
  5. Sweet! Josh is waiting to move and retool I believe. Got me thinking now.
  6. I am not too partial to the gearknob either waiting for some tasty 917esque knobs from broken skateboards to get available again at Joshyrobots. Yes, I must be weird.
  7. hello all a belated addition to this somewhat arousing thread. 1987 vintage.
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